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30 Jan 2010
Law / Requirements for Motorbike Instructor in Poland [8]

A big thanks for your replies.
Is there anywhere i could check about the compulsory training for the instructor test, i cannot find it anywhere on google.
29 Jan 2010
Law / Requirements for Motorbike Instructor in Poland [8]

Thanks for that info.
I had confusing answers to that question.
I was told that A+B had to be done and that there was no way that A could be done without having a B licence.

Secondly, is it possible to just do the Instructor TEST without having to do the course ?
as it is possible to do ADI test only as in UK or Ireland.
26 Aug 2009
News / RHD cars in Poland - my campaign to change the rules in Poland [128]

His car is adapted specially for him, which would have cost him extra money to have got his car adapted for his use. He is a disabled driver, and he got his disability as a soldier doing duties for the EU.

So he would find it difficult and expensive to get a car in Poland to suit him.
11 Aug 2009
Travel / Motorcycle tour of Poland [137]

Wildrover, you have to be a fan of GUY MARTIN who wins his races in scarbourgh.
And do you remember the LEGEND : DJ ( David Jefferies #1)
9 Aug 2009
Travel / Driving to Poland from England - any tips? [264]

Dover to Dunkirkue ferry is best, shorter than calais and cheaper.
Pedal to the metal, or, keep er lit, all the way, just stopping for petrol.
I have done this trip on a motorbike to Krakow, from Ireland in less than 24 hours.
6 Aug 2009
Law / Shipping a car from USA to Poland [84]

To simplify things here, :

There is duty to be paid on any vehicle imported in to the EU.

Example : England = duty to be paid and vat.
Ireland = Duty +vat and VRT= vat. VRT is paid on the book value.

I am not 100% sure, but i think in poland there is only duty to be paid + VAT, and also has to get vehicle test before registration can take place.

The duty can be avoided if the person importing the vehicle has owned it for a certain period : 6 or 12 months and has proof of insurance for that period, and is coming back to live permanently.
4 Aug 2009
Study / Is Poland a good place to study for Black Africans? [90]

I think its funny, reading all the opinions of the goodie goodies.
I wonder if those same goodie goodies would be made welcome in Africa and given state handouts, housing, money, and more rights than african people ??? in their own african country ????

Africans coming to study in Poland or anywhere else in the eu, are normally educated people and thus, are a different breed of africans than we would normally see.

For instance, in Ireland,over 10 years ago, the only africans we saw were the africans who came to study as doctors etc and they paid lots of money to study.

People generally had no problem with those people.

Think about it.

what is racist about this statement ?
2 Aug 2009
Life / Things that annoy you in Poland. [113]

The only thing that will not change is : corruption.
Political parties in all the EU countries are like mafia.
2 Aug 2009
Life / Prices of cars in Poland? [88]

Prices of used cars and bikes are expensive in Poland compared to UK or ireland, where the prices have dropped drastically.
But they are also expensive in Germany.
Polish people buy crashed vehicles and bring them back to poland and repair cheaper, so there would be a good perchantage of repaired cars and bikes on polish roads.

There is no extra VAT if bought in EU.
If bringing a vehicle from UK or ireland, to poland, it has to be changed to left hand drive, and in a lot of cases, it does work out at a good price for the buyer.

You only need to bring the vehicle documents including the receipt for money paid,and get them translated, and get MOT or NCT (TEST) on the vehicle.

A vehicle from outside the EU will have extra taxes and VAT to be paid.