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20 Jan 2009
Life / If I could introduce something from my country into Poland, I would.... [175]

I would introduce.....

Better Roads
The art of queuing!
Top Quality steaks
Stella Artois.. aka wife beater!
Fish and Chips Bar..aka chippy
A decent (reasonably priced!) Curry house!!!!
The police!!!
The no smoking ban!!!!!
Sky Sports 1,2 & 3!
My piss head mates!

Just to name a few....what do you guys miss?
20 Jan 2009
Life / If I could introduce something from my country into Poland, I would.... [175]

GoDfaTheR420: A decent (reasonably priced!) Curry house!!!!

GoDfaTheR420: My piss head mates!

GoDfaTheR420: Fish and Chips Bar..aka chippy

As for the above, don't you think you're trying a little bit too hard to sound all "Brit abroad"!

LOL...i am a Brit abroad!!!...whats wrong with craving the things you love!!..I have adopted as much as possible...I have almost lost my liver etc!!...but I love the things I love...and I love being a Brit in Poland!

I disagree with the Stella comment!...Loved in Belgium!!!...aint that in Europe?!

paying top price for a a great restaurant....with great atmosphere..only to have it ruined by some 'idiotic' muppet smoking sucks!

Steaks superior to England...lmao....where oh where do you eat steaks...please tell me!!...the steaks here are a light pinkish colour...once you grill them they turn grey and taste of stale water!

The police don't fuck about!...yeah cos they haven't the intelligence...they act like cavemen!
20 Jan 2009
Life / If I could introduce something from my country into Poland, I would.... [175]

GoDfaTheR420: The police don't fuck about!...yeah cos they haven't the intelligence...they act like cavemen!

LOL - been kicked about have we??? you probably deserved it, I found the Police and the Security in Poland to be quite wonderful and I quite liked the way they dealt with people in a swift no nonsense manner :)

Ok ok...all the other comments are fair and well stated...but being deserved to kicked about...get a grip man...NO ONe...especially me deserves a good kicking from the Police...(btw it's never happened to me!) I'm a relaxed, helpful, and respectful i'm a teacher ( qualified btw...getting a bit annoyed with non qualified NATIVE speakers!!)

I am a steak expert!!..i really am....whilst travelling for the last 10 years I have worked in my fair share of steak houses!...From Angus steaks to Paddy steaks...i know them all...and from my experinece the steks here...are...well not steaks!

anyway....The Police..and the derserved beating comment hurt a tad!...ah well i'll get over it..true Brit style!
20 Jan 2009
Life / If I could introduce something from my country into Poland, I would.... [175]

You can love this country with all your still don't mean that it couldn't be improved in some little way...

I love it here....but a few lil home treats will simply make me love it more....Bistro Gravy and yorkshire puddings for example!....oh and stella....did I mention that already!
20 Jan 2009
Life / If I could introduce something from my country into Poland, I would.... [175]

here are lots in Warsaw. Arti, Namaste, Ganesh, Arti Clay oven, new Arti opening soon.

I have been to a couple ....I think they are waaay over priced.....the nan breads are well not authentic....the onion bhagi's are onion rings!!...and nooooooooooo lamb!

but imma sure look out for the decent steaks.....

the trains run at a 79% on time rate....not bad...but not you can't take the train to the local carrefour!!

lol at cheap skate!...I had sky installed last week..thank god!

The local beverly hills had no recent movies...dvd's were in terrible condition

the so called art of queuing here is to get to the front as quickly as possible, trample on whoever...and be as selfish as possible!

These are just minor things.....overall great country...with huge potential!
21 Jan 2009
Life / If I could introduce something from my country into Poland, I would.... [175]

No I can't do that ...I promised my stunning girlfriend I would give it a go here.

Sure I could take the cowards way out and return to England..I have a house family...friends..and all the above mentioned!...

But i actually do like and somewhat love this country!....In my 1st terrifying week i was invited to various grills....a wedding.....and to a football party...which actually was terrifying once Germany scored their 1st goal!

I only started this thread as a bit of I was feeling a lil homesick....its totally natural to want..or need things from back don't mean I have to go back!

Also...the amount of 'Polish Skleps'....or 'Polish Restaurants' in England...especially in Bournemouth proves that Poles also miss home...need a reminder of home...and like what they like! a club in Bournemouth i organized a 'Polish Party'...for Polish people...(my girlfriend made me do it!) during research I asked Polish people what they would like.......Polish Vodka...Polish music.....Polish food....POLISH PEOPLE!!!...They like I missed home...a lil reminder of home is natural.

