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26 Jul 2013
Life / Vinyl record stores in Warsaw. [5]

Try, its in
ul. Chmielna 21 00-021 Warszawa PL

tel.: +48/22/8260269
fax: +48/22/8588187
godziny otwarcia:
pon. - pt.: 13.00-19.00
sob.: 12.00-16.00

They have a few records in may genres
19 Jun 2013
Life / Etiquette in a Store and Market Queues in Poland [146]

I understand how people feel about the trolley or basket being left by the checkouts, but for me worse still is the situation regarding buses! A lot of people don't wait for passengers to step off the bus before jumping on, even if it's an elderly person!
28 Nov 2012
Work / Incompetent Polish education ministry - incomprehensible English recordings for exams [8]

Hello Varsovian, I know what you're talking about. I work at a private Liceum and had to sit in on the mock English exams. The speeches are done by a man and a woman! The woman isn't too bad, but, and it's a large but like the butts of women in rap videos, the man was at times incomprehensible! He sounded like a country bumpkin eating marshmallows whilst coming down from an acid trip!! I am a native speaker, and at times I struggled to understand everything being said by the man.
20 Sep 2012
Travel / Lublin ruined by arrival of Ryanair [33]

I have to agree with Harry, Lublin might actually attract an older tourist, middle aged couples, which might not sound exciting but could bring money into the area! Foreign companies could also see the value in Lublin, and with 5 universities, a large pool of well educated students to choose from!
28 Sep 2010
UK, Ireland / Polish eligibility to claim benefits in the UK [30]

Taxi for Polish sponger!!!!Get out now, you sound like a decent chap who has let his heart rule his head! Plenty more fish in the sea, don't worry about her, because it sounds like she has never given a stuff about you! Her choice, her decisions you just crack on in finding a decent girl and make sure you don't give up your freedom to easily next time round!! powodzenia
23 Sep 2010
Work / Poland teaching contract withdrawn at last minute, thoughts? [10]

Hej czesc! As a native speaker working in Lublin I have not found any problems regarding contracts with schools or colleges. The main problem could be that a school expects a certain number of students to take up a course at its establishment, and when they fail to make the numbers, have to cancel some contracts. Normally the last person in is the first one out the door, this could have been the case with you. keep trying, but don't put all your eggs in one basket, look to gain work from a couple of places so if the **** hits the fan at one job you have a back-up to keep you in pierogi! Powodzenia Marecki
21 Sep 2010
Life / Gypies/Indian-looking women with kids beg for money in Poland [143]

The romany Gypsies come from the area around the black sea, Rumania, Ukraine & Bulgaria. They are quite dark by nature and often beg for money! slavic languages are spoken in Bulgaria and The Ukraine, but in Rumania a latin based language is spoken! You can see them playing classic disco-polo hits on their accordians on the trains to and from Warsaw. Some experts even believe that serious rockers Kombi were influenced by these chaps!!
16 Sep 2010
UK, Ireland / Work in any office in England without any degree? [11]

You don't need a degree to work in an office, but in the current climate, it would help! Amathyst is right, now is not the time to come to the UK for a job, of any sort! Even the McJobs will be filled by lazy Brits with poor education(if Dave gets his way)! Maybe you could be a native Polish speaker and work in the areas where large numbers of Poles abide! In some places the Police where learning foriegn languages like polish do some research maybe you could get lucky. If you do go, enjoy, have fun and expect to work in a shop or bar while searching for your better job! GOOD LUCK powodzenia
14 Sep 2010
Travel / My visit to Poland - Likes & Dislikes. [133]

Hej czesc ludzie! just thought I would give my two pennies worth! Poland is nice in some parts and not in others, just like most countries in the world! I speak some polish, badly, but it often raises a smile; people are more friendly when you try and say something, even like dzien dobry or jak sie masz? Tourists from places like the states should remember that the whole of Europe isn't like Paris and not everyone looks like a million dollars! I would try wroclaw and Krakow for places to visit, modern cities steep in culture with quaint houses and nice pebble walk ways. Some of the locals can even speak English!!

nooo pa nie pracuj zbyt duzo
9 Sep 2010
News / Huge costs of preparing for EURO 2012 in Poland [38]

YES! sorry for that slip stare druhu (wroclaw), I meant a city in poland such as wroclaw or lodz could hold the Olimpics one day!!hej czesc, although maybe one city would not have enough resources, so maybe lodz & warsaw!!
8 Sep 2010
News / Huge costs of preparing for EURO 2012 in Poland [38]

I think this is a great thing for Poland to stage! and Seanus is right, money will come back in the form of tourists and new international companies; which will create new jobs for Polish people. Lublin will hopefully have an airport which could attract new money. Maybe in the future Poland will hold the Olimpics! hej czesc ludzie!
23 Jun 2010
Travel / Why do people say that Poland is so unsafe? [60]

I have lived here in Poland for over 2 years now and I feel quite safe! I also lived in London for over 10 years, I'm still alive now so It wasn't so bad! I have only heard about countries like Maldova and Albania as being dangerous places for foriegners to visit! not Poland! hej czesc masz czas na piwko wszyskimy z lublina?
19 Apr 2010
News / Polska A ['educated'] scoffs at Lech Kaczynski [24]

A quote from J Pilsudski "wam kury szczac prowadzac nie polityke robic". I know my wife and her family aren't happy because they say Tusk is worse! All the people that disagreed with him where on the plane that crashed, not just one politician, but many important people.
31 Mar 2010
Life / Has feminism and lesbianism progressed in Poland? [484]

In England it was trendy for girls, who wanted attention from guys, to kiss in clubs. Although strangely enough, another reason was to ward off guys by saying "steer clear I'm not interested in you". Last year Hollywood seemed awash with girls claiming to have had a Lesbian experience; this replaced the trend of buying third world babies for adoption.
19 Mar 2010
UK, Ireland / Brits are the scruffiest in Europe [7]

You could go to any country in the world, and find scruffy people, even in places like Paris or New York! Bill gates always looks scruffy in interviews and he has a few bob and time to spend on his appearance, likewise a lot of middle class people seem to favour the 2nd hand look and wear 90s style converse, actually bought in the 1990s! Harry and Wills like to blend in with the crowd, so sometimes it's a tux and other times it's ripped levis and a rugger shirt!
9 Mar 2010
Life / Punk and Garage scene in Poland [35]

Tektura (not sure about spelling) is good and there are other places. I'm more of a funk man myself but Lubliners are generally quite friendly and if you speak Polish, well that is a plus in my book!!
23 Oct 2009
News / Poland's Organized Crime [58]

Any serious polish criminal would probably end up in a large European city such as London, where it's easier to go undetected and line your pockets at the same time!
31 Mar 2009
Language / I need advice - how long does it take to learn Polish? [70]

czesc jak leci?Hey I have been here just over a year and I know exactly how you feel. I study with books and cds every week, my girlfriend is polish and her family can't really speak english and I swap english for polish with someone else. I still feel still I'm struggling but the pronunciation and reading have started to improve a little. Keep going and good luck.