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21 Nov 2009
Love / Met a Polish girl on the Internet, and I'm soon off to meet her... [82]

Oh, come on, reality check please!

From a girl's point of view, it is much riskier to meet some relative stranger from the internet. You are not going to visit her in another continent, we are in the EU for Christ's sake and you are a guy.

If you are having doubts, just ask yourself this: if I decide not to go and meet her, will I regret it?

I met my husband online, I went to the US (I have family there), we met. We've been married 7 years now.

Oh yeah, at the time we met I was barely 19 and till date I weigh 115 pounds / 52 kgs (that's to some of you talking about immaturity and internet swarming with whales).