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17 Feb 2010
Travel / Looking for a good map of Poland on the Net [16]

Im looking for a detailed map of poland on the internet, must have roads towns cities,cananyone help, i cant read polish well , thankyou
18 Jan 2010
Life / "Hej Sokoly" - song research [11]

Jan 18, 10, 19:15 - Thread attached on merging:
Hey sokoly folk song

Im an polish american, born here in the us, my parents came from poland and i would like to know more about this folk song, I speak polish but i dont read or write polish well. Is this more of a ukrainan or polish song?
2 Jan 2010
USA, Canada / Where can I meet Polish women in Chicago [75]

Jan 2, 10, 00:29 - Thread attached on merging:
American / Polish guy wants to meet Polish gal in chicago, but where?

American pan szukam polska kobieta, Im 39 living in Wisconsin, i speak polish but dont read or write polish well. Im not into clubbing, but i travel to chicago often, any body have any ideas or websites Thanks Joshu
30 Oct 2009
USA, Canada / American Polonia. Wisconsin - the most Polish state? [112]

Hi everyone, dont dis wisconsin to much, its true, wisconsin has alot of people of polish desent and they are good hard working people. I do like chicago alot to , hot polish girls, good polish food and drinks but the traffic sucks. Both of my parents came from poland and i can speak polish well but never learned how to read or write polish well. Being only 38 and single i wish there were more polish girls in NE Wisconsin, if any ladna polska kobiety out there who would like to a nice countryboy drop me a line Joshu