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29 Mar 2011
Law / Motorcycle Polish drivers license? [37]

Yes i called and they said the same. but do i need to give papper after 185 days or do i need to be there 185 days and then giving them the proof. it there somebody who can call and ask because the english is bad
29 Mar 2011
Law / Motorcycle Polish drivers license? [37]

Merged thread:
Question About Taking Driver Licence in Poland Legally


I Am thinking of taking my Motorcycle Driver Licence in Poland. I have B driver license. I am doing it in Poland because i can stay for free and i will go there under the summer. In my country it coast about 2500 USD. They questions i have are

- Where to get temporary 3 months Visa
- Do i Need a bank account
- Can i take driver licence with 3 months visa or do i need a social security number to
- Address can i live at my friend that have hired one or do i need to get one my own.
-Can i start directly after i get the temporary 3 months visa.
-Do i need to be there when i apply papers or can my friend apply them for me.

- Does the driving school give the Driving Exam or other authorities?
12 May 2008
Law / Polish EU Drivers Licence - can I get one the easy way (by paying for it)? [185]

Hellp i live in sweden and i want to buy Motorbike licence the licence with no limits on the sort of power the bike have. but i want i to be legal not from the black market. becaouse when u change it from polish to swedish the Police will check with the polish police if the have that person in ther register hwo have got the license. and one more thing do you do a driver test in polen or just answering questings. and do you have to live there or you can go over there in the summer and do it.