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6 May 2011
Genealogy / Do you think all Slavs are white? [178]

That's more of a Nordic description :)

Very true.

Many Poles have dark hair.

I've noticed this too. I don't know where some people get the dumb idea that most Poles have blond hair and blue eyes lol.

Whilst it is true to say that many are blonde, many dye their hair that way.

Yeah, a lot of Polish women dye their hair blonde which doesn't really always look too good. I think many Polish girls would look a lot better with black hair.
5 May 2011
News / Polish people humiliated in the latest episode of Family Guy [51]

It seems we can't have a discussion because the only thing you can do is offend

In other words, you have nothing to say because you know you're a moron.

will try to remove you from the forum if possible.

Good luck with that.

Anyway don't know why you are speaking about the matter then if you are not Polish.

I have to be Polish in order to call you out for stereotyping like a child?

Well at least I am happy that you are not a Pole.

That makes two of us. :-)
4 May 2011
Love / Polish women are the most beautiful in the world! [1690]

Both Poles and Czechs look like Slavs.I doubt if you can tell them apart when on holidays.

But not all Slavs look the same...

Being Slavic is a very broad term. Also, I remember reading an article a while ago about how genetic research found that MANY modern Czechs have Germanic roots.
4 May 2011
News / Polish people humiliated in the latest episode of Family Guy [51]

Crusty, you yet again prove you're really dumb or that you're a terrible troll.

I am Polish, 100%.

I don't care what you are (or what you claim to be on the internet).

2. I do read every post, which you obviously don't. If you however did, you would know that by Polish, we don't mean every single person in the country, generalisations are normal figures of speech. Also if you did read as you claim you do, you would know that I even mentioned myself being stubborn at the beginning,

What you're doing here is you're stereotyping Poles as being stubborn based off this forum. No need to twist it. That's what you did and you proved you're an idiot for doing so. :-)

Why do you worry so much about spelling? Relax a bit.

Do you really have severe problems with reading? I just explained to you that not everyone here speaks English as a native language.

try not to offend anybody with your rude remarks.

All I'm doing is stating the truth about you. :-)

The reason why you get so upset is simply you being a typical Pole which is very obstinate and also very touchy and sensitive.

Upset? I'm just calling you out on being an idiot. I'm glad I put you in your place since now you're just talking out of your ass.

Also, I'm an American, not a Pole. Continue being a presumptuous fool though.

For the last time, the reason why family guy or even me say comments about Poland is either because we wish to ridicule the people who actually don't like Poland, not Poland itself or because we want to stir a bit and make people like you enthusiastic and have a lively discussion. However, there is no need for anger or whatever you feel there.

I never said anything about Family Guy.

Explain to me how you saying that Poles are stupidly stubborn is ridiculing the people who don't like Poland...
3 May 2011
News / Polish people humiliated in the latest episode of Family Guy [51]

First of all, please learn how to spell. Not everyone here speaks English fluently so show some respect. It's not that hard to use a spell checker.

Second, you're saying this thread proves all Polish people are stupidly stubborn? Do you belong to your local special ed program? You're trying to describe the Polish population based off a thread on a web site that consists of many people who are not Polish (and some who pretend to be Polish) lol? Please tell me you're a troll. I refuse to believe anyone can be this dumb.

For the record, you should take the time to read all the posts because not everyone found the episode offensive but then again, I don't think you're capable of reading too well.
1 May 2011
Genealogy / Do you think all Slavs are white? [178]

You 've met Turks probably who called themselves southern Slavs.

No, these were Albanians and people from the former Yugoslavia. Also, you seem a little confused. The Turkish population is formed of different ethnicities. Some Turks are Slavic...
30 Apr 2011
Genealogy / Do you think all Slavs are white? [178]

I've met quite a few southern Slavs and there is no way in hell I'd consider some of them "white".
30 Apr 2011
News / Polish people humiliated in the latest episode of Family Guy [51]

You're just as dumb as the sensitive Poles though. How about you rephrase that and ask why are a CERTAIN amount of Poles sensitive because the way you worded that question, it makes it sound like you think all or most Poles are getting butt hurt over cartoons.
26 Apr 2011

Therefore you have no right to object to Poland's immigration policy.

Is there a written down rule for that? :-\

Let's not act dumb here. Just because he's not Polish, it doesn't mean he can't express his thoughts about immigration to Poland
26 Apr 2011
News / Polish people humiliated in the latest episode of Family Guy [51]

you should be happy that at least they mention Poland so we are becoming more popular.

More popular? Who the **** cares?

Has anyone seen the Land of the Lost with Will Ferrell? He makes a joke about the Polish people too, mocking the t-rex and referring to his tiny brain as being smaller than a Pole's brain

That most certainly fits your case.
24 Apr 2011

Women are always attracted to the exotic

Always? No.

with his uncircumcised (ugh) dick

Is that an "ugh" of disgust? If so, you must be a troll. Either that or you haven't tried the uncircumcised penis. A New Zealand study found that girls feel a better sensation from it!
21 Apr 2011
Genealogy / Do you think all Slavs are white? [178]

Sites such as consider Caucasian and Eastern European two separate ethnicities.
21 Apr 2011
Life / What is the reason for POLISH jokes ? [486]

Poles?...I promote whenever I can, especially in the field of arts...But few Poles get any publicity or notice in the media for this...I liked the Wachowski brothers 'V for Vendetta', but they are Jewish, with Polish surname.

