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19 Feb 2009
Love / Scottish & Polish relationships [229]

Is Danny a common Polish name?

Its actually Daniel, but when I initially arrived in the UK my boss would always call me 'danny boy' and the name danny just stuck with me. Can't say I've met too many Polish Danny's!

Does one see a lot of kilts worn in Poland?
I wish someone would explain to me this apparent fascination girls have to men in skirts. Is this interest just due to the mere novelty of it? The easy access? Some deep-seated perversion?

My wife loves it when I put my kilt on. Admittedly I felt a bit stupid at first, but now I quite like putting it on for weddings, etc. Its nice when you go to a Scottish wedding and all the men have them on.

both her parents dont speak english, the mother used to watch me like a hawk to try and read every move i made but i must admit they are probably the nicest and most caring parents i have ever had the pleasure to meet, when i came 1st time i was left alone with the father and brother for short time as the father wanted to check me out, thank god for the dog who i stroked to hell and smiled like an idiot,,,,

Lol, this sounds very familar! I felt very awkward when I first met my father-in-law and we could barely communicate, though we laugh about it now. None of my family really speak any English and in particular my parents look at my poor wife likes shes daft when she attempts to speak polish in her scottish accent. Family gatherings leave me exhausted since I have to translate so much.
18 Feb 2009
Love / Scottish & Polish relationships [229]

Mr DRJ (or Danny as I'm otherwise known) has taken his account back, and I'm proud to be a Polish plaid skirt-wearer! I think that the amount of effort (though it was worth every second) we put into our relationship made us want to work at. I wouldn't say that there are huge cultural differences, but the language barrier meant that our first few months of dating were somewhat interesting....we would get some rather odd looks out for dinner with our phrase books!! On the 8th of March we celebrate our 5th anniversary (of our 1st date) so I can happily say it was well worth it

Its interesting that British men often say that they love the Polish wife is from the North west Scottish coast and has one of the lovliest accents I've ever heard! Especially when she (attempts to) speak Polish :)
18 Feb 2009
Love / Scottish & Polish relationships [229]

I'm using my (Polish) husbands account here, having read these forums for a while but never got involved. I'm a Scottish female, and was drawn to my husband not because of him being Polish, but because we liked each other. He didn't speak very good English at first and the effort he made to learn for me, impressed me. We don't have a ginger kid yet, but perhaps in the near future, and since my brother and my dad are both redheads...maybe he or she will be a red headed pole?