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Quotes of Polish or German kings, generals

Mr Grunwald 29 | 1,961
10 Jul 2010 #31
"The country is great but the people are dicks"
- Marshal J. Piłsudski
PennBoy 76 | 2,436
10 Jul 2010 #32
He spoke Polish, wow! why'd he hate up some much then? or was it because you're supposed to know the language of your enemy
sobieski 107 | 2,128
10 Jul 2010 #33
Yea he stole that from Julius Caesar and put God creative...

For me it ranks in the same league as some other decisive battles such as the Battle of Lepanto in 1571, Battle of Tours/Poitiers in 732 and the 451. All of them were lead by competent generals, all saving Western Civilization from the barbarians.

So whether he adapted Caesar's quote a bit... not so important :)
Nathan 18 | 1,363
10 Jul 2010 #34
I never ever heard someone say Devil=Haut!

It is funny, because devil doesn't mean always devil in English either ;)
ZIMMY 6 | 1,601
10 Jul 2010 #35
the 451.

This is obviously a reference to the misunderstood Attila, but another major confrontation took place that year. In the Avarayr Battle of 451 AD, the Armenians who although defeated, inflicted so many losses on the Persians that it eventually led to their self rule and stopped Persian expansion.


"Yea he stole that from Julius Caesar and put God creative..."
He gave God the credit thus correcting Caesar's narcissism.
Ozi Dan 26 | 569
13 Jul 2010 #36
"It was a brawl, a scrap, a bagarre" - Pilsudski's description of the 1920 Battle of Warsaw - a masterful understatement.

"Permit me Sir to be the master of the sheep as well as the goats" King Zygmunt in response to criticism from the Papal Legate regarding Poland's acceptance and tolerance of heretics in the C16.


Should have been goats first then sheep last.
pawian 176 | 14,765
16 Mar 2020 #37
Finis Poloniae! - cried wounded Kościuszko falling off his horse during the battle.
Lyzko 29 | 7,258
16 Mar 2020 #38
"Ab nach Kassel!"

Almost forgot about that. Frederick The Great, if I'm not mistaken.
pawian 176 | 14,765
17 Mar 2020 #39
Do foreign kings count too?

During partitions, Russian tsars were kings of occupied Poland. In 1856 Polish noblemen and politicians decided to ask the tsar to ease up on political repressions which prevailed after the lost November Uprising of 1830. The tsar cried out: Give up on those illusions, my gentlemen!

In 1863, the January Uprising broke out.
9 Apr 2020 #40

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