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18 Feb 2009
History / Can anyone from Poland tell me about Auschwitz and The Ghetto? [530]

From a polish perspective what did you what did you learn about in school about The ghetto's and The Jewish camps in Poland since 1938.

Particulary Auschwitz.
Im really interested in history, and I was wondering if anyone actually from Poland tell me about what they learnt about these subjects?
26 Jan 2009
Love / What do Polish guys think of Irish girls? [187]

All I asked wa question about polish people and I rish people and people are on her speaking about the civil rights movement, Home Rule from The british history etc.

I onlt asked A simple question, but Yes I do agree aboutEnglish girls, they do present themselves as a little cheap somtimes, but that really only in some areas of the big cities maybe. I don't know.

Personally I hink the Bits where actually quite harsh on the Polish from what I heard of it, I might be very wrong, but personally I think Polish people are lovely, there are two Polish girls at my school and thier both really sweet ^.^

I spent the weekend beore last with some Polish people and thier really lovely. I think I get on with them better than most Irish people, thier more mature and grown up. Irish guys and most girls seem obnoxious to me, but I don't think I have yet so far met a Polish (or any forieghn national to be honest) that wasn't really nice and friendly. I myself was born in Salzburg but I still get jelous of the eastern europeans because they are truthfully waaaay better looking than most of the Irish! I don't look Irish but I don't feel eastern european or anything because I have been absorbed into this culture so long.
17 Jan 2009
Love / What do Polish guys think of Irish girls? [187]

Well although I was aking about about Polish Guys and Irish girls, Im not actually Irish, I moved here from Salzburg 4 years ago. And I think some Irish girls are 10x prettier than Polish girls. But ath the same time I have seen some Polish girls that are really pretty and I have seen Irish girls who are really pretty, when I was in Austria it was the same and many other places.
12 Jan 2009
Love / What do Polish guys think of Irish girls? [187]

I was listening to my friends today and they had a huge debate about this.
Some of them said that they think we are Ugly and loud, another said they think thier hot and another said they don't really care, Im more likely to go with the third one but I was thinking about and I got curious?