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1 Jul 2010
USA, Canada / Poles in America: How do you pronounce your Polish surname? [113]


Per - Like pear, but faster
Kov - Like cough, but faster and with a V sound at the end. This is the syllable where you place the emphasis of the word

Ski - Like the sport

Your profile does say you know Polish, eh...
1 Jul 2010
History / Warsaw Uprising - The Forgotten Soldiers [117]

(despite you holding political views very much like those of the Nazis).

Actually his views are pretty much identical to the Nazi racial hierarchy. All that's missing is the mystical element.

EDIT: And like Harry was saying, it's not a matter of "Poles doing X good things" or "Poles doing X bad things". No group of people is completely single-minded. In a morally ambiguous and vicious setting like World War 2, things become blurred, people will react as they will, and it usually doesn't depend upon national identity or sentimentalities. All that national pride crap goes out of the window when it comes down to it, and then you see which individuals are capable of misdeeds and which ones will take up the arduous task of re-asserting morality in the world.
30 Jun 2010
Language / Ile by nie było to i tak jest za mało [26]

I'm inclined to agree, I don't know why they insist on speaking so fast. Do they really have so much information to convey is a short space of time?
30 Jun 2010
Love / I'm a black African man and can't cope with my Polish mother in law [34]

You guys are making assumptions. And either way whether the cart of the horse comes first it is still ridiculous and even at times disgusting replies that make it so. There are a lot of people here who joy in insulting and popping off from behind a keyboard.

I'm definitely making an assumption, which is why I tailored my reply to function whether it was a troll or someone genuine. Either way I'm satisfied with my initial reply, no problems about condescending someone over a simple matter like this. I'm almost certain it's a troll however.
30 Jun 2010
History / The Untold Battle of Britain [205]

You can watch it ... here (if you're in the UK). The part I like most is the description: "This dramatised documentary..."
30 Jun 2010
Language / Ile by nie było to i tak jest za mało [26]

How does one really learn words themselves rather than the translations of words?

You have to use them practically. Have you tried having conversations with Poles, and just asking them to speak a bit slowly?

EDIT: How old are you?
30 Jun 2010
History / Poles should emulate Jews? [98]

Polonius, what you propose doesn't make sense. Jews are characterized by their strong attachment to their culture (not religion), and their "stick together at all costs, **** everyone else" mentality. Poles do not have these characteristics. It's not a good or bad thing, they just don't have them. You can't emulate a culture, and you can't artificially weave one, they progress as they will.

Not only that, but the Jewish mindset is a bunch of crap. Looking after just those people who are of the same ethnicity and culture is a disgraceful way to live, no matter how many rednecks think otherwise. Polish people, for all their apparent racism, just don't have it in them to be this way. That's a good thing.

Lastly, Jews have the intellectual, financial and economic strength to rely on eachother. Poles do not. Becoming an insular society would be just as disastrous to Poland as it would be to any nation.
29 Jun 2010
History / Poles should emulate Jews? [98]

We should emulate humanity. We are all the same genetically except one percent, that's only superficial traits like eye and hair color, skin color, body and facial shapes, thickness of hair. Genetically, there is no such thing as race. Like it or not, human beings are all pretty much the same so get over yourselves ffs. Life is too short to spend it pissed off at everyone else!

Too much clarity, it burns!
29 Jun 2010
History / Poles should emulate Jews? [98]

Actually, the Persian empire was quite friendly and open to Jews back in the day, in comparison to the Greek empire or the Roman one.

