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14 Jan 2009
News / Is NORD STREAM dangerous for Poland's natural enviroment? [372]

i actually agree that the nordstream is a good idea,
If not for anything else, it will cut out the middle man, bring down overall gas prices as noone will be paid transit fee's,

It is not russias fault that the ukraine cannot pay for the gas they need,
Just imagine if they had to pay what the rest of europe pay,
Ukraine enjoyd the free ride they got from russia, and when they wanted the full transit price russia said fine, pay the full price of the gas, from what i understand of it....

Now it was fine for the ukraine to ask for the full price of the transit tarrifs,
Nothing has been said about that,
But when russia retaliated everyone had something to say.

Ukraine needss to pay for the gas pure and simple,
Yes russia was in the wrong cutting gas off so quick,
But the ukraine shouldnt have(suposidly) stolen gas, and they should have paid what was asked of them.
5 Jan 2009
Food / Polish food in Pictures. [277]

Munchied officaly, tho i have never tried polish food, not big on vegg