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30 Apr 2008
Australia / Polish Tutoring Options in Melbourne [77]

I am a native speaker, I can teach people on a practical basis - meaning that I can speak Polish with you and answer questions.

I live in Sth. Melbourne.
18 Apr 2008
Life / Hepatitis C in Poland...please help. [59]

I got it when a junkie stabbed me in the neck with a dirty needle.

anyway, the doctors at the hospital where I go to at the liver clinic said I can eat whatever I want and even take drugs, as long as I do not drink alcohol and my health will be the same in 10 years.

The worst thing you can do when you have hep c is drink alcohol, because alcohgol is like poison for your liver anyway.

the hospitals in Poland will definately not treat you for free, even in western europe they wouldnt do it for free. Because this is not life threatening in the short-term, and really you have 25% chance that your immune system will fight it off by itself. also you can just wait until your situation improves and then pay for treatment, but I suggest waiting at least 5 years when they think of some better treatment then Interferon whcih is painful , **** apparently like chemotherapy(thats the closest thing you can compare this treatment to) and the treatment lasts for 6 months.

There is plenty of people with this, and they have it for 15 or 20 years and they don't even bother treating it, really just don't drink any alcohol, drink alot of water and exercise......... thats what the medical websites say.