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29 Jun 2009
Genealogy / Mongolian the Golden Horde - do Poles have Mongolian ancestry? [255]

in 1409 Gelal al Din come to Poland from Crymean Peninsula with 6 tribes of Tatars. There was a political crisys in Crymean Khanat and they were oposition forced to leave thr country. So king of Poland has given them promision to live in Lithuania and they have startet to call them selfs "Lipkau Tataruar" - Lithunian Tartars. This name was quickly polonized to 'Lipkas" and Polish Tartars were callad just Likpas. Every one one tribe had to form one company of light cavalry under thier own commander -"uhlan". For examle the capitol's of Mongolia name is Uhlan Bator - "Red Hero". That commander should to be a noble man from the tribe, but those nobles who had no unit to command createt one extra company - "ulans company". And it was the begining of Polish ulans. They were loyal and brave. In XVII king Jan Kazimierz promoted most Tartar families to nobles. And most of them converted to Catholic Church.
14 Jun 2007
Life / Poles are not racist [773]

I think 95% of us are not racists.
But that 5% of morons are very laud, like in every other case like that.
I live in Poznan by student house, where live many students from Africa and China.
I never seen any unpleasent situation.

pozdrawiam :-)