Nice bit of trivia there, relevance?
28 Jun 2010
Genealogy / Are all Poles blue eyed and blonde? [428]

Gene inheritance doesn't work like that... if your family is 99% (for example) brown haired and brown eyed, but 1% is blue eyed and red haired, then depending on chance (I don't remember the exact percentages) you could end up with red hair and blue eyes in a very slim likelihood. In other words, just because only some of your genes have the necessary prequisites, it doesn't mean that these genes will be completely diluted by the stronger genes. If you're even a little Irish, then that could explain it. Either that or your mother had an affair at some point (I don't mean to be impolite, but it's a likely scenario, and very common). Are you sure there's no Medittiranean in your family?
28 Jun 2010
History / Poland in the eyes of London - before WWII. [60]

Their blockade meant that Germany was starving, and supplies to troops were either thin or non-existent. By the end the Allies were fighting a starving and disease-ridden German army, not to mention the starving populace.
26 Jun 2010
Language / Can you recognise the nationality of foreign Polish speakers by their accent? [43]

now, i speak Polish. well, apparently. and Poles either think i am genuinely Polish - yes - or that I am Polish but at some point migrated to the UK and got vaguely Anglicised. They don't say I am English.

That happens to me too, even though my grammar, vocabulary and accent are all horrible. I think this is because Poles do not comprehend other people learning their insane language.
26 Jun 2010
UK, Ireland / Are Polish people importing a new wave of ancient racism into the UK? [402]

Completely and utterly bored of discussing Islam, Muslims, whatever. I'm annoyed that I spend so much time discussing religion when I feel nothing but apathy for it. As far as I'm concerned, religion (all of it) is worthless and not worth my time. Not another second will I waste on it.

What is your political viewpoint by the way?

I do not have any. I try and stay away from politics because it is ridden with falsities, lies, inobjectivity, hidden agendas and corruption. I try and look at events happening today on how they will be viewed in the future, because in my experience people like to pretend that they are living in the time when it is ALL happening, that their time and their issues are the most important in history (most of this forum suffers from this syndrome). The lack of perspective involved is insane. Immigration is the ultimate classic, always at one time or another there's this great threat looming on the horizon. "The immigrants are coming here in great numbers, they erode our society from the inside out, they breed like vermin, they want to destroy our way of life, they want to take over our countries" - if only you realised just how much of a cliché this is, you wouldn't hold half of the views you hold now because it would be embarassing to be such a stereotype. A lot of these are usually used in reference to Jews, especially in the mid 20'th Century.

I should have pointed out that I meant the "difference". I stayed in Durham

So you haven't BEEN to Newcastle?

and it was a very nice place, just outside of Newcastle.

I agree, I like Durham too.

I guess there aren't too many immigrants there?

There are tons of Poles there, one of my Polish friends lives in County Durham.

But when I went to Birmingham, I could barely see any ethnic british people.

Uh-oh, getting a bit off topic. I specifically asked about Newcastle (Durham is fine too), because I know these areas quite well. I don't care about Birmingham. I have also been there, and I did not like it, but I will say that the neighbourhoods are a lot cleaner and safer than here.

Liverpool was bad, the shops all closed up with those metal fences, and Manchester wasn't much better.

Population: Ranked 5th
Total: 458,000
Density: 3,951 / km²
Ethnicity: 94.3% White
1.1% S.Asian
1.2% Afro-Carib.
1.2% Chinese
I bet this is evidence that even 2.3% of your selected hated minorities are enough to completely destroy a city? Of course it is, because you employ perfectly the usage of the No True Scotsman fallacy.

You don't see that here in Norway, or in Poland. England has long built an underclass of whites and they are living in poverty in their own country, thanks to the millions of 3rd world immigrants who come in and receive every benefit under the sun, effectively taking jobs and chances away from the indigenous population.

You are such a stereotype, it's not even funny. You're like the grumpy old man who blames all the woes of the world on immigrants. Liverpool is a certified **** hole, and not because of immigration. My county is also a **** hole, along with Liverpool it has some of the largest statistics of crime, drugs, teenage pregnancy, alcoholism, lack of education, violence, unemployment, benefit-theft and robbery in the country. Like Liverpool, it is also 95% white or more. FYI, your last sentence perfectly sums up how a lot of people felt when the Poles started coming here. The "Comin' over 'ere, takin' our jobs!" speech is a classic, and it applies to every immigrant, not just the non-white ones like it would in your little fantasy world.

