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28 Jun 2009
Genealogy / Mongolian the Golden Horde - do Poles have Mongolian ancestry? [255]

Reading all of this is confusing me even more.

The only question I would like an answer to is which Slavs are closest to the Poles in terms of DNA...and where the Russians lie on that list.

The reason I ask is because I am part Russian and part Polish, so the closer the better! lol :)
28 Jun 2009
Genealogy / Polish looks? [1366]

What's funny is that my dad has black hair and blue eyes, my mother is blonde with blue eyes, and I came out blonde with blue eyes.

I thought the 'darker' genes were more dominant...thought I would have black or at least dark brown hair...the blue eyes must have been dominant throughout, because finding a person with jet black hair and blue eyes is not all that common.
25 Jul 2009
Language / IS "MURZYN" word RACIST? [686]

Its funny how black people can call themselves 'niggaz' and 'negros' but as soon as it comes from a white person's mouth, even if its not in the least meant to offend anyone, its worst than the devil raping the world. Doesn't make a lot of sense to me, and I personally hate it when people of color play this 'racist card' on the table...its contradictory and hypocritical. If you have a problem with it, then set the example already instead of being part of your own problem.

Murzyn is not a racist term and it is not the same as negro in English...why compare the two? There is no murzyn in English as there is no negro is Polish...they are different terms...murzyn is simply how Polish people refer to black people...political correctness can kiss my ass, and so can comparing Polish to English...
15 Aug 2009
Genealogy / Polish and Russian DNA? [49]

Hello guys.

I tried looking for a thread on here that I remember reading to about Polish and Russian similarities in terms of DNA.

I wanted to know, scientifically, which ethnic group/slavic group is closest link to the Poles?

Some say its the Germans, some say Belorussians, some say other groups. And I'm not just talking about language, although that's interesting to note as well!

I'd like to know if anyone can provide some links to studies...especially in terms of Russian and Polish similarities (scientifically speaking). I'm half Polish and half Russian myself and I find it quite fascinating, but would like to read more.

And also, where did both originate from? How closely linked are they?

:) Hope to see some interesting responses!
3 Oct 2009
Genealogy / Polish and Russian DNA? [49]

But exactly how do we differentiate so much from other slavic groups then? I still don't understand...we are slavic, and since we are so close to Russians and belorussians in DNA, how then are we distinctively different at the same time?
9 Apr 2010

You are then only talking about the girls that leave their home country to look for money.

Polish girls in Poland are not like this...they are hard working and intelligent...

UK girls are no better, and in their own country at that...

Did you know that Poland boasts as having the highest literacy rate in Europe? Intelligent people, but not always with the right opportunities.

To judge an entire ethnic group or race based on only a few experiences that you have had, and not even in Poland at that, is ignorant and racist...

The same goes for making such claims of any other girls, whether Russian, Czech, German, etc.....

It is wrong, ignorant, self righteous and racist...PERIOD.
9 Apr 2010
Language / Ukrainian language similar to Polish? [236]

Nathan, so what kind of linguistic research have you done? I would absolutely LOVE to see some of your sources :)
10 Apr 2010
UK, Ireland / Female health in Britain - Polish view [105]

of course, convex. but they really HAVE a good policy in place, if not good exercise of this policy.

Honestly, this is one of the most intelligent posts I've read on this forum in quite some time!
Wow, is this how all Brits react to a little bit of criticism and personal opinion? Ouch, aggressive type, hmm?

She's stating her opinion, and maybe speaking of her own experience. Its funny, how you're in a Polish forum but seem to be bashing Poland left and right..

Where's the logic?

Hello, logic? Where are you? Hellooooo? o_O

No wonder Poles work in England for awhile and always come back home. Wouldn't want to be in a country where everyone looks down on me either....some jobs.....:underpaid, overworked, and discriminated left and right behind our backs...

Yay for England....
10 Apr 2010
History / The great mistakes of Poland's history? [191]

Mr Grunwald

I wish Eastern Europe would have a stronger bond!
Everything is still so dependent on history and every Slav seems to hate the Slav standing next to them...

Ukrainians always have something nasty to say about Poles and vice versa, the Poles hate the Russians, the Russians don't care and that makes the Poles even more angry, the Belorussians hate the Russians, the Russians make fun of the Ukrainians but in the end they love each other. The Poles like the Belorussians and the Czechs, but then they kind of don't...yadda yadda yadda...

As that bimbo from clueless would say, "OMG"....

Its like a big ol' Slavic soap opera..

And for what? Instead of focusing on rebuilding relationships or should I say, starting over, more hatred and pointing to the past seems to be the common denominator...
2 Feb 2011
Life / Streaming online Polish TV [85]

If we're talking about free, then I have not found anything good as of yet.

If we're talking paid, I use, although sometimes they do have their downtimes and they are not that cheap, running me at over $70 every three months, which is ok I guess considering you can watch polish tv serials, entertainment shows, movies and news on demand and updated regularly.

Anyone know of any other Polish on demand sites where they have movies and shows archived?
9 Mar 2011
Life / Streaming online Polish TV [85]

I have the same subscription. I find it works well most of the time, however, sometimes they have days where the server is down and they do not reimburse you for it....which is cheap and lame customer service on their behalf. Also, I don't like how they do not have all the series from the beginning, only the most recent, and then they delete the earliest episodes because they do not want to take up room on their server I guess. Sucks for people who want to watch a series with hundreds of episodes from the first one....cannot be done because it is likely not there any more.

If anyone knows a similar site like this, but with everything from start to finish, I am willing to change subscriptions and pay for it, since I am paying for this one anyways.

If anyone watches Russian TV, I am looking for something similar to but in Polish.
9 Jul 2011
Genealogy / Polish and Russian DNA? [49]

if you would like to see which haplogroup Poles are- here the link

So much confusion. Based on your answer, it seems against what everyone else is saying about Czechs, Ukrainians and Russians being closes ethnically/genetically speaking. How does Spanish/Greek even fit in?

I'm not fluent in the language of genetics or biology, but wow...really?