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Kelob pie   
22 Mar 2008
Food / I need my Black Boss Porter beer - where to buy in Poland? [8]

I can't get this at my local liquor store anymore. The owner told my the brewer went out of business!?!? Is this true? I emailed the brewer a few weeks ago and got no response. I was never a beer drinker until I tried this stuff. I don't know if I can drink anything else. Any help? Thanks!
Kelob pie   
16 Aug 2008

I have tried a Polish porter (Black Boss Porter) last year, will never go back to regular beer. Guiness does nothing for me as it has low %. I have not tried Okocim porter, but I did try Zywiec porter, but to me Black Boss porter is still king, although many disagree with me on that. To me it's like drinking chocolate milk that makes you feel good. Hopefully they will start making it again?
Kelob pie   
13 Sep 2008
Food / What's your favorite Polish beer? [870]

Black Boss Porter rocks! I'll be having a few bottles tonight. My dad found some more in Milwaukee, so he bought a case. Still can't get any info if they are going to be rereleasing it?