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28 Mar 2008
Life / Fashion and Style in Poland [174]

This is very true, even as a guy I sometimes can't help getting all 'Peacock' when I'm up in London Town!

Was at the art exhibit in Kensington today actually, it stinks of bad, expensive fashion up there but they still think my tattered jeans and crimson hair is some kind of European fashion statement!

You girls should do 'Polish fashion' makeovers for anyone visiting Poland!
27 Mar 2008
Life / Drinking games in Poland [44]

One I never played yet - who's first to jump out of hot tub

Now there is a game i would happily lose!!!

I had a shots game from Anne Summers which was fun... ;-)

I played an Anne Summers drinking game once, got very, erm...

whats Polish for 'Debauchery'?
27 Mar 2008
Life / Drinking games in Poland [44]

There is a similar rule in Ring of fire,szarlotka.

This is a vid of my friend Loki (may not be his real name!) explaining the rules of:

However he is drunk, so it may not make total sense!!

Its a lethal game to play the first time, you have no chance of remembering the rules, and punishments can get pretty heavy!
24 Mar 2008
Life / Polish and Czechs [190]

Well they don't eat ours, you should be proud!
24 Mar 2008
Life / Polish and Czechs [190]


oh wait, whats Rofl in Polish?
24 Mar 2008
Language / I want to learn Polish. Where to start? [180]

dziękuję Free Spirit, i have the book ordered from Amazon so now i just wait.

That DVD looks interesting, i'll start with this Rosetta thing and see how that goes, what does Uczmy się Polskiego translate as exactly?

my best efforts come out as both:
"Lets learn Polish"
"Teach Yourself Polish"
24 Mar 2008
Life / Polish and Czechs [190]

This thread reminds me of a conversation i had recently with friends, i know Polish, Czech and Slovak people who all understand much of what they each say. After learning this a couple of my English friends said that it makes sense, what with the countries being so close, Yugoslavia, USSR, blah blah...

So i asked them how many words they knew in Welsh, Celt or Gaelic (Scotts and Irish lingos) and funny enough, they didnt know any!

But then thats probably just the English ignorance and our meglomanical expectations that the whole world should speak English.

Cest la vie.... oh no wait, wrong language... aww who cares, its all Europe right?

... erm, whats the relationship between Poland and France like? do they hate you guys too?
24 Mar 2008
Language / Polish sayings [236]

"When words fail... Music Speaks..."
"Gdy słowa zawodzą...Muzyka przemawia..."

That is fantastic, and I am totally ripping that off to various profiles of mine, I love music!
23 Mar 2008
Language / I want to learn Polish. Where to start? [180]


I'm an English man living in London and i just started to learn Polish (of course this is woman related!). I downloaded the basic Pimsleur program and found it works rather well for speaking, but not always good for hearing what is being said.

I just downloaded the Rosetta Stone software too, I wasn't convinced by the demo but I think it will work well with the Full 30-Pimsleur audio which I also just obtained(I like the re-mix Pimsleur idea above!) and will try to get this "Learn in 4 weeks" book that you all speak of.

Like I said it is still early for me, though I don't seem to have trouble with pronunciation, and the 'R's are ok for me!

Is there any other advice you can give to me at this stage?

I may need some help with messages online, i have been conversing but finding it difficult as Pimsleur does not help much with reading/writing. I tried some online translation tools but they are dreadfully inaccurate, as an example I had an amusing episode confusing the words for 'friend' and 'brick'!!

Then I found this site!! Just what I was looking for, thank you all for being here.

This is the last post I will write in total English, I may start a thread logging my progress if it doesn't offend anyone. It might help others like me.

Any help greatfully appreciated!