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11 Mar 2008
Life / The Polish Wedding - What is it Like in Poland? [338]

Congratulations too, Anna. :) All the best!

As to ImAbElIeVeR's question, I agree with Shewolf. There are two colours a girl is not supposed to wear to another girl's wedding. White - as it's reserved for the bride, and black - as it's reserved for the dead. :)

As to Polish weddings. They're special in a way that most of the times, they're a beautiful occasion for the whole family to meet, drink, dance, exchange gossip and news..

There are dozens of supperstintions and customs, but it's also XXI century, and you can decide to have it any style. :)
5 Mar 2008
News / Polish Immigrants Leave America for Europe [210]

It's fascinating how this topic progressed from the Polish immigrants to poor/rich American farmers.. ;-)

Do you think Sikorski is negotiating waiving visas for Poles in return for this anti-missile system (to-be) built here? ;)
4 Mar 2008
News / Polish Immigrants Leave America for Europe [210]

My cousin is coming back from US.. and my aunt & uncle are only staying till they retire..
People are mostly tired with working your ass off, paying all the taxes, but at the same time, not being treated well.. and they have always missed their families and friends.

In the past, they could at least cheat themselves by saying they're just earning much more than they would ever do in Poland. Right now, this is becoming more and more comparable. And if you can work almost anywhere in Europe legally.. I can see loooots of Poles coming back..
3 Mar 2008
Life / Womans day in Poland? [242]

I agree ^^^ don't make her feel like she needs to reciprocate.. flowers are a great idea already. If you insist, add e.g. chocolates, but wait with something bigger, if it develops in the right way ;)

You know what.. I'd be thrilled to get good old pink carnations.. would feel like old times.. :]

*sentimental Kats..*
28 Feb 2008
News / Are Poles good enough for USA (to go there without a visa)? [288]

Do you know what the real problem is? I have a visa, and even though I do, still each time I approach an immigration officer at any airport in the States, I get nervous, because after spending not only 100 bucks for visa application procedure, but also another 700-800 bucks for the flight, taking days off at work, not to mention the biggest challenge - making it somehow with only two suitcases, I still have NO idea, if he/she is going to let me enjoy my stay, or tell me: "I'm sorry, Miss, I don't think your intentions are honest, we will put you on the next flight back to Warsaw"..

I understand the visa procedures (though I may not always agree with them), but to let a person fly a few thousand miles, only to turn them down there.... is this some kind of a dirty deal between the gov and the carriers?
28 Feb 2008
News / Are Poles good enough for USA (to go there without a visa)? [288]

I was certain that when the European markets opened for us, the immigration to US would drop drastically. Add the cost of travel, the invasion of Mexicans, and how weak dollar gets every day, I'm surprised any Pole would still see their chance on the other side of the pond.. this is why this visa refusal percentage is just fishy to me.. maybe they got so used to refusing every third person at the Embassy, that they now do it only out of habit..

I must protest against the title of this thread.. should be more darn politically correct..
We're good enough to kick anyone's ass, if they ask for it.. :P
28 Feb 2008
USA, Canada / What do Polish people think of the USA [287]

On topic: [I always get to know and remember any country/region through its people] I've always found Americans of any age very friendly, open and communicative. It used to be pretty different here in Poland.. though it's changing. Still, those Americans I had a chance to meet, had a great sense of humour and were really easy-going. Not creating artificial problems, taking things as they are, just a healthy attitude.. and darn, they're talkative! ;) Which is perfect, as I'm a listener.. :]

Plus, when it comes to men, they can be really really really romantic.. something uncommon for Polish men (I'm generalizing and am aware of the exceptions ;)

As to the country.. I love the contrasts. You can taste a little bit of everything there..
And there's no other city like NYC anywhere in the world..

