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15 Feb 2009
Love / Nice Polish women photos [329]

M. Wojciechowska

oh no... its some skinny uggly bitch! okay maybe she is a great actor!

but i KNOW polish women are more beautiful than her! I was in Poland some years ago and they are curvy and beautiful !! not skinny like a 11 year old boy like this example!

avarege Polish women are much more beautiful!
13 Feb 2009
History / Whom do the people in Poland hate more: Germans or Russians? [869]

I Love Polish and Russian people!

they are very simular - tuff, but yet warm and very generous!

I have many Russian and many Polish friends... I Love them both! they are both better than Germans and Brittons - who are snobbish and cold
13 Feb 2009
News / Is NORD STREAM dangerous for Poland's natural enviroment? [372]

I live in sweden and I am possitive to North stream.. its some politicans who are against it. But mayority of swedes have no opinion about it

I have nothing against Gazprom monopol... there is always SOMEONE who is strongest! ,:-)

and its logic that Russia dominate those sectors., since their country is bigger than entire European Union...
12 Feb 2009
News / Is NORD STREAM dangerous for Poland's natural enviroment? [372]

I think North Stream do a good job! They build a gas pipe line to Germany directly from Russia,,, this is needed since the conflicts between eastern european countries blaming each other makes the supplies unreliable,,

is it only me who think its strange that suddenly now Poles, latvians, Estonians and Ukriainians seem to care so much about enviremental issues ???!! ,:-)

I mean they love there cole-plants, they love their overfishing and their dirkty cars!

but a gas-pipe - catastrophy! ,:-) LOL !

seems like its bitter to se their transit power disapair? ,:-)


PS: I LOVE Poles! I just cant listen to those easterneuropean conflicts which are so without logic, without saying anything...

Russians, Poles, Latvians etc shoulc cooperate instead! I have many Polish friends and many Russian friends - they are VERY simular! and very nice!