What you're displaying here is lack of knowledge about how the UK is structured, which is why I emphasize again that you have no place making judgements for the whole of Europe. If you had even the slightest bit of curiosity or objectivity, you'd know that working class towns like Liverpool and such have always been poverty hot-spots, and likely always will be. Living in one such place, I can say for certain that it's because the local population is lazy and unwilling to take responsibility for anything, largely because of how easy it is to claim benefits. Most towns in the north of England (and maybe Scotland?) are like this, and you're the first person I've ever heard of to blame it on the small % of immigrants. God help you if you ever go to Glasgow.

You're extremely sad, seeing things in only terms of black and white, often literally.

You might have noticed the "race-riots" going on in your country? In Oldham, Bradford, Birmingham and others? What about the EDL, the English Defence League who are stirring up the establishment with their demonstrations against muslim racism every week now? I've even seen non-muslim immigrants from Pakistan among them. Wow, things are do you explain that?

I don't watch the news, I have heard of no "race riots".

Well, it may be alien to the poles in Britain, since they come from a homogenous country, where 96% of the people believe in the same faith. You call all football hooligans stupid, but I can't call all muslims terrorists?

Football hooligans are a group characterized and defined by their generation of violence, Muslims have "all" been terrorists for... what, about 5 years now? Whenever it was that 9/11 took place. That's why I won't take this stupidity seriously, because if every Muslim was a terrorist then there would have been signs pre-dating 9/11. It's purely because of the hype and media surrounding that event and the ones after which influenced the now common viewpoint. I bet if I asked you when you started holding these views, if you were honest you would reply that it was after 9/11 that you acquired them. I think you would just lie anyway, so I won't bother to ask. I don't intend on being some media drone like you, which is why I reject the most common views in favour of examination instead, and why I don't pay attention to TV, radio or internet news

Now turn this around and exchange "The Poles" with "The blacks" in the above statement...and post it somewhere public. (Wait for the police to come and arrest you).

False. It's recorded historically that Britain did, in fact, NEED immigration to stimulate the workforce and economy. This is a fact, one that you can't manipulate it to your liking. The Poles were most definitely an unnecessary addition to the workforce. You think 2+ million of them coming over is good? What about that "immigrants steal jobs from the local inhabitants" speech you just gave? Most definitely a lot of British people were unhappy with the Poles coming here in such numbers, and it shows, even on this forum.
26 Jun 2010
UK, Ireland / Polish and East European prostitutes in the UK [232]

It's really disgusting how british men can buy these services, when they know that those poor girls were forced into this.

Prostitution isn't unique to Britain. You'll find it everywhere, without exception.
26 Jun 2010
UK, Ireland / Are Polish people importing a new wave of ancient racism into the UK? [402]

Yawn, terrorism in London is quite common. Since you love links so much, try this one:

Since there's an overwhelming amount of attacks from the IRA, this is clear evidence that Irish and Catholic people are inherently evil and violent.

We can play this game forever, this is the last time I point out your faulty generalization logic.

I'm not trying to convince you or lecture you at anything, Matowy, so relax. But there is evidence out there, that life is not how you seem to look at it.

I don't dispute that you are well-travelled. I do think you're lying or exaggerating, but I have no proof of that. I know other highly experienced people who have travelled the world as much as you allegedly have, they love it because they get to experience new and different places and leaving their boring home life behind. You, apparently, are still living in some Arab ghetto in Bergen or Oslo and take it and your prejudices with you wherever you go, so you filter your alleged experiences through the tiny lens that your upbringing gave you. As I say, I doubt you have even travelled many places, and I 100% think you're lying.

I'll call your bluff as well; what did you see in Newcastle that enforced your views? I've grown up in Newcastle large parts of my life and have much family there, and I'll be interested to see what you come up with.

If poles come to England and get a bit "culture-shocked", that's natural, when you know that they probably haven't even seen, less likely talked to a non-european in their whole life. And I don't think they are too impressed with what they encounter, even though it might be "exciting", and "new", the first few months. But after a while, I think if you talk to them, they will all agree that this is not a society they will want to import back home in Poland.

