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8 Feb 2010
Genealogy / Surname: Krowiorz from Trembatschau (Trebaczow) / Sikora (Schikora?) [33]

In my opinion it would be hard to find anyone who lived there before II World War, or any people with roots. In 1945th when Red Army was comming, Germans managed evacuation from Silesia. I think not so many people came back, and who came could be find as a spy or German... and then removed to Germany.

Easier would be find the house, if it exists. 1 year ago I had bought a house in Riemberg (Roscislawice) and then I found there many mementos and souvenirs from the past (especially beer bootles :D )

30 Jan 2010
Work / Speaking Foreigner Languages Job in Poland = CUSTOMER CARE [3]

Maybe in big corporations there are people interested in arranging foreigners for "a bridge" beween them and some key customers. Currently in International commerce there are Polish people speaking English. They are educated well (mostly) and this English language level is enough to care about customers, in addition they have no problem to contact in Polish with other employees in a company.
27 Mar 2008
Law / Shipping a car from USA to Poland [85]

Ipsen Polska Sp.z o.o.
Oddział Lublin
Al. Spółdzielczości Pracy 36
20-147 Lublin

I cooperate with them, they are also able to import cars in containers (they told me that they imported many cars).
24 Mar 2008
Law / Shipping a car from USA to Poland [85]

As far as I know in PL you must pay additional payment called AKCYZA (excise tax), the sum of this charge depends on the engine capacity, above 2,0 l you must pay 13,4%, under 2,0l only 3,1%. As far as I know there is some custom tax, I don't know the amount (in %) of this charge. You must pay also VAT tax...

I'm also interested in this of course, and for people who have companies, there is a possibility to custom release things in another EU country and pay VAT after a month or later.

Does anybody know about this ocean shipping to the Netherlands ? How much does it cost and where to look for info regarding it ?

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21 Mar 2008
Life / Polish and Czechs [190]

There is some reluctance from Czech and Slovak side. I speak Slovak and Czech fluent and I spoke many times with Czech ans Slovak people. Slovaks don't like us more than Czech, to be sure I found it as an inferiority complex. They said something that they came to Polish markets for shopping (they probably try to found us as we found Russians in the beginning of 90'). I like them in general and don't know any Polish who doesn't like them. They have nice country (both Czech and Slovak) and speak nice language which is no problem to learn for Polish.

Regarding those people that looked decent and hate Polish... you probably found some guys on sport suits who don't like anybody apart from them :)