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4 Jan 2011
USA, Canada / What should I bring back from the U.S. to Poland? [46]

What are the everyday things that are more expensive in Poland or just unavailable? When I am in Warsaw I think of many things I wish I had from the U.S. but now that I am here I am drawing a blank. Any ideas?
22 Apr 2010
Life / Poland doctors that can write pink prescriptions? Where can I find one? [5]

My Girlfriend from the UK takes a medication that requires a pink prescription in Poland. Only certain Doctors can write them, but no one I have spoken to knows where to find one. I have called several places, and asked at the apteka. very strange that no one knows.
22 Apr 2009
Food / How to find Halal Food in Poznan (Muslim food in Poland) [55]

I have always wondered how I could find Polish food in Iran. Do you have any ideas?

I don't know if you are trying to be sarcastic, but there is actually a Polish community in Iran. During WW2 Iran took in over 150,000 Polish refugees, some of whom stayed in Iran after the war. The are still Polish churches and restaurants in Tehran.

Iran at that time was an impoverished nation , most of it's oil wealth being taken by the British, but the Persian people saw fit to house, feed and clothe the Polish refugees. They even built special schools for the tens of thousands of orphans.

It's amazing in a country so aware of it's history that this chapter has been almost completely ignored. At least the Post Office didn't forget:
17 Jun 2008
Life / Gyms in Warsaw [44]

Thank you vaga_bond.
I have seen the one at the sheraton but it is very small and way over priced. Can you recommend any others close by?
14 Jun 2008
Life / Gyms in Warsaw [44]

Does anyone know the best gym near Trzech Krzyzy?