Tell that to millions who are staying here.

Your reply to my post was typical left-wing liberal blah-blah, you just talk until people fall asleep, without actually giving any information, experience or relevant facts.

Oh, hello there again kettle. Irony is where you keep trying to label me as being constantly insulting, yet you yourself attempt to label me with all sorts of your own prejudices. If you are curious about my political or ideological views, then you have a keyboard with which to type. Use this "?" key and form a question. If you can't find that key, then feel free to keep trying to build your straw man with these silly "You're a leftist !!!" rants.

As for the criminal poles in Britain, I say, get the f*ck out!

They aren't deported because they have legal rights to be here, and have no more obligation to follow the law here than they did back home. In terms of criminal offences, they are treated just like everyone else, which is how it should be. This may be an alien concept to many Poles, but in the UK we try not to catagorize people based solely on one aspect of them. That means that each person is treated as an individual, regardless of their ethnicity or religion. If we were still stuck in the 1800's thinking that a person is only the sum total of their ethncity or culture, then this country wouldn't be so great as to allow millions of Poles to flood our shores. The Poles were an unnecessary addition to the UK, unlike in the 60's when we needed blacks and Asians to come and stimulate our workforce and economy. The Poles were unnecessary and unwanted, but were allowed in anyway out of sheer kindness. All other EU countries have placed limitations on Eastern European immigration.

What do the muslims do, besides opening corner stores, receiving benefits on their 8 children and beating their wifes(plural). In Norway we have hundreds of thousands of poles. They work hard and are appreciated. We also have hundreds of thousands of muslims. Guess who's in the newspapers for violent crime, welfare scams, rapes, shootings, drugs and failing to "intergrate"?

If they do all of that, then why do you label them as "Muslims" and not just as an immigrant group? It's strange to catagorize a criminal generation by a religion, that's like attributing racism of Poles to Catholicism. I already know the answer; like I said already, you're trying to justify your own experiences by applying it to the rest of Europe. Not all of Europe has the same type of immigrants as you do in Norway, so you try and link them all together using something as weak as religion. Not only that, but you yourself are an immigrant, and so your criticism of immigration as a whole would be hypocritical, and you know it. I can tell you again that your prejudices do not apply to the rest of Europe. "Muslims" here are not especially known for doing tons of crime. Quite frankly, it's just more evidence of your lack of objectivity and bigotry that you're trying to link crime with a religion. There's no evidence for that at all, unless you can find the passages in the Quran that definitely say "Thou shalt cause gang violence, thou shalt scam, though shalt rape, thou shalt do drugs and shoot people". I would try and find you statistics for "Muslim" crime in the UK, but I don't think anyone in my country is stupid enough to embark on such an irrelevant study. The best I could do was find the GDP input from Pakistani's in Britain (the largest contributor to the Muslim population), and it's completely in proportion. I do see an increasing number of Arabs in my town though, but I don't know where they work, if at all.

Just a norwegian newspaper link here about Somali immigrants.

I have no experience with Somalians, and I'm not going to form an opinion based on newspaper articles. Unfortunately it's a difficult position for the Norwegian government. I can see what you're trying to do though, and I'm going to point it out. Just this once you are going to refer to Somalians only, and then apply their lack of employment attributes to all Muslims, so that you can hate both the Somalians and the Arabs in the laziest way possible. Have some dignity.

EDIT: I did a bit of googling, and came up with these:

Not one reference to "Muslims" at all, not even to Arabs, Turks, or the constant Pakistan-India immigration. If anything, the general consensus is that inter-European immigration is more of an issue. So much for your fantasies.
26 Jun 2010
History / Poland in the eyes of London - before WWII. [60]

I think he overestimated your naval power

As well he should have, as it's what starved Germany into submission during the First Word War.
25 Jun 2010
UK, Ireland / Are Polish people importing a new wave of ancient racism into the UK? [402]

We obviously are on two different planets.

