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5 Jan 2009
History / Poles and Russians -- love-hate relationship? [209]


On the whole I don't know what's difference between us apart from colors of our passports.

I see many differences and many smiliarities but one thing is sure... Poles are not Russians.

Pan Prince, I agree with you, but I believe he ment by this the Ukrainians, not Poles.
5 Jan 2009
History / Poles and Russians -- love-hate relationship? [209]

Dziekuje i spasiba for answering my question Sasha i jwocie.

Then again, question to Poles and Russians (and Ukrainians) (and why not to any other Slavs, but I try to keep this in shape): Would you say that you are 'brother' or 'cousin' nations with each other (for example the ancient Slavic story about the three brothers "Lech, Czech i Rus" is known _at least_ in Poland and Czech Rp., different version also at least in Croatia)? (Even if it means brothers or counsins who argue).

And do feel brothers with Ukrainians (obvious Russian influense combined with historical Polish influense) ?

Edit: Also the story about Baba Yaga is widely known in Slavic speaking world.
4 Jan 2009
History / Poles and Russians -- love-hate relationship? [209]


I have been wondering about this question, and this seems a good way to ask number of Poles at the same time.

How would you say that do (or do not) Polish people in general feel _some_ similarity in cultural way with Russian people (in different way than you do feel similarity with some Western peoples)?

I ask this because of my interest towards ex-Eastern Europe, and cause I have notices similarities in manners and daily/social culture of Polish and Russian people (for examples: the old habit of hand-kissing of women for hello, everyone is given nicknames (po polsku: Maciej->Maciek, po rosku: Alexandr->Sasha etc. etc.), people celebrate the day of their firstnames (imieny?) in both countries, also in language there is lot of similarities (but maybe this is another subject as I have understood that the Slavic language families are the most closest to each other).

In this post I don't want to go to the conflict side (at least not at the beginning).

So please tell me what do you think. Prosze.