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Ja Przybylem   
19 May 2009
Genealogy / Why Polish aren't white?? [272]

many idiots in America think that Polish people, and not just them but ALL foreigners from Europe are not white, simply Polish, or German, or Russian etc. that u have to be an American to be white

Yup, another reason why I find Americans (those X removed from their heritage) to be retards. At this point it's at a level of compounding.

I was born in the U.S., but my parents are immigrants. I was raised in Polonia. My first language was polish. I am know all of the traditions and cultural aspects. Half of my family lives in Poland, etc. It wasn't until I 'grew up' that I began to cherish my heritage - prior to that I was as American as they come. Now embracing my culture, I am not an American (to them).

It is racism, albeit it's subtle. It exists because they can get away with it. Nobody would dare say stupid stuff like that to a minority of a non-white skin color as they'd never get away with it. To me though? What am I going to do? Who will I complain to? I can rant all I want and people will look at me and think:

- You are white
- You have blond hair
- You have blue eyes

How the F are you being discriminated against? But it happens. I've spoke about it with my brothers and parents - we've all experienced it in some way, shape, or form.

All minorities are cool with me, and some Americans are, but the narrow minded, 1-dimensional ones are retarded. They've been to 2 major U.S. cities so they've 'seen the world' and they've tried sushi so they know 'ethnic food.' Clueless.

Never let it get to you. Think of witty comebacks if you want to make things fun.
Ja Przybylem   
16 Apr 2009
Love / Are 98% of young Polish girls emotionally unstable and mood changing? [191]

Ok, so you are 28, educated, and live in Excel everyday, and then you wonder why 18-24 year old girls are flaky? This has nothing to do with ethnicity or heritage.

Go to clubs in any country and focus on that age range and you'll discover the same thing over and over again.

As a guy who was once that age, I 'fell in love' with a new girl every other week.
Ja Przybylem   
13 Apr 2009

Happy Easter.

Zur for breakfast.

Dinner was the usual many items: ham, pork, sausage, potatoes, saurkraut, potato salad, red beet salad, bread, etc., with beer and wine.

Then the fruit & pastries to finish us.
Ja Przybylem   
11 Apr 2009
Life / The Polish Wedding - What is it Like in Poland? [338]

Like a party that never ends. Countless stories are told and made at Polish weddings.

That's basically a real polish wedding. No wedding in the U.S., even if it is a polish couple, compares to a wedding in Poland.

Imagine being a kid with your birthday, Halloween, Christmas, and every day off of school during a single year wrapped up into one event.
Ja Przybylem   
27 Feb 2009
Love / They seem nice, but could Polish girls be "gold diggers"? [196]

22 or l0 you should have been brought up to believe that "nothing is free in life". Respect is everything, and respect means that you respect the person you are with, whatever the age or circumstances.

Thanks for the tip preacher. I also got more tail than I can handle for 10+ years, and the one that spoiled me, was a beauty queen.

what are you on about !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Maturity. It doesn't exist in most young people. You don't appreciate things, you're not grateful, and you take advantage of stuff. Before 25, I went from one girl to another. It happens at a different age for everyone, but for me it was around 25 when I began to settle down mentally, build relationships with people, etc. My point is in reference to maturity.

Regardless, I honestly don't see much to analyze here. She over 30, and is a grown woman. Sounds like a bad apple.
Ja Przybylem   
27 Feb 2009
Love / They seem nice, but could Polish girls be "gold diggers"? [196]

No if you had an ounce of decency about you and a real man, you would have stopped this in it's infancy. One a "freeloader" always a freeloader. Don't make excuses.

Not quite, as I listed a very brief Cliff Notes version of my story, but regardless, she wanted to spoil me. Anyway, maturity didn't begin to settle in for me until about 25. Prior to that, I wasn't thinking about what it means to be a real man or anything along those lines. I was a boy, mentally.

That was at 22.

Maturity means a lot, and most people I know prior to 25 were not mature. Prior to 25, that wasn't really dating for me, as I fell in love with a new girl every other week. At 25 some kind of switch went off in me.
Ja Przybylem   
26 Feb 2009
Life / Why do people think that I'm Polish ? [92]

I'm almost certain though that their hair is dyed, as I've yet to encounter a Pole with naturally occurring coarse black hair.

It's dyed. Black hair was very much in style not too long ago, and so many women were walking around with jet black hair. Some looked so freaking sexy with it though...
Ja Przybylem   
26 Feb 2009
Love / They seem nice, but could Polish girls be "gold diggers"? [196]

That's a good point. I did the same thing before (once), but it was a woman who was paying for everything. It evenutally led to the point where:

1 - I would invite my friends out, as she would pay for everyone's drinks, etc., and eventually
2 - Me viewing her as my sugar moma (she was younger) who will take care of everything.

In the end, I became ungrateful, spoiled, and above all, lazy. In the beginning of our relationship, I was not like this at all - in fact, I was taken back by the idea of her paying for something on more than an occasional basis. But set a precedent, and the dynamics of the relationship change.

Oh, and she wasn't polish, but man, she spent thousands upon thousands on me. It all went to my head.
Ja Przybylem   
17 Feb 2009
Off-Topic / What's your connection with Poland? Penpals. [512]

Born in Chicago, IL to 100% Polish immigrants. Know every single tradition, culture, and am fluent in reading, writing & speaking. I will never let go of my heritage, but I have fully assimilated into american culture as well in order to succeed here. It's a good balance, but night and day between my personal life and career.

My dad came alone when he was 27, but his brother (my uncle) was right on his tail. My mom came with her entire family when she was 14 (much earlier than my dad of course as they are 6 years apart).

My parents met in the States, and were introduced by my moms uncle. Married a few months later.

My dads sister (my aunt) came to Chicago, worked for 2 years, hated it, then went back to Poland. My mom's parents returned to Poland a couple of years later as well.

I've been to Poland a good 4-5 times for extended periods. Outside of my dad's brother (unlce), my dad's entire family still lives in Poland. They had opportunities to leave, but didn't want to. We speak with family in Poland regulalry, and we have family & friends from Poland visit quite often around the Holidays (every other year or so).

My mom's entire family is in the States, but I have no clue where half of them are as they got into the wrong crowd and the rest is history...