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Looking for Sakowski ancestors (near Kierzek??) / also Szymanski

28 Dec 2006 #1
Looking for Sakowski ancestors, can add some names later my email address in US is
26 Jan 2007 #2
I am a Sakowski in Canada
larry casula
4 Feb 2007 #3
see you replied. Where is your Sakowski heritage from?? I know there are many that immigrated to many different places and is hard to decipher it all. My personal email is, can you email me there so we can chat more. Do you have Skype??
I am on skype at Larry Casula.
My mothers maiden name is Sakowski. Her grandfather immigrated here in early 1900's. I am moving and have packed away all my information that was given to me by my uncle, but I know they were from Kierzek poland. There are many Sakowski's in Google.

Anyway email me and we can talk more.
Patrycja19 62 | 2,688
4 Feb 2007 #4
Larry, ok responded to the other post , u are in the usa, ok, I will take a look on my

what other info (cencus< immigration, etc.) do you have :) are you just asking for
help with info from Poland ?

larry casula 2 | 69
5 Feb 2007 #5
Yes I am in the US. I am looking for Sakowski's in Kierzek area, and any in US that may be related. There are many in Wilmington and Delaware area where they were born and settled. Unfortunately I am packing up to move in 2 weeks to Illinois from Delaware, and I need to find the box I put the genealogy info I have, when I do I will write again.


write back or give some contact info so we can communicate.

Merged: Family in Kierzek, PL. Sakowski surname.

i am not sure what happened , but I put in an intro yesterday and it is gone today??
I am looking for Sakowski's who would or have lived in Kierzek. Any info would be helpful.
I am very confused as to what happened to my first intro.
I am from US, have same friends who are from Poland, One lives now in Warsaw and other in Krakow, and one in a town of western Poland. I do not remember but starts with a p. I will find it again.

Czesc, I am happy to have found this forum, I have a goal of speaking fluent Polish before I die of old age. I am 45, so plenty of time. I have 2 handsome sons 9 and 11, and wonderful wife.

Been to Poland once about 3 years ago. Can not wait to come back again some day.
Nas Stowie,
My friend Piotr Cebula told me Larry in Polish is Lucus.
lisa_pinky77 - | 4
24 Sep 2007 #6
hello: larry
i forgot to mention that i have been doing some research on the sakowski family and i also have lots of info. if u are intrested? lisa
Kaczor Duck 2 | 95
26 Sep 2007 #7
hi lisa, got your email. Live in Illinois now, since last march. Go back and forth to Delaware for work.

Any Sakowski's here??
Ron of Kurpie 1 | 4
28 Sep 2007 #8
I have been in touch with Larry Casula but have not talked recently. Are the Sakowski's that you have researched from Kierzek or that area of Poland known as Kurpie? I recently returned from Poland and visited the area where my grandfather was born. Appreciate a response. Ron
Kaczor Duck 2 | 95
29 Sep 2007 #9
Ron, she is my cousin, her grandmother was Anna Sakowski, same as mine, she is daughter of David my moms brother. I have been incred. busy ans in Illinois right now, i wont be back to Del. for a while. Would like to know how your trip went.

Ron of Kurpie 1 | 4
30 Sep 2007 #10
Kierzek was quite a thrill but I did not accomplish everything that I wanted to do. Folklore has it that "way back" there were only two extended families in Kierzek--Sakowski and Duszak who also emigrated to Wilmington. Today, there are no Sakowski's there but the family is well known. At some point when time permits we shall have to meet in Willmington and I can present to you what I have. Did Lisa uncover anything that might be helpful to me especially any old photos of the Sakowski's. Is there one of your grandfather Stanley or others? Hope you get a chance to relax. Also, I plan to return to Poland next year and complete my mission.
Kaczor Duck 2 | 95
30 Sep 2007 #11
Is there one of your grandfather Stanley or others

I am not sure, i will have to ask my mother.
sharon - | 1
15 Oct 2007 #12
does anyone have any information about the Sakowski's of Illinois?

