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2 Jul 2012
Polonia / Poland to Ukraine-will I need any kind of visa to go there? [9]

Merged: Do i need a visa to Ukraine?

I have a karta pobytu and was thinking of visiting my friend in Ukraine. I am a non-EU resident but I don't want to waste my time going to the embassy and applying for a visa. So i was wondering if I can enter ukraine with my karta.

29 Dec 2011
Food / Polish sausages with chilli flakes inside? [6]

Are there any polish sausages which have chilli flakes inside? And are there any beef sausages available here(cause all i see is pork). Hot and spicy sausage? pork and sweet chilli? Pork and Chive? Italian? if so I live in Lodz. Can someone point out where I can buy them?
15 Jul 2011
News / Military power (Poland #21 in the world) [97]

They are all a bunch of fools. China, India....Neither of them can feed a large portion of the populations. But they maintain these huge militaries.

Thank god Poland has no such plans. Europe has no need for nuclear weapons...they have learnt that peace is more profitable.
20 Apr 2011
History / Why did communism in Poland fail? [180]

Ok, in my university (the university of Lodz) I study business management in english. I have one and only one professor who has any experience in the private sector. He worked for 30 years in the private sector and was very successful. His motto to finding a job is networking. Who do you know? and i think he is right. And i think that if you look closely enough you will find that there were people who rose through the ranks from the very bottom even in communism. Elites, no matter in which system always have an advantage. Here is an example of how it works in Poland. From the batch which graduated last year from my university, only two people managed to find jobs. Rest of the looked and couldnt find any. They went off to either finish their masters or to another country. Now the two who did get placed, their parents knew someone in Atlast and another company. It worked out for them. Didn't work out so well for the others.

Theoretically, this freedom of speech can lead to a new democratically elected party which can change your circumstance. Again something in the S.U. that wasn't possible.

Yes theoretically it can. And i believe that this is the only reason why the SU collapsed.


Nice contribution Raj_ryder.

Ha ha nah I just wanted to point out that not all state run institutions suck. The chinese institutions are doing reasonably well. But at the same time the government cannot be called successful just because it has a trade surplus.
20 Apr 2011
History / Why did communism in Poland fail? [180]

No private companies (technically next to none) and therefore no competition which led to poor services and no reason to work.

China seems to be doing reasonably well, wouldn't you say? Most of their businesses are state owned.

No incentives, did people study for years just to get paid the same as others who didn't? seems unfair to me.

I don't think it worked that way. In fact, today, even though I may have an MBA from a decent university, most probably the guy whose daddy is richer than mine and is better connected will get a better job. Is that fair?

The economy was completely fabricated i.e. had no basis in reality.

Hahaha come one Sean, after what has happened over the last three years or so, I believe most western economies are fabricated.

it didn't allow people freedoms such as of individuality, expression, political criticism, religion and pursuit of personal gain.

And that is the point. Its not even about the freedom of expression. Its about the idea. Even though, I as a citizen in a democracy, may not change or influence the decision of my government, I have the freedom to talk about it. People in the SU and modern day china don't. That makes the system unsustainable over a period of time. But what I find most laughable, is that despite the fact that I have this freedom, it does me very little good. It's just rhetoric. But somehow the idea is more important than the how it actually works.

I base it on trade deficits. It works for the Chinese.

Does it really? considering the wealth distribution sucks? Just because a government has a **** load of money, does it make it a successful country?

Chinese have not been shielded from America.

They actually have to a large extent. I have some chinese friends in my Uni and the stuff they sometimes learn in school about the west is just put it mildly, it's funny.

China is an unusual story. Their huge growth rate and high GDP is nothin surprising though. Considering the size of their population, I'd say it was expected. The China that we have become familiar with is very new China. I think we need to give it time before passing a judgement on it. Once the basics requirements of human beings (food, shelter, clothing, etc.) is fulfilled, then only does a population rise up for the more intangible rights. Till that time comes, and it will take a long time yet, I'd say it would be foolish to judge their success.
21 Mar 2011
UK, Ireland / Business process outsourcing in the UK. [14]

How? I thought that they did it so well that it became their pride?

Yes because the government decided to invest huge amounts of money into the infrastructure required to meet the IT boom. They took the moey out from the agricultural sector(which most poor people are dependent on). This increased the disparity in wealth even more.

What is criminal in having millionaires?

Wouldn't you say its criminal when one man has enough wealth to feed 10% of the population but the government taxes him less than they tax me?

Anyways, you are an Indian? What makes you come to Poland :) ... I am a native of Lodz by the way, so welcome!

I ve been in Poland for quite a while now andd yeah I live in Lodz. It's nice...Would love to live in Krakow though.

am a native of Lodz by the way, so welcome!

Im not exactly new here...joined the website two years ago but after sometime I stopped posting. Its really a waste of time. tooo many idiots in the forum for my taste. they dont really talk about Poland anyway. Im just bored this evening so I thought i might pop in.
21 Mar 2011
UK, Ireland / Business process outsourcing in the UK. [14]

However, not for long because in India I was informed that wages were rising as a rate of 12.9% ... which is the highest in the world (with China at around 9%).

