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14 Mar 2008
News / Polish Immigrants Leave America for Europe [210]

on the other hand...the US is the perfect "melting pot"...

Sorry but the above is completely wrong. The US may be a melting pot but it is a bastardization of nationalities and there is little if any culture here. Going to a Polish or Italian neighborhood in the US is NOTHING like being in Poland or in Italy. Not even close. The people and experience is completely different and so are peoples behavior.

Sounds like you have not traveled much.
19 Mar 2008
Life / Cost of converting cars in Poland to left-hand drive [58]

There is no reason to convert it. Just drive on the left side. JDM Japanese cars like the Skyline and 240sx are imported into the US and people drive them (right hand drive) as is without a problem
23 Nov 2008
News / Poland's fight against paedophilia [277]

His jajka should be dipped into a bucket of hydrochloric acid until they melt off. This would be true chemical castration.

Thats what I thought they were going to do when I first read the headline.
Pills are ********. They should permanently disable these animals.
1 Mar 2009

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