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13 Aug 2011
Genealogy / Is Aleska a Polish baby name ? [42]

I have never heard this name before - what does it mean exactly? "Jagoda"? If I'm translating it correctly, then it means blueberry. Why would any one name their child Blueberry!

What ever happened to traditional Polish names like Baśia, Grażyna, or Kinga that translate well into other languages? Isabella Kinga is a great Polish name for a girl (:
13 Aug 2011
USA, Canada / My story. Born In the USA - do I have a chance in Poland, my Mother Country? [69]

Well guys, I'm an American woman born in Gdańsk, Poland - my parents immigrated to the US when I was 7, so all I really know is American culture. I live in the Kansas City, Missouri area and hate it for it's climate, not for the in-bred and welfare-raised morons living in the surrounding small towns - and we have to live here because this is where my husband's job is.

I empathize with you chreese, but I seriously doubt that you'll like Poland any better. My husband and I invested heavily in a brand new condo in Ggańsk in 2006 thinking that we'll retire there (we're looking at Italy now and considering selling in Poland). My husband's family has lived in the states for 200+ years, and the family has traced it's roots to Scotland and Britain; my husband finds most Polish people cold, uncooperative, rude, and in some cases horribly dishonest. Gee, sounds just like Americans to me!!!

I've learned the hard way that no place on earth will ever meet your ideal expectations. Stupidity knows no borders. And, chances are, that you nor I are very high on the local's list of ideal citizens either - maybe we're just snobs? Choose a place with the most ideal job oportunity and suitable climate not it's locals.
4 Jul 2009
Genealogy / Are all Poles blue eyed and blonde? [428]

My mother had blond hair, brown eyes, and a fair complexion-she was Polish/German from the north [Gdansk]
My dad has brown hair and blue-gray eyes and he's 100% Polish from Warsaw. He has twin brothers: One of the twins has blue eyes and blond hair, the other has blue eyes and brown hair.

I have dark brown hair and dark brown eyes-born in Gdansk.
The way I see it, the blue eyed, blond haired Poles mixed with the Scandinavians up north, and the mid and southern part of the country with other Euro-Asian tribes.

I know that there is Mongolian blood in my family from hundreds of years ago so that would explain the dark hair.
4 Jul 2009
Life / Smoking vs. Grilling on Balconies / High Rises in Poland [66]

Don't grill on the balcony!!!???? Show some respect!!!???????
Lots of Poles are arrogant snobs and it's their way or the highway!
The cigarette smoke is nauseating and they sure don't have any respect for their neighbors puffing away like chimneys.
I say get a grill and fire it up as much as you like.
The only thing you have to make sure is that it's legal. And as long as the patio or balcony is concrete, it shouldn't be a fire hazard.

I bought a condo in Gdansk 3 years ago and will get a grill this year.
I see grills on my neighbors' balconies and they use them a lot.
Don't let the opinion of a few people with skewed morals dictate how you live.