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1 May 2010
Genealogy / What are common Polish character traits? [396]

They complain about any tiny little thing!!!! All day long complain!!!!

That's because women complain.

From the mouth of Chris Rock NOT ME...

You could **** a woman with a dimond dick make her come ten times and she will still find something to complain about...

Why you made me come so hard ??? :(

My Mother's a stubborn complaining Polish *****.

I'm 100% Polish.

Oh and were cheap. Giving but Cheap to ourselves like a bunch of loosers cuz we never make enough money or maybe that's everyone? Or maybe just me ?
2 Aug 2009
News / What's the stupidest question asked about Poland? [414]

when I was in NY, one guy asked me where I came from. I said, from Poland, and he looked very confused, so I asked him: do you know where it is?? and then I heard the most stupid answer ever:
- I'm not sure but I think it's an island near by Australia...

defenetly the most stupid thing about Poland, Ive ever heard

lol people ask me what language do we speak in Poland all the time. and is it like russian.
regular stuff.
and sometimes I get the did Polish people really charge tanks with horses and swords ?
24 Jul 2009

I butt big lips rich dad rich mom cute, funny smells good, not cheap, knows how to appreciate something worth something.

Brown skin Chinese are out but in the rare occasion I might take her.
20 Jul 2009
Life / Why Do You Love Poland? [867]

I love Poland because it has been cast down so many times and still stood up , our culture survived! we moved forward! stood stronger than ever! gave many contribution!



and most of all because...
Our ancestors sacrificed their lives and many more things to give us life today. I would hate to upset them in their graves. When you ask yourself are my ancestor proud of me ? I say not yet. Because one day i will be in their spot. You will all hear my music, in some time and remember me as the patriot I am.

That's why I love Poland because it loves me.
20 Apr 2009
Life / What is the reason for POLISH jokes ? [486]

The reason for Polish Jokes is because Poles continue to validate them.

When someone tells me a Polish joke I assume they're trying to make fun of me so I point out the fact that they are much dumber than me.

For example couldn't pass high school , didn't get into college their mom is a drug addict their father cheats on his wife mom etc.

Nobody walks on my Culture

I usually don't acknowledge that anything was said which I advise you to do also.

They will eventually realize that it takes a dumb Polak to actually laugh at a Dumb Polak joke.

I for one don't fall into that category.
14 Nov 2008
Life / 3 reasons why you hate Poland. [1010]

Poland is racist, many people here admit it. Why is the word jebane often used after uttering Russian, German, Jew or any black?

Us Scots are quite racist too. Attacks on Pakistanis and other groups show that.

My sir I believe Scotland might have a good point for this.

see if a nation is all open minded and allows people to enter without any discrimination, much people come to the nation who in fact ARE racist and intolerant and than wage war against the friendly Poles. This in turn really reflects negatively on the poor nation itself. Why in turn Poles should be somewhat racist, to be sure all those radical Muslims and vulgar blacks stay in their place and know who is BOSS.

Of course no disrespect to Regular blacks or Muslims. I said vulgar Muslims and blacks. If you get offended than you probably know who you are.