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5 Mar 2014
Life / Pączki Day--do Dunkin Donuts or Krispy Kreme count? [39]

...the OP is probably referring to the Polish tradition of "Fat Thursday" which is the last Thurs of the month of Feb. It's traditional to eat doughnuts/donuts on that day or other sweet or fattening things.

Yes, though the custom is observed on the day before Ash Wednesday (the first day of Lent) in much of Polonia in the US. I've often heard the opinion that the doughnut chain stores' doughnuts aren't authentic enough to the traditional form of a "true" pączki.
4 Mar 2014
Life / Pączki Day--do Dunkin Donuts or Krispy Kreme count? [39]

It's (for many in the US, at least) Pączki Day, so I thought I'd ask your opinions on a question that I've heard debated since my childhood: "do the filled doughnuts sold by the Dunkin Donuts (or Krispy Kreme) doughnut store chain count as pączki?" I've heard vehement arguments both for and against; what do you think?
5 Jan 2012
Language / Polish pronunciation animations? [7]

Yes, but surprisingly good for learning the subtle differences between similar pronunciations between languages, e.g., tongue placement for the letter "d" in English vs. in Spanish.
5 Jan 2012
Language / Polish pronunciation animations? [7]

I've come across a program, Learn to Speak Spanish, that includes animations showing tongue and lip positioning for pronouncing each sound in Spanish, as below.

Unfortunately, there is not a Learn to Speak Polish version of the software. Does anyone know where to find something similar for learning how to properly pronounce sounds in the Polish language?
15 Sep 2011
Food / Polish Pizza !! The best in the world? [225]

[OK, let's try this again: my first attempt at this post went terribly awry.]

This is a Chicago-thin-crust-style pizza made in America by one of Polish descent from a recipe based on one used at an Italian pizzeria. (The picture came out a little darker than the pizza actually was.)

20 Oct 2009
Language / Terms of endearment in Polish [196]

I don't have the Polish letters

Look above the message text box; click to insert.

  • Polish Letters
5 Oct 2009
Food / Polish Pizza !! The best in the world? [225] pizza....

Chicago pizza is awesome (I've never had New York pizza, which I've heard is a close second). By far the best I've ever had.

I agree Lou Malnati's is the best deep-dish style, but I prefer thin-crust; I'd say Home Run Inn is the best you can get, followed closely by Falco's, then Danny's.
16 Sep 2009
Language / Polish Swear Words [1197]

Maybe something like, "Fucking fire!" or, "Fucking shoot!"

"Fucking Slayer!" can also be used in the concert situation, but it is more often used to show appreciation rather than encouragement.
31 Jul 2009
USA, Canada / Why no Polish stuff in Chicago? [41]

Speaking of restaurants, does anyone know what happened to Bobak's?

The one on Archer is still there (, but the others closed in the wake of a prolonged family feud.
21 Jul 2009
USA, Canada / Pierogi Festivals across the States [17]

Has anyone ever been to Pierogi Fest in Whiting, IN? Was it any good? It's coming up this weekend, and I'm considering attending, as it sounds like it might be fun.

Anyone interested can find more information at