Their father was a Polish Catholic businessman. I can't find any information about their mother.
15 Apr 2011
Love / Simon Mol - would he have been so "successful" in other countries than Poland? [120]

that's what college kids do these days

Yeah, maybe for eastern European college students it's "normal" to have sex with a different guy every week or even day but not for college students in general.

if guys f*ck around then it's great but if girls do it then there's always prats like you who go OMG what total hoes!

If you think I don't condemn men for doing the same thing then you're wrong. However, that doesn't really fit into the thread as it's much more difficult for a man to go through life by using his body instead of his mind as opposed to a woman.

If that's what they do then so be it, not like American girls wait to get laid till they're 25 is it?

We're not talking about losing virginity! We're talking about acting very slutty. Obviously your reading comprehension isn't developed enough to participate in an English-speaking forum. I'm not trying to be rude either...

i bet that half of the male population of your campus ain't complaining, it's just you cos you're not getting any.

I've read your posts before and it seems you always have to revert to an attempt of trying to insult someone whenever your little turd brain can't handle a debate.

Women don't exactly head off to college to become nuns, You know?

Yes, I know, but I never said sex in general is wrong and I don't know why some of you are assuming that's what I meant.
14 Apr 2011
Love / Simon Mol - would he have been so "successful" in other countries than Poland? [120]

rubbish, Polish parents will insist on eduaction, no matter if they have sons or daughters.

Notice I said Slavic parents in general...

where did you get all this information, your trailer trash neighbourhood?

Trailer trash? I live in a wonderful neighborhood located in one of the richest towns in my state.

my point exactly, they have everything paid for and provided by their folks, don't have to work, so what else are they gonna do with their spare time?

Girls should act like wh*res in their spare time by ******* half of the male population on campus? Well, since you seem to deem that normal and you're a Slavic woman, I think you're a great example of my point.
14 Apr 2011
Love / Simon Mol - would he have been so "successful" in other countries than Poland? [120]

Probably has less to do with being Slavic and more to do with coming from poor, uneducated backgrounds, with no chance of a good job or social mobility.

Being an uneducated woman from Eastern Europe is not always as a result of not having the opportunity for schooling but rather because education is not stressed enough. Slavic parents are awful when it comes to raising daughters. They don't stress enough that using your body in inappropriate ways is shameful.

I live in America and there are Slavic immigrant girls at my University who are absolute wh*res. They will literally **** you for a cigarette. These are not poor girls with limited opportunities either...
13 Apr 2011
Love / Simon Mol - would he have been so "successful" in other countries than Poland? [120]

so what are you saying? That it it in Polish culture to be a prostitute?

I think Slavic countries in general have bad parents that fail to teach their daughters to use their minds instead of their bodies. The statistics are not lying, Slavic women make up a staggering proportion of prostitutes compared to other European women. In western Europe, women are encouraged to get educated and pursue respectable careers while in eastern Europe education for women doesn't seem to be stressed enough.

Eastern European women make up the largest percentage of Euro prnstars too. Most prnstars are from countries such as Czech Republic, Romania, Hungary, Russia, and Ukraine.
12 Apr 2011
Love / Simon Mol - would he have been so "successful" in other countries than Poland? [120]

I am always surprised when someone like you comes along full of bs and stereotypes like there was never a chance for variety of information sources

Ouch. I really hit someone deep.

For those that don't believe me about Slavic women being the most common prostitutes, here you go. Filthy wh0res...

In Germany, 75% of the prostitutes are foreigners. (Altink, 1995, p.33) ("Trafficking of Women to the European Union: Characteristic, Trends and Policy Issues," European Conference on Trafficking in Women, June 1996, IOM, 7 May 1996)

There are 6,000 - 8,000 women in prostitution in Hamburg, about 70% of them are migrant prostitutes and 50% of those are East European women, from Poland, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Romania and the Czech Republic.
11 Apr 2011
Love / Simon Mol - would he have been so "successful" in other countries than Poland? [120]

It's tough to say.

Left wing women in general are usually a lot more likely to be slutty than moderates or right-wingers.

On the other hand, news networks in western Europe and North America are not as keen on reporting crime from minorities due to political correctness. So situations like this might be happening, but we just don't hear about it because the media doesn't report it or make a big deal out of it.

Slavic women generally are sluttier than western European women. Slavic women make up the largest percentage of prostitutes in Germany and other W. Euro nations. I was talking to a German man a few weeks ago and he told me a funny thing about how he couldn't find a prostitute that he could communicate with too well because they were all Slavic and spoke German very poorly.

However, I don't know if that applies as much to Polish women since Poland is one of the few Slavic countries that's Catholic-majority.

Although I think W. Euro girls are more likely to have "white guilt" since Poland didn't really invade, colonize, and oppress territories in other continents.
10 Apr 2011
Love / Polish girls' attitude towards different kinds of sex [88]

Come to America. You will find plenty of girls here that love anal sex. I can't say it's my cup of tea but I'm glad the option is there at least.

This is true.I think it comes from the catholic tradition.(like preserving main entrance virginity).

I doubt it considering Catholicism forbids anal sex...

Maybe he was drunk and they were actually guys ;-)

Yeah, that's probably what happened.
10 Apr 2011
Feedback / Suggestions for banning users - give the reason [112]

Trolling must be tiring.
Why don't you take a break or are your social skills so bad you have to personally attack people to communicate?

Compared to you, I'm rarely on this site. It's not my fault I come across some special ed dork who deserves to be flamed commonly on this site.

Anyway, I'm just trying to help this forum out a bit. It can't be too hard to alter that ban screen a little bit and add some more details. :-)

Why? Given that personal attacks are against the forum rules.

They're not really severe though. Otherwise I would've been banned more than once by now.

I guess teasing would be more appropriate to say rather than personally attacking.