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29 Aug 2008
Love / Are Polish men romantic and caring or... "plain"? [85]

but they are more self absorbed...

I agree! The ones I met seemed to only care about themselves. He was a player and didn't care how he treated girls. Not very respectful...well to my face yea but would lie a lot. Say he would do something and not do it.

Seems to think he was wonderful..and made judgements on everyone else.
16 Aug 2008
Life / Calendar of Polish Name Days [36]

Thread attached on merging:

How do you find when its someone name day? Like is there a list of names and the dates when they are celebrated? if so how do i find it
4 Aug 2008
Love / Not used to dating a Polish man [28]

Hi! I met a polish guy that came to the US 6 yrs ago too! He seems like a not really sure. I think he gets a lot of girls numbers daily :(

Ur from New York State?