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19 Oct 2008
UK, Ireland / What do Polish people think about Wales and Welsh people? [191]

Cardiff is a beautiful city and near to some really nice scenery. Much nicer than Bristol.

St. Mary Street on the weekend is like a scene from Dante's Inferno.

Barry and Newport are a bit weird.

The valleys between Cardiff and the Brecon Beacons are full of cannibals and devil worshippers. Avoid, unless you want to be eaten by the undead.

Exhibit A -

Exhibit B -
24 Oct 2008

Better not smile at one then, in case they see my gold teeth.

This guy is ruined:
24 Oct 2008
Life / Polish mentality towards Pakistan [91]

You really don't want marauding hoards of Pakistanis' in Poland.

Pakistanis' and Indians' look very similar, but the cult of Islam has turned them into people that hate all things Christian.

Some of the more educated ones are ok on the surface.

And they will try and rip you off.

They create their own ghettos where whites are not welcome. 3 of the 4 London Suicide Bombers were from Pakistan. One of them had a SHRINE built in his home village after he and his Muslim chums killed 52 innocent commuters!!??

Islam. Just say no.
24 Oct 2008
Life / Drinking games in Poland [44]

The worst is the one with the Cigarette packet.

You have to throw it on the table...

On the top = 1 shot
On the side = 2 shots
On the front = 4 shots

25 Oct 2008
Love / Polish men are complete doormats (especially after they get married) [125]

No such a thing as strong women or men.

The English phrase is 'who wears the trousers'

If a guy lets any Woman walk all over him, she probably will. The reason being that a Man's job is to be in charge and take care of things. Being a 'doormat' in a relationship is a bad place to be in. The word 'cuckold' comes to mind.

Not that I would want a submissive wife. Hell! That is just boring.

My Dog hardly ever does what I tell him, and I love the devious swine to bits.

If you are in this position, just start saying 'No!' And drink more Beer. And watch football. Soon you will be the big boss man.
26 Oct 2008
Love / Are Polish Girls scared of English Guys [124]

Yesterday, 18:30 #30

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They hate Asians, looks askance at Africans and despise all Americans.

Well I m an asian and I managed every polish girl I liked on my bed in not more than few hours.

Rhoypnol or GHB?
10 Apr 2009
Love / What do Polish guys think of Irish girls? [187]

The Irish do great alcoholic drinks!

Some of the Women are very pretty, with many having green eyes and a lot of red heads.

Most of the ones I have met have been bats*it insane though.
18 Apr 2009
Love / What do Polish girls think about Gypsies? [116]

Romanians and Roma are two different things.

The Roma came out of India and can be found across Europe. Mostly busking, begging, and picking pockets.

Romanians probably don't like them that much either.