Thanks, kettle. Stick to actual proper discussion as opposed to this silly "You're insulting me, boo hoo!" nonsense that you're putting on.

And by all means, do proceed to make assumptions about my background to try and build a straw man argument. It won't work, of course, but maybe it's an effective coping mechanism for you.

That sentence fails on so many levels.

VERY nice. Specify a hypothetical, then when a realistic and sensible solution to tha hypothetical is given, alter the parameters of the hypothetical so that the previously proposed solution no longer applies, and THEN declare how impractical and silly the previous solution was. Don't waste my time.

What "violent muslims"? Specific examples please. Which Islamic organizations in Europe are dedicated to creating "tough third world" muslims with the intention of... just being violent? If anything, I think it's clear your views are influenced by a few experiences you've had. Probably you've been attacked by some Arab kids, in your unfortunately undeveloped mental state you somehow attribute this to them being Muslims (???) so you can paint a picture of a Europe-wide threat in which your experiences and conclusions drawn are justified. Well no, get real and grow the **** up. Maybe you've been unlucky at times, but deal with it. Learn to think as well, because as I keep stating, your lack of proper application of logic is disheartening.

I agree that Western European kids tend to be soft, but that's such a different matter. In any case there's nothing to be done about it, it's their choice.

I don't think this would happen in Poland.

Again, what does this have to do with a religious group or immigration? I was under the impression (at least here in the UK) that Muslims do not enter night clubs because they do not consume alcohol.

If they want to live life, feel alive, being with friends and follow football as is done in eastern Europe, what's wrong with that?

Absolutely nothing. In fact most people do that through natural social impulse. What you're failing to mention is that football hooligans are specifically named so because of their tendency to initiate pointless violence, which breaks the law.

I have no doubt that football games are atmospheric, and I do not care one bit. This discussion is not about football.

Ok, you're clearly not getting the point. The bouncer is German, the troublemaker is turkish, he is wildly aggressive and attacks verbally and with his bodylanguage. If you are tough and trained, like the 5 times world champion kick-boxer doorman, you will not be afraid.

Oh my god, you just blew my mind. Thet tall, thin, loud-mouthed unthreatening guy is Turkish - Turkish people are largely Muslim - therefore MUSLIMS LIKE TO CAUSE VIOLENCE !!! Your logic makes perfect sense.

Oh, and also, because the bouncer is German - Germany invaded Poland and killed millions of Jews, Slavs and Romani - therefore Michael Kuhr is an EVIL NAZI SLAV-HATING RACIST !!! Thanks for bestowing me with your logic, now the world makes perfect sense in its simplicity.

Sarcasm aside, the Turkish guy is completely non-threatening and not even "macho". I'm sure there are better examples out there, but this one is just pointless. It's exactly what it looks like on the surface; a rude and dumb kid trying to get into a club, the bouncer turns him away in the midst of verbal abuse. It's pretty standard, I don't see what pattern there is supposed to be in this.

I'm seeing the pattern here, whenever you encounter immigration going smoothly (which it usually does), you feel the need to label the circumstances "PC". It's a very common, and boring, tactic among your type. You think you're the only person in the world with experience, and everyone else just reads newspapers? Nie, sorry friend, the world is more complicated than you give it credit. For the record, very little violence in the UK is due to immigration. My town is one of the worst in the UK, and it's 99% white. I don't feel threatened or intimidated when in an immigrant neighbourhood at all, there are even a few Turks and Arabs here. The most dangerous neighbourhoods are the ones that are 100% white, due to gang violence, alcohol, drugs, etc. Instead of being a bigoted moron, I don't attribute ethnic or religious factors to this, because there's no point and no relevance. I'm sorry you grew up in some urban nightmare in a metropolitan Norwegian city, I can't say I envy you, but you simply don't factor into your conclusions that your experiences are very limited and do not speak for the whole of Europe. Be as anti-Turk-Arab-Muslim-Immigrant as you want in your hometown or Norway, since that is where your experience and relevance is, but it's clear you know nothing about how immigration works in the rest of Europe. Certainly not the United Kingdom.