Does anyone know a Dolores Sakowski ( maiden name) May have a relative named Eugene Sakowski
18 Oct 2007 #13
Mam duza rodzine w USA w roznych stanach jedynie znam Kety Sakowski i Helen z NY wiem ze stryj mial 15 dzieci i 45 wnukow.
Koach 16 | 128
19 Oct 2007 #14
Is anyone able to translate Beti's text into English, please? I can make out parts of it.
Piotr Sakowski
25 Oct 2007 #15
Hi, I'm Piotr Sakowski from Wroclaw, Poland. I was talking with Larry Casula recently. Actually he was asking me about my family, thus inspiring me to do some research. My grandfather was Franciszek Sakowski, born 1910 or 11 in place called Perki. This is not far from Kierzek (approx.70 miles). My father told me that Franciszek had brother Stanislaw and sister Anna. I cannot tell who was oldest thought. Franciszek has moved to northern small city called Bisztynek (Bishofstein - German name bef. WWII). He has married my grandmother Genowefa (family name Piekarzewska) there. I don't have any documents about my grandfather. There might be some photo of him somewhere, I will ask my parents on that. Anyway, Franciszek died on 1984 in Bisztynek. My grandmother has moved to Wroclaw 3 yrs later. She has died couple hours before 2 WTC towers collapsed on 9/11. Believe me it was not happy day at all for me.

Please, if anyone have some information that relates to Franciszek, Anna, Stanislaw Sakowski I would be grateful for contacting me.
Please use piotereks(a t)gmail for contact.
Cheers, Piotr.
Grzegorz_ 51 | 6,149
26 Oct 2007 #16
Mam duza rodzine w USA w roznych stanach jedynie znam Kety Sakowski i Helen z NY wiem ze stryj mial 15 dzieci i 45 wnukow.

I have a large family in the USA in various states, I only know Kety Sakowski and Helen from NY, I know that grand uncle had 15 children and 45 grandchildren.
Koach 16 | 128
26 Oct 2007 #17
Thanks, Grzegorz. I don't remember writing about Sakowskis, and I have none in my database. Perhaps Beti wrote in the wrong thread... unless I missed something.
lisa_pinky77 - | 4
30 May 2008 #18
Hello: Larry

I recently got some old picture of our grandmother, and if you are interested in them, let me know?? I do have a scanner now... I am in the process of getting Stanley Paul Sakowski death record. which should be here any day now...

I know that Jan Sakowski is posted on is here on this web site...

I also recently added our grandmother and Joe, and uncle Robbie, and Joseph, and Jennie Bernardo. was her actual last name @ the time of her death. according to to cemetery office.. I have went all out for our ancestry family tree.. I purchased several things, and am still putting money out.. I also thought that you would like to know that I have been working on this for the past 3 years. and I am also in the process of joining this ancestry web site.. I know that you can respect my position in being the first to bring up research our ancestors.. and creating a family tree..

hope to hear from you soon! Lisa
Ron of Kurpie 1 | 4
7 Jun 2008 #19
I have considerable information on all the Sakowski's who lived in Kierzek. I have also asked a researcher in Poland to find additional information. If you would like at least a copy of what I have, I can get it to you if you provide contact information.

Ron Sakowski, son of Paul Sakowski who was the son of Jan Sakowski who was the son of Walenty Sakowski (born in Kierzek about 1855).
Kaczor Duck 2 | 95
7 Jun 2008 #20
Hi, I'm Piotr

Witam Piotrek, please join and send what you can family name wise and I will TTYL.
Very excited to see you here.

Cousin Larry
Polonius3 994 | 12,367
8 Jun 2008 #21
Larry in Polish is Wawrzek -- short for Wawrzyniec (Lawrence).
lisa_pinky77 - | 4
12 Jul 2008 #22
Hello: Ron

sorry it took so long for me to get back with you this site. wow it is amazing that I finally found the person whom my family told me that I needed to talk to. my grandmother Anna whom raised me as a child is whom married Stanley Sakowski. please email me @ lisa_pinky77@hotmail. I would love to talk to you privately.

