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10 Apr 2008
Food / Stuffed cabbage - gołąbki - recipe [59]

Take ground beef mix with egg, cooked rice, cooked onion, take that mixture and put spoonfuls on a cabbage leaf

gołąbki are made of minced pork meat ,egg, cooked rice etc and stuff wrapped in cabbage, in a tomatoe sauce are they not ?
4 Apr 2008
UK, Ireland / Time for the Poles from the UK to go home [437]

Polish are always welcome to come live with me ;D
not EVERYONE though, I only have one spare room.


That'll house about 20 then !

I know of some poles that work shifts and when one comes back at 6am he jumps into a bed thats just been vacated by the other pole that's going to work for 6am.

now thats economics for you, and the bed is nice and warm too.....
12 Mar 2008
Love / The age of consent in Poland is only 15 [147]

is it legal to marry your cousin in poland ?

I'd have to say not, but in Chatteris, Cambs, UK it is....... fen town with pointy heads !

which teenage? they're not waiting till 18, but make love even if they're 13 :]

Anybody ever been to Harlow, Essex, UK if you're 13 you're too old judging by shopping centers, young girls with prams and children......
7 Mar 2008

you're a nutter :o) ...... i see your kind every day and wonder how you survive?

Do you lot know its not good to marry other members of you family like cousins and aunties and such, theres more chance of you offspring being deformed and eventually your race will die out, go figure on that one !
7 Mar 2008
Love / Do Polish date Spanish people [49]

Damn fool, you shouldn't have let her go then heh ! You've had your chance move on....try Russian.