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Saint Virgin Mary Queen of Poland crushes the Red Army

Rich Mazur 4 | 3,185
21 Feb 2020 #61
In communism, theoretically, people are same. Like in Islam. Like in Christianity.

Conformance, compliance, obedience, trust, and faith - the things I reject as unacceptable and non-negotiable.

Then come the leaders who know what is good for you.

Some with a private line to God.
Ironside 50 | 10,902
21 Feb 2020 #62
Could you name those values?

Next time.
I called you soviet because you put restriction on a role and place of a religion in the society. As long as it not degreed by the authorities Catholics shouldn't be restricted i.e. o.Rydzyk.

My ideal of a true Pole is a philosophical/spiritual concept,

Yeah.. whatever. I'm more interested in a political ends of things. Culture, civilization ect.
Ziemowit 13 | 4,232
21 Feb 2020 #63
A woman, for example, cannot suddenly say that she feels 100% pregnant,

You mistake material things for immaterial ones. A woman may be pregant even if she doesn't feel pregnant. Polishness is an immaterial phenomenon and entirely depends on your thinking. One day you may feel 100% Polish, but the following day you may feel 100% American. Go and ask Rich Mazur - he is the best example of how radically people may transform themselves in this respect.
OP Torq
21 Feb 2020 #64
you may feel 100% Polish, but the following day you may feel 100% American

Oh, undoubtedly. There are even people who feel 100% Julius Caesar or 100% Napoleon Bonaparte, but such cases are outside my area of expertise. :)
Rich Mazur 4 | 3,185
21 Feb 2020 #65
No, it was not the next day and feeling 100% American is not a mental disorder - even if one was born elsewhere. Seeing Saint Mary everywhere is.
pawian 177 | 14,506
7 Mar 2020 #66
When I contrast it with Ireland, I find Poland a less caring society.

And unlike Ireland, you don't have the social capital that we do.

Of course, it is all true. Let`s remember history plays a crucial role in these differences. The Irish were controlled by the English for a long time during which they had a chance to acquire higher English culture and give up their barbarian life style. English domination in Ireland produced good effects eventually and today you can be proud of your achievements.

It was different with Poland controlled by Russians who, let`s be honest, were always half European, half Asian. Russians didn`t bring higher culture into Poland, quite the opposite, they brought Eastern barbarism.

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