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26 Jan 2007
Genealogy / Do Polish people have big noses? [451]

hmm i've been told that too, not so much people asking me about my nose but my last name and being told ''all polish people have big noses'' blah blah. my nose is normal just like any other white person in america, just seems messed up since i broke it (got a bump in the middle :( ).

it seems people stereotype poles with it, but i notice they probably are thinking of jewish people. no offense to jews, stereotypes are not always true.
5 Feb 2007
Life / Is the word "Polack"rascist? [185]

no. If someone called me a polack i'd probably laugh it off, i don't really find it offensive but it depends on the person I guess.
25 Mar 2007
Genealogy / Why are some Polish people dark complected, and others very light [511]

P.S We tried sending blacks back to africa, Liberia the so called ''promise land'' but meh Africans didn't accept them either.

Whites don't owe anything to anyone, jose are you really a teacher? You like brain washing kids? No wonder so many whites have white guilt these days, its quite sad.

second most ''white peoples greedy ancestors'' immigarted to america after slavery and worked non stop to put food in their mouth and familys, its very disrespectful for you to talk about my race the way you do, we were not slave hungry greedy people, unlike you spaniards.
3 Apr 2007
Genealogy / Czajka name? And Poland questions. [25]

Hi, I was looking through some of my great grand dad's stuff and found his birth certificate. He was born in ''Rudki'': it says Russia, but from what I know he's polish. Was it a mistake on the certificate? I looked up Rudki on google map, its in Ukraine I but don't know how accurate this map is... So yeah I'm very confused lol.

Is Czajka a Polish last name also?

thank you :)