They know zero about the real life, and if they know anything, they hide it. Just like they did here in Norway the other day, when a norwegian youth got beaten by 15 immigrants in Oslo. It eventually came out who did it and who the victim was. But the media just said, "Youths, victim" in their reports, deliberately avoiding the facts.

And whenever Polish immigrants commit a crime in the UK, do the newspapers scream about the fact that they're an immigrant? No they don't. Sometimes they give a name, sometimes they don't, but it rarely happens that they will say "Some Poles comitted X crimes". They will say "People", "Youths" or whatever, because usually the immigrant label is irrelevant. Trust me, an easy case can be made for the Poles in the UK being violent and confrontational, all the traits you apply to the "Muslims", but how do you think it works in reality? I can make a well-evidenced case for the Poles being nothing but evil, violent, money-sucking criminals in the UK, and I can make a well-evidenced case for them being polite hard workers, and great for the local economy. The point is that I can spin it any way I please, which is exactly what you're doing. Taking your small, limited experiences and trying to validate them by drawing wild conclusions based on carefully selected evidence. You base nothing on facts, only your emotions. And yet you talk about being a "man", pft...

It's 1984 all over again. And you seem to live in this life, where the streets don't exist, only the cantina at your university or your coffee shop, where you sit on you mac and sip your latte, telling people like me that "You're dumb"....keep on doing this, Matowy, it only backfires on yourself, and makes you look like the ignorant and pompeous..

Make more ad hominem attempts, it really helps you.

Attempted edit: Please say something original in your next post. I have said all I can, and I am by now tired of these discussions.
25 Jun 2010
UK, Ireland / Are Polish people importing a new wave of ancient racism into the UK? [402]

Even dumber are people who actually write what you just wrote. You show that you have no clue about football or the culture within it.

No, I know enough about it. I know that the football culture is primitive, for simple-minded people. No good comes from it, it is just a step back in mans evolutionary timeline.

And you have nothing to answer me with...besides what does that say about you?

I am not insulting you, I think that you should know that your views are absolutely moronic. The paths of logic you follow would appear almost alien if they weren't so simplistic. It takes a special kind of stupidity to think that football hooliganism is the way forward.

I speak from experience, as I've followed a football team for many years and have learned about group thinking and how one reacts when confronted either verbally or physically. I've been scared shitless, and felt the adrenaline rush when being outnumbered and facing serious injury. It has taught me important things.

No it hasn't, you derived from it what twisted lessons you could possibly try based on your ideology.

I feel this is important in todays society, where you will face these emotions not only on the terraces, but in the streets of european cities.

Basic knowledge of self defence is all that is needed. Football culture is entrenched in creating violence; it is not based defence, not even a little. What you're basically saying is that you want more violence.

Poland having a big hooligan scene are better prepared to meet this reality

This is one example of the stupidity which you display. Again, not an insult, your logic is just terrible, and it's clear you have 0 objectivity about the things you claim to know a lot about. This makes all your alleged experiences worthless, because you don't have the objectivity or intelligence to analyze them and reach sensible and realistic conclusions. A person with normal brain functions would, for example, know that these hooligans are a part of the problem of violence, they aren't some defence league. They're called hooligans for a reason; because they're stupid and violent.

than some metro-sexualized youths in western Europe, when they meet highly macho 3rd world people.

And here we have you trying to shoehorn your ideology into this. What do third worlders have to do with this? If you want people to be more tough then that's one thing, but bringing immigration into it is another sign of your lack of objectivity.

This is one example you can look at;

Completely irrelevant to the discussion. It's some bouncer doing his job. Relevance?

football tribalism and the future of our countries.

It's an oxymoron, and it's amazing that you can't see that. "Tribalism" and "Future" do not belong anywhere in the same sentence. Tribalism is detrimental to development, it takes exquisite feats of denial to think otherwise.