Yeah everytime the government releases a statistic like that, i have a laugh. I don't even know how they manage to calculate that considering 30% of the people live below a dollar a day and huge majority don't declare their incomes to the government.

They also have their domestic economy getting very strong.

You've hit the nail on the head. That is India's biggest advantage.

Plus their software exports are increasing so rapidly, that they might take the front seat in that, which would mean that they will not only export but invent softwares.

They do that even now.

Right now they take orders to create custom made softwares, they are one of the biggest I heard. Its cheaper, reliable and very efficient industry booming in there.

It was certainly booming but now it has stabilized. Have you heard of Bangalore? But in some ways(and ofcourse this is my opinion) the IT sector has screwed up the Indian economy.

However, due to their big poor class (mainly in the villages) ... they are still going to have a low GDP per capita.

True for every BRIC country. Wealth distribution sucks. India is a perfect example of a dysfunctional government and society. Would you belive that we have the highest number of millionaires in the world just after the States? It's criminal to be honest.

Now looking at Poland from there, we have less workforce (obviously), but we have the infrastructure to cater the needs of the western firms.

In my opinion, what Poland really needs are more entrepreneurs ans SME's.
21 Mar 2011
UK, Ireland / Business process outsourcing in the UK. [14]

How often is simple office work outsourced to low cost countries by British companies ?

Very often.

Usually India I assume... ?

Not just India but almost every country in south east asia.

How much does it cost in comparision with Western Europe ?

If I am not mistaken, i think the minimum wage in lets say germany would be around 6-8 euros/hour. I'd pay an Indian something along the same lines for eight hours. Which would mean that it costs 1/8th of the minimum wage which you would pay somebody to work for 8 eight hours in Europe.

Is there anything wrong with the way they do it ?

Well a lot of people crib about it and call it exploitation. I just call it globalization

Lower costs than in the west of course but on the other hand India must be several times cheaper than Poland.

Not really. For instance, in Lodz where i live infosys(which is an indian company) has a back office for accounting. The people who work there are paid something like 2500 zl net( i have a friend who works there). A person who has experience in accounting in India would charge more. Call centers in India employ those people who speak reasonable english but don't have any other skills. Management jobs in India are quite highly paid. Accounting is in great demand as are programmers and SAP specialists. They are expensive as well.

I heard time zone is a problem but wouldn't they do night shifts for a bit more (still very little) money there ?

They do night shifts as it is. For example, if someone works on a US based process, the difference leaves no choice but to work at nights.
31 Jan 2011
News / Poland goes bankrupt? [110]

In the next 20 years, Chinese GDP will cross that of USA ...

Hardly surprising considering the population of China is nearly 4 times that of the USA. Despite being such a large economy, people in the BRIC countries will still be dirt poor as compared to the west. A large economy has little to do with Per capita income or living standards, both of which will be better in the west for atleast another 60 years. To top it all, the system in China will need to undergo change or we'll see something like a solidarity movement but way more bloodier considering how vast and diverse China is. China's future, though bright, is rocky as well. Something which people forget these days considering everybody is buusy bashing the West.

In anyways, I would like the Poles to always have better relations with the Chinese.

That would be nice.
12 Jan 2011
Life / I got beaten and kicks in my face just cuz i dont look polish [205]

Over and over, on PF every foreigner has the same story...except me. I have lived here for more than a year and a half now and I have been mugged once and that too for money and the fault was mine. I live in łodz and decided to go for a walk on wschodnia. Mistake. To be honest, Poland is far safer than most of the larger cities in Western Europe. And the few odd looks and funny comments one encounters...well that is everywhere. So poland is no exception. The real problems for foreigners in Poland is not racism, it's the governmental bureaucracy. Racists can be found everywhere.
27 Nov 2010
Work / Information about jobs for Indian students in Poland [286]

Your India is great then Poland.

Youre a strange one...You come here. you use Polish infrastructure. You accept the hospitality of the local people. And then you come up with a statement which reeks of stupidity.

20 Oct 2010
Love / Polish girls fall for Indian guys ? [217]

*** I like Poland.

You are an idiot. You have never even been here and you start making accusations against a whole population. It's better if you stay where you are and never move somewhere else because you obviously cannot handle change and you have serious issues man. Get some professional help.

Come on people. One does not draw conclusions about an entire country based on what a fool said on some forum. Responding to his comments is a waste of time. But then so is responding to Jarnowa's comments. And who really gives a ****? I have seen plenty of Polish women with a bunch of guys from different nationalities and why should we even care? If they are happy and they don't create trouble for me, why should I be bothered. As for this thread, I would never even respond had this fool not mentioned me. It is by far one of the most ridiculous threads I have ever come across.
19 Oct 2010
Life / Foreigners in Poland and what they think of us [54]

i agree that more Poles should speak English, but on the other hand - we should lean a language of a country which hosts us... that's what i think...

