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7 Feb 2010
Work / Salary in Białystok (Master) on Informatics [4]

As a web developer/programmer (java). Please note though that I don't have much experience as I just graduated...

I see... well then it depends if you are gonna be more in Java or in typical web technologies ( PHP? XHTML etc ? )... Java programmers can have pretty good salary in Poland ..... up to 10 000 zl gross in Warsaw I think ( but this salary might be not so up to date because of the crisis etc )... also the same person who earn say 10k pln in Warsaw would get say 6k in Bialystok... or even less.

I've also heard some people ask the minimum salary.. is it true? If yes should I ask as well? (i'm not a god-like informatic but i don't feel like i'm at the bottom)

well... depends. I would say that 2000-2500zl gross is a minimum for IT (no matter where you live and what you do). and how much should you ask? I don't know what would be majority of your responsibilities? If you're going to live alone in Bialystok or you have already place to stay? Why Bialystok and not some other city? etc etc... but generally speaking... you should ask no less than 2,5-3k pln gross and no more than 4,5k pln gross.
6 Feb 2010
Work / Salary in Białystok (Master) on Informatics [4]

So... how many zloty should I ask (please also tell before or after taxes)?

What profession? In general in Bialystok salaries aren't high.... i would say that an average salaryin IT there would be somewhere around 4000 zl gross.
27 Oct 2009
Love / Are Polish girls forced to marry by their parents? [33]

If a woman is not married by 23 years of age, she is worried and becomes almost very desperate

I don't agree.... most of girls I know want to get married after they graduate... at age ~25.
11 Oct 2009
Life / Beggers namely Kurwa boys in Poland [70]

Never give anything... simple rule.

It's quite common - they ask for 1-2 zlotys, you show them your wallet and suddenly they ask for more or take your wallet and run away...
10 Oct 2009
Genealogy / Polish person's average height? [210]

By 'big' you mean 'fat'.

yes, you're right

Yeah, not as fat as the Americans, not yet ;)

and once again you're right... unfortunately.
3 Oct 2009
Work / In Warsaw moving to Lodz...thinking about part time jobs.. [10]

take a look here:

(use google translate), maybe sth like this:

(most probably you don't have to talk... :-)
26 Sep 2009
Love / Are all Polish men Psychos? [111]

ok, ok..... just consider also this scenario:

there are still some people out there who don't like to share their problems with everybody else... don't like to talk about their problems and prefer to resolve them by themselves.
19 Aug 2009
Life / Gyms in Warsaw [44]

is this possible?

it's possible on most of the gyms in Warsaw... i would be suprised if they wouldn't allow for that. On the other hand it often costs a lot! It's like a 30-40zl for training.
14 Aug 2009
Life / Gyms in Warsaw [44]

not, err maybe yes... I'm not sure what about this one in Ursynow but generally they have many gyms and most are for both males and females... as far as i know they have some only for females but on the other hand there is no one for males only :D
12 Aug 2009
Life / Gyms in Warsaw [44]

close to politechnika metro station
31 Jul 2009
Work / I'm interested in teaching in Poland and I need some help. [33]

there is more than 100 english schools in every city... first decide where you want to live and then we can talk ;> just keep in mind that now is summer break and most of courses in English schools starts in the beginning of the October ...

This is one of the most popular databases:
26 Jul 2009
Life / Bollywood in Poland [32]

Though Shah Rukh Khan is the craze among Polish youth

rotfl... never heard about her/him :D This is some bullsh*

btw. i think that Bollywood isn't popular in Poland at all. Most of us (young Poles) grown on American movies.
3 Feb 2009
Language / Word order and swearing in Polish [44]

this sentence in the middle is the strongest one i think (and the most grammatically correct) :

co ty kurwa robisz - what the fuck are you doing

the other two are also sometimes heard, but they may come from a guy who use kurwa (or fuck) in every other sentence... like.... fuck, i was at home and found nothing in the fridge, so i went to this fucking shop, met my fucking neighbor, fuck he is weirdo, and bought some food... :D maybe some other people would be able to explain it better :D What is the most important these sentences means almost the same thing...
3 Feb 2009
Language / Word order and swearing in Polish [44]

But there must be a difference if they are different sentences

the difference is more or less exactly the same as here:

fuck, what are you doing?
what the fuck are you doing?
what are you doing, fuck?
16 Nov 2008
News / What Poland can't do right [113]

Dou you want me to post some emails I recieved during the Euro 2008?

No... there are idiots all over the world. What can we do...?
16 Nov 2008
News / What Poland can't do right [113]

salaries.... at least when we talk about EU.


I read 'what poland has worse than other countries'... ,my mistake, sorry...