The party was a great success...even for the 300 people who were unfortunately left outside due to the club being full to capacity!....oh btw...thank god for the Polish and their drinking culture!! I was on 10% bar sales commission I made a killing!
16 Feb 2009
Law / Opening a Polish Bank Account by a foreigner in Poland. Recommendations. [299]

Thread attached on merging:
The Best Bank for Ex-Pats

Hi Guys...

Ok I have been with Bank Pekao SA for the last 5 months......and I've had enough...way too many problems to list here...but for example

Crap customer service...
Terrible internet service
6zl charge for taking money out of other cash machines..
No Call backs
7 days to recieve money from my English bank account
A crappy ''meastro'' debit card which is hardly accepted on line

I make pretty good money...better than I did in England...I brought a bit of my savings over due to the weak Zloty (Advice from an English accountant)...yet they bank don't seem to give a shit...£40,000!!! ......if as expected the Zloty goes back up I should make enough for a new car!

So..I'm changing.....I will choose the bank recommended most on here...If I can't trust you guys who can I trust!


I meant to post this in the Life in Poland section!!...damn...I'm sure a kind mod will move it for me!...cheers
18 Feb 2009
Life / If I could introduce something from my country into Poland, I would.... [175]

Sunday roast dinner!!

I never thought i would say this....but i've really been missing a good roast beef with yorkshire puddings!!!......and real gravy!

I'm getting used to polish food.....

my hunt for top steaks goes on! far i have tried th followin places:

Sphinx ...4/10
Champions ....7/10
Hard Rock Cafe 6/10
London steak house....3/10

I will not give up.....i will find a great steak here even if i have to import my own cow!!!
20 Feb 2009
Genealogy / Why Polish aren't white?? [272]

ummm....does it actually matter!?!?

Being classed as white isn't all its cracked up to be!

Being classed as Polish/Russian or non-whites isn't the end of the world!

I'm a British Asian ( white Mother/ non white Father!!!) so I'm classed as what!!!....seriously i couldn't care less!!!

move on dude...America is huuuuuuge and there are way more important things to do there than worry about colour!!!....I spent 3 years there and the subject of colour never ever came up!!!

ps...I've been here for 1 year now....i have seen blue eyed, blond polish people...i have seen polish people darker than me!!!...what gives!

pps took the day of work today.....ate waaaaaaay too many dougnuts yesterday!!...strange tradition...why...who...when was this started!
25 Mar 2009
Life / Good place to live in Poland (if you want to move on)? [66]

I have been all over the top 2 places to live would be:

1.Enlgand (palce of birth)
2. South of Spain (lifestyle is better than anywhere in the world!)
3. Poland...(no 2 days have ever been the same!)....well except when I was arrested and kept in jail for 2 days for having a ''Fake British Passport!!''!...stupid police!
25 Mar 2009
Life / British sky satellite TV in Poland [87]

BBCi (including Match of the Day!!) will be available to license paying Brits ,who are abroad, via the internet. You must declare your IP address and sign some copyright/privacy crap! oh and prove you have paid for the license!!

looking forward to it!
29 Apr 2009
Life / Why is cheating at schools in Poland accepted?! [155]

Why oh why is cheating accepted in schools??

I'm a teacher here...and some of the things I have seen have shocked me beyond allowing students to go on a ''toilet break'' ....then following the student and passing on the answers!!!

My wife does ALL her younger brothers homework for him...not help...but actually completes the exercises!!!!!....and says its usual!!!

You can ''pay'' for better exam results!

Even private students that I teach cheat....they actuall pay for lessons....and CHEAT!!!

I have seen many threads on to improve Poland etc...well start by stopping the cheating culture~!
30 Apr 2009
Life / Why is cheating at schools in Poland accepted?! [155]

That's their choice to do so. If it makes them feel good, great - it's entirely their choice if they want to cheat or not. Certainly as paying customers, they have the right to cheat if they so want.

What you or I think about people cheating in private situations is neither here nor there - it's entirely a matter for the individual.

''If it makes them feel good then great???''....are you having a laugh!..Whats great about cheating!

These same people GET qualifications...these same people GET jobs due to these qualifications...these same people are usually the incompetent people that we all often complain about on here!...Sometimes I look at a doctor and ''man!.. are you a real doctor ...or did you cheat at medical school!''....some of these people even become teachers...and so the cheating culture goes round and round!!!......''they are paying cutomers and have the right to cheat![/b]''...oh give me a you really want this country to be based on and around cheaters!..I think not!

