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Crazy Toad   
30 Jan 2010
UK, Ireland / Dialing a polish mobile from a uk mobile in Poland [7]

Tried it they aren't being received.

My mobile provider changed automatically from Vodafone to Plus when I arrived and Ive had no problems calling home, but this is a problem for sure.
Crazy Toad   
30 Jan 2010
UK, Ireland / Dialing a polish mobile from a uk mobile in Poland [7]

I have seen a similar thread but it involved dialling from a UK mobile in england.
I would of thought you would just replace +48 with 0 but it doesnt work. Also tried 0048
Any ideas?
Crazy Toad   
30 Jan 2010
Travel / What to do in Wroclaw! [46]

Jan 30, 10, 15:45 - Thread attached on merging:
What to do in Wroclaw/Wyscigowa?

Im in Poland for 4 days. Unfortunately I found out when I got there Im not exactly in the center,but oh well!
I went to Wroclaw yesterday but once I got there it was already getting dark,today Ive been trying to find a convenience store in Wyƛcigowa. I was told there was a biedronka and a LIDL nearby but Ive struggled to find them. Also theres pretty much no paths and where there is paths theres huge snow drifts on them( which I fell through yesterday haha).

Ive went on my own and I'm not the most confident about going to far from where I know (well at least not when it's dark). I was in Wroclaw (near the Rynek) and finding a taxi was getting really hard and to be honest "some" of them just shunned me,but lets say thats a minority.

Oh my location is Novotel Wroclaw, if anyone wants to give me "clear" directions or something interesting to do