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larry casula   
20 May 2007
Love / Fell in love with a Polish girl, but find it difficult to approach her [620]

[quote=Ken Noddy] Sex isn't that high on my agenda, (this may shock many) I've waited a long time for the right person, I can wait a bit longer no problem.

I probably have quite antiquated values which many wouldn't understand in todays climate of (wham bam thank you ma'am) relationships

I think that atitude is very noble Ken,keep it up!
larry casula   
21 Mar 2007
Genealogy / Why are some Polish people dark complected, and others very light [498]

Yeah Yeah Espana, I on the good guys team!!!!

My friend Piotr used to tease me because my last name is close to cresula, am not spelling it right, but is a black and white cow!!! Like those shades!!

Gotta go folks, have a great night, have to do some work!!

Lots of LOVE... rememeber LOTS OF LOVE>>>:)

NP Espana, water under the bridge!!
larry casula   
21 Mar 2007
Genealogy / Why are some Polish people dark complected, and others very light [498]

I cannpersonally voutch for Art, his name appears on his personal email, stationary,
even on his bib when he eats melons!! I can still hear him say..

Hi My name is Artur, I am a millionaire, I own a mansion and a yacht!!
larry casula   
21 Mar 2007
Genealogy / Why are some Polish people dark complected, and others very light [498]

Yes that happened, thank goodness I was not one of them, it was nasty, and I agree it is, so why dont we look forward now, rehashing this is not good.

Is there someting you would like to talk about that does interest you more??

Racism is here to stay, but hopefully not like it used to, but it can also be said that other races have suffered greatly as well. So we are now all even. Lets more on please!!
larry casula   
21 Mar 2007
Genealogy / Why are some Polish people dark complected, and others very light [498]

Yes Jose,

They were, But we didn't do it!! Back in Afica, the most insane thing is that they were sold into slavery by thier own kind!!!! So it was thier own kind that ripped them apart, please dont fall prey to the phsyco-babble that you read on blogs or the internet, or on some far left station, my goodness Slavery here in America is OVER!! Lincoln SET THEM FREE!!! They are free!!!

Look Eveil is in mans nature...
Did you ever wonder why we need to teach our kids to behave??? Are you Religiously sffiliated with any relligion??
Man was born inheritely evil, the bible says our righteouness is as filty rags, so what do you expect from man? Where good men stay silent evil thrives!!

So this is nothing new, evil has been here a long time and will be here til the end.
larry casula   
18 Mar 2007
Language / Polish Swear Words [1176]

My friend Piotr taught me many swear words,, my other friend Piotr lives in a very nice area, a house we built him should be worth about 975K, but there are all czarnie in the whole area, I have seen this in cities, but never in the burbs, is really freaky, they are all big homes and , I must add not built to my standards, but the nice cars are all out front.

I dont have anything against them at all, but is rare to see them all in such large homes, not to say they could not afford them, I just thinik it became a place of refuge for them, and they just congregated there.
larry casula   
16 Mar 2007
Genealogy / Are all Poles blue eyed and blonde? [428]

My friend Piotr has blue eyes and dark hair., so I would say no, actually his whole family has dark hair, my Polish Family has all dark hair and various colored eyes.
larry casula   
5 Feb 2007
Genealogy / Looking for Sakowski ancestors (near Kierzek??) / also Szymanski [30]

Yes I am in the US. I am looking for Sakowski's in Kierzek area, and any in US that may be related. There are many in Wilmington and Delaware area where they were born and settled. Unfortunately I am packing up to move in 2 weeks to Illinois from Delaware, and I need to find the box I put the genealogy info I have, when I do I will write again.


write back or give some contact info so we can communicate.

Merged: Family in Kierzek, PL. Sakowski surname.

i am not sure what happened , but I put in an intro yesterday and it is gone today??
I am looking for Sakowski's who would or have lived in Kierzek. Any info would be helpful.
I am very confused as to what happened to my first intro.
I am from US, have same friends who are from Poland, One lives now in Warsaw and other in Krakow, and one in a town of western Poland. I do not remember but starts with a p. I will find it again.

Czesc, I am happy to have found this forum, I have a goal of speaking fluent Polish before I die of old age. I am 45, so plenty of time. I have 2 handsome sons 9 and 11, and wonderful wife.

Been to Poland once about 3 years ago. Can not wait to come back again some day.
Nas Stowie,
My friend Piotr Cebula told me Larry in Polish is Lucus.