And what you and I think does matter....teaching is a privilege and an honour...private school or not...its not acceptable!...The individual could be the next President.....Poland has enough problems with the current one...hmmm wonder why!

Hey delphiandomine please go ahead and bury your head in the sand...but in my remaining 2 years I'll be damned if I don't try and change this!

I have a lesson now..but I'll be back with more examples...I will not...cannot let this rest!

You foster a cheating culture with kids certainly it carries over into adulthood with corruption and bribes.

Absolutely agree!

What are you doing here is creating another ugly myth about Poland, please don't do that.

This is not a myth....its happens..take off your blinkers!!...and I WILL bring it up until the problem is under control!!

''Cheating isn't accepted in Poland! Please, don't make such unfair generalizations - you are implying some „cheating culture” and trying to explain it, there is no such thing as „cheating culture” in Poland. It's true that some students try to cheat, but no more than 5-15%''

^^ Nonsense...I'm sorry if this hurts but it IS part of Polish culture....Football..Politics...Construction....Government Benefits etc! ....but Cheating in schools is the worse..,....the cycle will never stop unless you stop it at the source..Polish schools!

As for 5-15% ....try 50-65% and you will be nearer the correct number ( source British Council Warsaw)
30 Apr 2009
Life / Why is cheating at schools in Poland accepted?! [155]

copying asnwers in tiny tiny writing onto a tiny strip of paper and inserting into a biro, writing on leg under skirt,

Hey thats nothing....the ''NEW FCE'' exam was being distributed outside the British Council Warsaw the day BEFORE the actual exam for 100zl!!!...this is being investigated as i type by the ''Never cheat'' police!

The exam was taken a day before in Columbia, South America...and some clever sod faxed it over to Poland and made a killing!
30 Apr 2009
Life / Why is cheating at schools in Poland accepted?! [155]

Perhaps you should live here for a lot longer before trying to change the way of living.

If I waited and lived here longer before I tried to change things then maybe I'll develop your defeatest attitude.

By the way I'm not and ex-pat!!..I still have my British Passport! ...Who still gets his full English Breakfast, which is very much enjoyed by my wifes family, every Saturday before the football!!..

So what if I have the attitude of a Brit!...I'm sure there was a topic on here like ''Poland wake up to a multi-cultural world!!''

Cheating is deeply ingrained in the national identity. For better or for worse, it's accepted in Poland and while Western/Northern Europeans might see it as alien and strange and unacceptable - it's perfectly fine for the Poles. Leave them to it - it's their culture, not ours.

Ever heard of change!!...maybe Polish people want change!...maybe they just need a little push!...Hey if women thought like you then they still wouldn't have any rights!

A privilege and an honour? Are you living in cloud cuckoo land? Given the lack of job security and poor working conditions in many schools, it's certainly not an honour or a privilege. Even if you view it as that - you should be looking at why people are paying your wages. They're paying you to keep students happy - and if they have to cheat to be happy, then it's not an issue.

What the hell has any of that got to with it!!...Have you ever heard of Morals! I didn't study 5 years to be a sell out!!

You really don't get it, do you? Private education in a language school is a business, not a vocation.

Business or not...teachers still have a responsibility to TEACH!!! How do you not get that!?

Actually, this is where your ignorance is shining through. It's actually arguable that as many teachers coming through nowadays tried all the different ways to cheat, then it's much harder for the children to cheat in school

Actually, this is where your ignorance is shining through!!...these teachers are proffesional ''cheaters!'' ...they actually make cheating easier for the children!..I know ..I have seen them do it!...They know what to do....and how to do it. The worst thing is how blatant it if they have no regard or understanding of the damage they are doing!

How do you do this, bearing in mind that you don't speak the language? I'd be very careful before slandering the medical profession in Poland, given that they often do an excellent job with a lack of resources. Or are you judging them on the basis that they don't speak English, like so many stereotypical ex-pats?

I left this till last....go to hell..I know a lot more Polish than I let on...( I have my reasons!)..but I never judge or stereotype people!

The people I'm talking about are the people who work in everyday jobs...banks...government offices...police...hospitals.....I have seen a level of incompetence that I do come usually come across....I only asked the question that if cheating is accepted then incompetence may also be part and parcel of the culture.....again I'm not an ex pat!..

Hey I'm getting my dual passport soon...still no an ex pat!!!......If i lived in Poland 200 years I'm an individual and so are my stop stereotyping me!!
29 Dec 2009
Law / Settting up ''self-employed'' status in Poland [9]

Can anyone direct me to website (English) that could give me information on how to become self-employed here in Poland. Im a British is it even possible?!?

Cheers guys

Happy New Year