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12 Feb 2022
Language / Found this in stuff my folks left; appears to be a "drinking" song; [6]

interesting that you should make such an observation/comment; but, yes it did.......I have very fond memories of my family singing a great deal at our get togethers but the song that really "nails" me is Upływa szybko życie which was song by my aunts/uncles at the end of every party; even as i write this i get emotional listening to

however, the song that brought me to my knees was: as I approached Jasna Gora a few years back and I could hear one of the vendors playing Barka of which this has become my favorite rendition (

take care, and thanks
20 Feb 2016
Language / Google Translate - want know if the Polish pronunciations given are on an accurate level? [17]

Merged: how good is Google on line translation?

I am writing to relatives in Ciecina and would appreciate knowing if the on-line Google auto translation is any good? Below is a sample in the letter I am currently drafting.

I want you to know that your father and dear mother are often in my thoughts even though many years have passed since my wonderful and fulfilling visit to Poland.

Chcę, żebyś wiedział, że twój ojciec i matka są często drogie w moich myślach, chociaż wiele lat minęło od mojego wspaniałego i satysfakcjonującego pobytu w Polsce.

Thank you
2 Jun 2015
Life / "BIESIADA BEZ GRANIC" - can someone tell me what this is all about? Poland's songs video. [6]

I don't think I was clear in my initial posting. I found this great video and was impressed with the uplifting music and the enthusiastic audience participation. It appears to have an international flavor. Was this a special event such as a tribute .......or was it simply a musical variety show featuring various Polish entertainers?

BIESIADA BEZ GRANIC - III Gala Piosenki Biesiadnej cz. 3 (Pełna wersja 1998)

26 Jan 2014
Life / Help with Polish address - the correct way of putting that on an envelope? [29]

Merged: Is this the correct format for a Polish address please?

I am beginning the quest of making contact with family in Poland. I'm taking several paths one of which is to attempt written correspondence with those in Poland who have in the past (several years ago) sent letters to my grandmother. I'm trying to understand the return addresses on the envelopes. Does this appear to be a complete address? Is there an obvious way I can clarify the intended destination?

Janina Staszewska
Skulska Wies
Powiat Konin
Woj Poznan

23 Jan 2014
Life / Is stamp collecting popular in Poland? [2]

Is stamp collecting alive and well in Poland as a hobby or is it on a sharp decline (if it was ever popular) as it is in the USA?
19 Dec 2012
History / Questions regarding Barka [6]

I continue to find Barka to be a hymn that deeply affects me. While I've been able to find numerous presentations the one that I find most beautiful is found at:

Can anyone tell me the location and/or event shown in the video?

Also, is there any particular season or occassion during or at which Barka would be performed at a Sunday Mass?

Thanks you,

6 Nov 2012
Law / Zloty vs US Dollar for relatives in Poland? [7]

i could be wrong but i figure that if "someone" sent (as an example) $100 USD rather than the equivilent in Zloty the recipient could find a local conversion source to get more "bang for the buck" .
29 Jun 2012
Life / Music at Shrine of Our Lady of Czestochowa [5]

I have found it!! Thank you for your effort.

What I find most perplexing is that as I barely entered the grounds at Czestochowa there were many vendors--all of whom I ignored. However drifting in the background from one of the vendors was this tune that immediately took hold of me and actually caused me to stop in my steps and tears came to my eyes. I've never, ever been able to understand why.

I have now found the name of the melody to be Barka.....and this simple video once again sweeps me with emotion....................

I must get back to Czestochowa someday and unlock this mystery.

27 Jun 2012
Life / Music at Shrine of Our Lady of Czestochowa [5]

During my visit to Czestochowa there were vendors on the grounds outside of the Shrine. Some were playing music. There was being played a tune that was most "touching" since it stirred strong memories from my youth (long ago). On occasion the same hymn is played during the Polish Mass in a Catholic Church here in Dallas Tx.

I have been unsuccessful in my attempts to identify the name.

Would anyone care to suggest what the likely name of that hymn?
15 Sep 2011
Travel / Edith Piaf and her sculpture in Kielce, Poland? [6]

Boletus........I appreciate the response......tho' i have to admit it is a bit disappointing. I was hoping for a "connection" of interest between the great singer and beloved Poland.
15 Sep 2011
Travel / Edith Piaf and her sculpture in Kielce, Poland? [6]

I've longed enjoyed the songs of Edith Piaf and am now developing an interest in her biography. I've recently learned that there is a bust/sculpture of her in Kielce Poland. Does anyone know why?
25 Nov 2010
Life / Poland's National Anthem "Mazurek Dąbrowskiego" (download mp3) [49]

Merged: Poland's National Anthem - what does" Dabrowski from Italia's fair lanes" mean?

in the Polish National what does this phrase refer: "March, march Dabrowski from Italia's fair lanes"

thank you,

9 Mar 2009
USA, Canada / Any Poles in Texas! [61]

Howdy, I just wanted to jump on this thread to let folks know that in appreciation for all of the help Forum members have given me on translations I'd like to see if there is anyway i could help recent arrivals from Poland. I live in North Dallas area.

by the way for very good Polish food I highly recommend For You in Plano.