And I agree completely. It's just rude to not speak Polish and I think you will learn nothing about Poland if you don't speak the language.

it's hard to communicate in France... French, even they speak English well, refuse to use it and i did struggle with my French to get something out of them...

Well the French are...complicated. Not in a good way.
19 Oct 2010
Life / Foreigners in Poland and what they think of us [54]

yeah... and those people are in PL a few years already! learn languages, for F* sake! lol

True and I tell this to every foreigner who I come across. I have been in Poland for more than a year now and I learn a bit of Polish everyday. Though still not fluent, I am getting there.

On the other hand, English is an international language and you do expect everyone to speak it to a certain degree.
I like Poland. I have never had problems here and I find the people to be quite hospitable. Don't really enjoy the food so much though. But the vodka is...the is no comparison.

I was in Germany a couple of times and despite the fact that it is a richer country, Poland for me is a more comfortable place to live in. Maybe because it is cheaper. People are different as well.

Poles are more open and hospitable. Ask a German the time and he'll say, "four-thirty". Ask a Pole, and you'll get the time of the day, temperature, humidity and a smile(unless he is one of the older grumpier and slightly drunk Pole).
5 Oct 2010
Life / Disco Polo - No No No No No! [96]

Ahhh come on...How can a Polish Wedding be as much fun without Disco Polo? I've been to a wedding a coupla times and damn! once you get a little drunk, that music rocks...

But seriously...can Lady Pank be considered Disco Polo? I like it even when I am not drunk...
2 Oct 2010
Life / Vasectomy in Poland is illegal? Why? [119]

Vasectomy costs 2000 PLN - they say it's all-inclusive price

Thats GREAT!!...but wait...

- not younger than 35
- have children

Well im about 15 years younger than that and nopes I don't have any children...well atkeast not that I know off. :-)

It's cheaper to go to prison :)

Probably easier to survive there than with a kid...Ok ill think about it.

It's a catholic thing. After the man has 'done his duty', responsibility lies with the woman, kinda like who left the top off the peanut butter... whoever had it last!

What on earth is that supposed to mean?

"The world might be a better place if certain individuals with certain traits got vasectomies."

The world would be better if my blood dies with me...

Oh and by the way, a vasectomy(not reversible vasectomy) can still be reversed with upto 90% success rates.

Then why is it illegal/frowned upon? I am not gonna be "barren" (is that word suitable for guys?) forever.
2 Oct 2010
Life / Vasectomy in Poland is illegal? Why? [119]

so there are pills with 90-somethin% of reliability ;)

For men? never heard of that.

But it seems it is not illegal. It's just not regulated.

Most people i talked to said that the doctors are made to swear an oath that they will not performs abortions and vasectomies.
2 Oct 2010
Life / Vasectomy in Poland is illegal? Why? [119]

It's their body and their life, not the state's...

Thank you, my point exactly.

Doctors in Poland are reluctant to make such procedures so that there is the common opinion it's illegal.

Which is dumb. Since people are doing it make it legal and make it safer.
2 Oct 2010
Life / Vasectomy in Poland is illegal? Why? [119]

because it might be irreversible

From what i know it is reversible.

And you are not allowed to make yourself harm even on your own demand.

Umm not sure what you mean exactly but again from what I know, it is painless. (ok maybe a little painfull but only for a day or two).

Why would anyone want to have themselves surgically mutilated (vasectomised) for the sake of debauchery with impunity

It's not about debauchery. If i don't want to have a kid isn't that my right?

And going through life without progeny is a poor excuse for life indeed.

Whatever floats your boat. :-)

Vastectomy is rather not reversible so you possible can change your mind and what then?

Well for one it is reversible and secondly what if I really don't care to have children?
What if some one is forty years old and well set and doesn't want children? Should he be denied?

Now I want to have a vasectomy as does another Polish friend of mine. Don't really know what to do...
2 Oct 2010
Life / Vasectomy in Poland is illegal? Why? [119]

Ok I can deal with the fact that abortions can make one morally squeamish. Poland is after all a more traditional country than it's western neighbors. But condoms are not illegal and nor are other birth control methods so why is vasectomy illegal? I have been toying with the idea of getting one...But i don't think i wanna land up in prison. Rather have a ****** kid.
1 Oct 2010
Food / No Vernor's ginger ale in Poland? [29]

but no pubs in Poland serve whiskey which was disappointing

Are you sure you went to a decent pub? I mean, as far as I have seen, almost every bar in Poland will serve you Jameson or JD. And its not very expensive either. I think JAmeson is like 11-13 zl for 40ml.
6 Jul 2010
Life / The central role of The Polish Balcony in Polish life :) [7]

Funny...I live in łódz and all I can see is łódz fabrycna and a bunch of rotting buildings...But i have two hot women lving next door...and I can see them when I go out to smoke...So yeah better to have a balcony than not!