I will explain the reason why. after you email me. I have Stanley Sakowski death certificate if you are interested. I also have other information if you are interested also. love to hear from you... talk to you soon! Lisa

Merged: Sakowski, Szymanski From U.S. DE, MA, PA, NY, Lomza, Kierzek Poland

Look forward to hearing from any whom had ancestors with the last name Sakowski-Szymanski-Pinowski
My granmother Anna Sabbato Married Stanley Sakowski in Wilm, DE
Stanley P Sakowski Mothers Name was Veronica Szymanski
and Veronica parent's names were Walenty Sakowski & Rosalia Pinowski
if any of these sound familar please let me here from you.
Spalko 8 | 33
13 Jul 2008 #23
My great grandmother's maiden name was Mary Szymanski. She married Jan Rucinski in 1921 in Iwaniska, Poland. Her father's name was Michael Szymanski but that is all the information we know about her.
lisa_pinky77 - | 4
13 Jul 2008 #24
My great grandmother Veronica Szymanski Married Jan (John) Sakowski. which he is buried in Wilmington Delaware There son Stanley Sakowski my grandfather
the resided in Wilmington, New Castle County, Delaware. Stanley Paul Sakowski Married My Grandmother Anna Sabbato, and the had 10 children. one passed away shortly after birth.

Jan Sakowski is buried at. have not located veronica's yet. but I a working on it.

ask your family if know of Veronica Szymanski and John Sakowski had finally residing within Wilmington Delaware?
I am also as we speak talking to another family member of which also happen to be of the Sakowski family
here is also another which I just located buried in Delaware.Sgt Henry J Szymanski

thanks for posting your thoughts and suggestions. it is greatly appreciated. Lisa
25 Jul 2008 #25
Hello My Name is Piotr Tomczak
I am living in Sweden but I know the area of Kierzek nr Kadzidlo and my uncle was Sakowski living in Kierzek, He has been dead for a while now. He was married to my father's sister Rozalia. Right now there is a Jozef Sakowski living there, adopted son.

Best regards. I will appreciate more info about Sakowski in Kierzek as well.
Ron of Kurpie 1 | 4
29 Jul 2008 #26
Very interesting post. My family begins with Walenty Sakowski born in Kierzek about 1855. He married Rozalia Pijanowska from Gleba. Children were: Walenty, Jan, Stanislaw and Jozef; Elenora and Mary Anna. I know that in 1888 there was a Walenty born in Chudek son of another Walenty Sakowski. Also in 1893 a Jozef Franczyszek Sakowski was born in Chudek. I know that the Jozef Sakowski in Kierzek is adopted but do you know more about this family. Was his father living in Gleba? What was his father's first name and the names of grandparents. This is very important information for me. I need your help. Ron Sakowski.
31 Jul 2008 #27
Hello Ron.

I am a bit confused and I did not had time to check all the info regarding my uncle Sakowski.

Jozef is indeed adopted, Yes his family were living in Gleba. His parents name were Jozef & Stanislawa Tomczak. Jozef's Tomczak Parents were Walenty & Maria Tomczak. Maria was form Laska family.

The Tomczak family were living in Gleba.

I must check uncle Sakowski first name and will show up again.

You can get in touch via sm7yea@gmail It will be faster.

Did you were in Kierzek ? Did you talked to Jozef Sakowski ? Do you know the name of his taken father's name ?

13 Aug 2008 #28
Hello Ron.
I have confirmed with my mother and the name of my uncle was Stanislaw Sakowski.

How many Sakowski has been living in Kierzek ?

Can it be that Your Old, old, grand father has been father to my uncle Stanislaw Sakowski ?
If so it is very nice coincidence.

Kaczor Duck 2 | 95
24 Aug 2008 #29
Czesc Piotrek,

I need to look at the family info Ron sent to us, to see where they all fit. I am not sure I can follow your line. But I have sent you a personal email.

dariusz 1 | 13
25 Feb 2009 #30
I don't know if this helps but I know a Gus Szymanski in Yonkers NY

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