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18 Apr 2009
Love / I need your opinion ladies - Polish girl very friendly with her ex. [47]

**** that dont trast her on this one meeting with your ex it gives easy connection for sex becuse they all ready had sex before you2 meet !!!!! ones i fund out about my girl friend that her ex was calling her and meeting her ohhh boy belive me it pises me off ,,how ever all i hade to doo is tell my girl friend to call him next to me and ask him nicely to stop calling because i dont like that or elsess! for me ex stays ex !!! and she did that and now my relation it safe :0 good luck and dont be soft with your heart:)
18 Apr 2009
Love / Are 98% of young Polish girls emotionally unstable and mood changing? [191]

i think clubing it for funn and that what happend to you is you had funn to i have been to poland for 3 years i meet with girls i had sex for the same day but it happend to me to date girls in poland and couldnt have a kiss it be cause shes didnt want that to happen so fast so it not all girls are the same and i think in your mind it just ***** if you think you good enaf tray to go to caffe shops or shoping centre and show what you can doo not just flerting with drunk girls that easy to do