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16 Dec 2009
Travel / Driving from UK to Ukraine via Poland - need car insurance [46]

Thanks Wildrover for the advice.

In case anyone else is in my position... an update: I managed to get fully-comp insurance off the AA. I had to switch my insurance to them for a year. It was an extra 20 quid for 1 weeks fully comp in Ukraine.
12 Dec 2009
Travel / Driving from UK to Ukraine via Poland - need car insurance [46]

I live in the UK. I will be driving to Ukraine, via Poland, for new year.

Does anybody know is it still possible to buy car insurance at the Ukrainian border? Do they do fully-comprehensive insurance?

Also, I know I need an International Driving permit... but is there anything else I need, like medical insurance?

2 Jul 2008
Travel / Why does everyone seem to hate LOT Polish Airlines? [380]

I rate LOT, Flying back to Manchester our Pilot did a cracking,no fuss, mid air jink that saved us from a very near miss.

You are joking aren't you?

Used Ryanair 3 times in the past 6 months and all flights have been fine

I'd avoid them. Someone once told me that they were fined for declaring fuel emergencies so they get a priority landing to keep fuel costs down. Also I heard they like to avoid controlled airspace where possible because they don't like to pay for air-traffic control services.

I think you get what you pay for when choosing an airline.
9 Jun 2008
Travel / Driving to Poland from England - any tips? [264]

The road from the border has been vastly improved recently and I had no major problems at all

Just checked on the map. I'm guessing you take the e30 to Poznan. Its the E36 that's a bit rough.

Fill up in the UK before you get into europe as fuel is very expensive now due to the falling value of the pound

I think its still cheaper outside the UK. I fill up a 70 litre tank in Poland for 60 quid, Germany 70 quid and UK 80 quid. Petrol in Poland was 4.20 zlotys when I left just a few weeks ago, or just over 90p. I was shocked when I got back here and found it was over £1.20.

you can average 120 mph and upwards

drive safe!

Spot the contradiction ;)
9 Jun 2008
Travel / Driving to Poland from England - any tips? [264]

it is invariably better to fly

Agreed, its much more sensible and a lot cheaper to Fly. I took my car because I was there for 8 weeks so I wanted the freedom to get out and take photos.

Is this the eighty km stretch from the border ? Once you get over this and if your suspension is still intact the road is OK.

Yes. I thought it was rough all the way to Wroclaw which is about 200km. I could be wrong.

After Wroclaw and going westbound its a perfect road.
9 Jun 2008
Travel / Driving to Poland from England - any tips? [264]

I drove to and from south-east Poland (Katowice) in a 2.5 litre Vauxhall Omega.

The Ferry was about 30 quid each way. Norfolkline Dover - Dunkerque. The petrol cost was about 180 quid each way.

The latest Tomtom maps for Western and Eastern europe are almost perfect. I had two problems, first was right off the ferry in Dunkerque - I think the roads must of changed recently. The second problem is with some of the roads in Katowice that are being changed right now. As long as you know what direction you want to go, you can just use the compass and wait until it plans a new journey and stops telling you to double back.

Once in Dunkerque the trip across europe took me about 12 hours. All of the roads were fine with one exception. The eastbound E36/A18 from the Polish border to Wroclaw is in a terrible state. I slowed to about 40mph for that. Its fine westbound. If you're going to Northern Poland I'm not sure what the roads are like up there.

I found driving to be a very nice way to get there. Costs a bit more, but the freedom of having your own car when you are there is great. Mind you, I like driving.