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23 Apr 2009
Life / Popular and Practical Cars in Poland [49]

Thanks db, this was just the kind of info I needed! If I may ask, what kind of car did you transport, and from which port (east coast/west coast)? and where/how you found out how much they would charge you (and if there's someplace I can check as far as what the EU conformity thing and the import duty/tax for a specific car would be).

Also, I caught sight of an older thread from feb here, and was wondering if you knew if the 6 month thing [so you don't pay the taxes (scenario one [urlc=h]here[/url]

) ] calculated from when the car is shipped, or from when the car is processed in PL. I'll be moving to PL late summer so if the latter I can probably get away with buying the car NOW and shipping it so when it arrives it's at the 6month mark... if i have to wait 6months to ship it there may be an annoying bit of lag -__-;

Another thing to consider is spare parts , some models , like Chrysler for example have dealers over here , might be worth while to check out where is the nearest dealer for the car you choose to the place you are going to be living...

Well, like I said, my dad is a Mercedes mechanic... he'd kill me if I got anything else (maybe a BMW could slip, but anything else I'd get an earful), so I don't expect parts to be a problem ^_^

Also, yeah, I found the thread (linked above) while looking stuff up DB mentioned... but some things were still unclear (my Q's above)

so for me it'd be $1500 for the container (I live in a Port city, if you've seen the original Fast and Furious and a good chunk of the new one that's where I live), about 2500zl for the customs, inspect and reg (do you have to have it transported once it arrives? can't I just go with a friend and drive it back? or must all the inspection/registration stuff be taken care of before you can hit pavement?), which translates to about $730.

So $2,230 thus far
assuming transport to Lublin will be more than Warsaw (1700zl maybe? so about $500) that puts me to $2,730 not counting EU conformity and the import duty/tax bit

Assuming the tax/duty bit goes away with it being owned here and EU conformity about what you paid and some slight fee increases, I'm looking at a total of about $3,500 total, perhaps $4,000 if the fees stay and alterations run high
23 Apr 2009
Life / Popular and Practical Cars in Poland [49]

I was also thinking of doing something like that; shipping a car to Poland
Never thought about problems with sedans in the winter though... now i got something else to thing about >_<
My dad is a Benz mechanic, and when I mentioned the model/yr you gave he said its a safe and dependable car.
I only drove regular cars thus far though, so IDK how i'd like driving an SUV, specially with what I saw of roads in Lublin... even though my aunt got a small Hyundai (I think) SUV last time i was over there. I don't think it was as big as the ones we have in cali, though the ML sounds smaller than the mammoth SUV's some idiots get. And yeah, definitely plenty of space to stuff heavy items you don't wanna ship UPS or take on the plane ^_~.

I'll second the Q about the fees and hassles and so on involved with shipping a car over. Anyone?
9 Mar 2009
Love / Woman 23, man 47 years old. What do you think about ? [162]

lets also not forget social stigmas against that sort of thing...
say you really do love each other, and it's not about the above mentioned things
people who see you go out will still either mistaken you for father/daughter or assume she's a gold digger or he's gotten himself a trophy wife, etc.

in PL what others think matters, too, at least to a substantially greater degree than in the states where more often than not you don't even know your neighbor's name let alone car what he says to whom.
18 Feb 2009
Travel / Poland in photo riddles [3134]

post 201... LOL, for a min I thought it was yoda... as the one behind it gave him yoda ears >_< oops
17 Feb 2009
Food / Polish food in Pictures. [277]

enyone tasted kopytka with dill sauce or brown butter :) or fried? now I'll have to eat something, damn ;)

I've had them fried... on a pan that is ^_^ I prefer them fresh, but my parents all like them fried
and yes, skwarki are a MUST to properly enjoy the glory of kopytka
... now I want to go make them. Damn.
17 Feb 2009
Food / Polish food in Pictures. [277]

my fav ^_^
best topped with bacon bits and onion (skwarki) ^_^
11 Feb 2009
Language / Interesting Polish tongue twister. [50]

fast it's a pain, it has an odd rythm that makes it easy to skip letters somewhere; at first mine ended up being powyłamymi when friends pushed me to it (thus the learned 'stól bez nóg' response ^_~) but now I'm okay with it

W Szczebrzyszenie Chrąszcz Brzmi w Trzyczynie

LOL that's the twister I won with when my cuban friend said his language had the hardest tongue twisters (he, a guy from china, a guy from thailand, another girl and I were driving from college to an event when this all started)
11 Feb 2009
Language / Interesting Polish tongue twister. [50]

Perhaps writing it is as difficult as saying it because I'd been finding it nigh on impossible to rea

actually this one is spelled phonetically, so besides the ó/u thing it shouldn't actually be that difficult to spell if you know how it's supposed to sound (even if you can't say it out loud)
6 Feb 2009
Language / Word order and swearing in Polish [44]

Kurwa means nothing just like yyy or aaa or exclamation mark or comma and native speaker can feel the difference

kurwa means something...whore/bitch
just like shit means something even though it's often used as a pure explicative
neither replaces a mark, comma or exclamation mark and shouldn't be thought of as such. Doing so is just like seeing class trickle out to make room for crass society

It seems that you might know Polish females who barely speak Polish but read extensive passages written by divine marquis...

actually I'm thinking of native speakers... though admittedly they're slightly short-tempered to begin with where swearing is concerned.
I stick to my statement that when you're pissed off at someone who's yelling at you, you don't overthink if it's kurwa or kurwo and slap soon as you hear the 'w' on a bad day.

either way, better safe than sorry, no?

całuje rączki pieknych pań ;)

A far more appropriate way for men to speak when ladies are present
6 Feb 2009
Language / Word order and swearing in Polish [44]

On paper, yes.
In real life, specially when yelled/ said strongly you'll get slapped before the ending registers. The first and third especially.
I'd suggest just omitting using kurwa/kurwo when directing it at a girl altogether. Do holery (sp?) is almost as strong... far less slap-friendly.

And yes, I know many a Polish female who'll slap first, contemplate endings later... eventually perchance apologize.
2 Feb 2009
Life / Tips on tipping in Poland [45]

Thus my tip for you back in the UK (no pun intended) is to ask the waiter/waitress if they get the tip if you leave one.

does that not defeat the purpose of the tipping process?
I mean, regardless of what someone's paid, a tip is a tip... for them. doesn't that basically cheat the customer who thinks that the waitress/waiter is getting said tip when it actually goes to the management?
31 Jan 2009
Food / Buying alcohol, wine in Poland. It's very difficult. [79]

I do not understand ! does Poland have Liquor stores ? sounds like a dry country from what these posts say !

This must be the first time I've heard Poland confused for a non-drinking country...
all the best vodka = Polish
many of the greatest beers = Polish
Many, many, many drunks = Polish
supposedly Slovic countries (Poland, Russia, Ukraine, etc) also have the highest alcohol tolerance (genetically)