On the bad side, because I'm a Pole, I've always found their emotionality suspcious.. how can you like me so much if we just met 10 minutes ago? (not talking just about guys now ;) that kind of thing.. but I got used to it, as it's like the next day they won't remember me at all.. :)
24 Feb 2008
Love / Polish women are the most beautiful in the world! [1718]

I won't be joining generalizations, nor the bashing.
I will only say that after spending some time on Canadian dating forums and getting at least one thread a day about how beautiful Canadian girls are, it's nice to, for once, have 'my own flattering thread'.. in a way.. ;)

I've learnt that people will very often find opposite sex of other nationalities more attractive, assumption not necessarily logicaly grounded.. but it is darn nice. :)
23 Feb 2008
Life / Is Poland split into two religions: catholicism and non-believers? [103]

it may depend on what radio channel you're listening to.. ;-)

It's not split. It's Catholic. Poland I mean. Agnostics comprise minority.. I guess, still. But lots of Catholics are non-practicing ones, and from among those, some have reasons for that, some are just lazy. It would be hard to call the others Catholics really, so.. who knows.. :-)
23 Feb 2008
USA, Canada / Marriage laws: dual citizenship (Polish and US) preparing to get married to an American. [65]

I must say I have also faced almost as many points of view as people I talked to about it.
However, it was the call to USCIS that finally resolved some issues. Someone over there asked nicely: does your g/f have a valid tourist visa? - yes - Ok, then, why won't she just come over here as a tourist and you two get married and then petition for immigrant visa and adjustment of status? Lawyers are expensive and are helpful when one of the partners has no chance of getting a legal visa.

So we know our way of doing this now. The only thing that worries me really is what's 'after'.. I want to have a normal life, work, be able to travel freely, and have no idea how long it would take for us to have it granted.. plus, I hope they won't make me go back home to wait for their decision. I never saw them mention that on USCIS site..

I wasn't aware that getting married here would be more difficult. This is new for me. :)
But good luck to you. Hard as it is, I'm sure it's always worth it. :)
23 Feb 2008
USA, Canada / Marriage laws: dual citizenship (Polish and US) preparing to get married to an American. [65]

Thank you Jones for the reply. I am aware of limiting my chances if I mentioned the purpose of my coming to US...
I understand immigrants might cause problems in US, though it's rather the fault of the law, not the people. It is just sad how two people in love have to go through a bit of a hell to be together.. just because they happen to come from two different countries..

Still, my questions remain valid and for the sake of my peace of mind, I hope someone can answer them. :),
23 Feb 2008
USA, Canada / Marriage laws: dual citizenship (Polish and US) preparing to get married to an American. [65]

Hello everyone. I will try to revive this thread as I need some advice and hope that maybe someone here might be able to help me. I will appreciate every single reply.

I am a Polish girl, who travels frequently to the USA (on av. twice a year). Sometimes on business, sometimes for pleasure. I have a valid tourist visa, speak very good English, and never had any problems with immigration, though I do not take it for granted.

I plan to move to US this year and marry an American. I've been told several times in the past that there's no use playing with the fiance visa. The easiest way is to just come to the States on my tourist visa and get married. I read up and know that I should have my birth certificate with me, divorce statement (no kids) and valid passport/visa.

Now, my questions.

1. Do I need to have the documents translated into English by a court interpretor? (and if so, should I do it in Poland, or would it be better to do in US?)

2. Will I need the documents confirmed by the Polish Embassy? And if so, do you know how it works, would I have to do it in person or does sending by a courier works?

3. Can they deny marrying us for any reasons (provided I have all the above mentioned documents)?
4. I realize applying for green card and residency (later on) requires time, patience, money and knowledge. But I also know a call to USCIS is always helpful. But, if my boyfriend is a US citizen and can prove the ability to support us both, do you know how long (on average) it would take to process my petition for immigrant visa (I-130)? Because I understand the visa number will be available immediately after the petition is processed..

5. And will that allow me to work legally, or will I still have to change for the adjustment of my status to the lawful resident?

(I must agree the laws, regulations etc. are a bit complicated.. :)

Once again, I will appreciate all responses, advice, links, etc.