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Whom do the people in Poland hate more: Germans or Russians?

30 Apr 2011 #541
I don't think Polish people "hate" germans or russians as people, but they hate the abominations of German and Russia which are the the Nazi's and the Soviets. Granted, there is some animosity toward Germans and Russians who are arrogant and puffed up with pride and feel that their countires are superior to Poland because their countries defeated Poland, it's hard to judge how many Germans and Russians feel this way still, it was worse in the 80's and 90's but things might be changing slowly. There are arrogant Germans and Russians who feel superior to Poland because their countries are bigger and have beaten them in wars, and it is those arrogant people that Polish people hate, but they don't just blindly hate every German just because they are German or every Russian just because they are Russian, of course there might be some extremists but that is probably like 10% or less of polish people.
Seanus 15 | 19,706
1 May 2011 #542
An accurate statement for a change. I'm impressed. It's Nazis, btw. There's no such thing as Polish pride, I guess ;)
valpomike 11 | 197
1 May 2011 #543
The young ones, under say 60, don't know what the Polish people had to put up with both the Russians, and the Germans. They need read the history of Poland, more so the last 75 years, than they will understan.

Mr Grunwald 29 | 1,950
1 May 2011 #544
Are you saying that Germans were in the minority in Pomerania, Silesia and East Prussia in 1944/45? You're kidding, are you?

majority in the area, minority in Poland

Weren't decisions about post WW2 "population transfers" made by "Big Three" ?

read my sentence again

driving push

They were behind IT but all 3 agreed upon it
Bratwurst Boy 9 | 10,426
1 May 2011 #545
majority in the area, minority in Poland

Well... that wasn't Poland.

How about Swedes decide to annect Norway and to expell all the Norwegians from that "area"...
southern 75 | 7,096
1 May 2011 #546
I think that Germans hate Poles more than Poles hating Germans but Poles hate Russians more than Russians hate Poles.However Russians hate Germans more than Germans hate Russians.It has to do with history I guess.
hubabuba - | 113
1 May 2011 #547
Neither. Why should I hate them? Because of history? Then the Czechs should really hate Poles.

or Poles should hate Czechs. Learn history people!!!!!
I am not fond of Germans because of history, because we still suffer from what happened in 39 , because they did nothing to make amends, because the goods they have stolen from are still in their hands also the culture the sense of humour I could go on and on
David_18 68 | 982
1 May 2011 #548
Neither did the Russians, Actually they kept on stealing from Poland after the ww2.
hubabuba - | 113
1 May 2011 #549
Yes, but Russia was not democratic and doesnt pretend to make amends, Germany paid off the Jews(required for PR purpose) but who cares about Poland
Seanus 15 | 19,706
1 May 2011 #550
Look at a map. Is it now Breslau or Wrocław? Gleiwitz or Gliwice? Hinderburg or Zabrze? Konigshutte or Chorzow? You are referring to the decisions of leaders, not the whole population. Besides, many had been indoctrinated/brainwashed that they were to dominate and own things like the Silesian coalfields.
Lenka 3 | 2,452
2 May 2011 #551
The young ones, under say 60, don't know what the Polish people had to put up with both the Russians, and the Germans. They need read the history of Poland, more so the last 75 years, than they will understan.

I understand but I don't think I should hate these nationalities because of that.Hating someone I've never met and know nothing about? It's simply ridiculous.

or Poles should hate Czechs. Learn history people!!!!!

Yeah,I'm sure they should be even grateful for our huge help before, during and after the WWII.
hubabuba - | 113
2 May 2011 #552
The leaders were elected(decision of majority of the population), before getting elected they had no power so the brainwashing would be a hard thing to do. Look at the situation after the war, they were well informed about all the crimes commited but still quietly stood by Hitler &co( son of Hans Frank has perfectly described it in a documentary)ex SS getting elected, or released from prison as soon as the international opinion was not interested anymore.

Today Wrocław is the name of former Breslau, but so is Lviv of former Lwów, and the latter survived the war almost undemaged, I take Lwów( Unesco site:))) every time over Wrocław, thank You

I am not sure what You mean, is it about a Prague and Warsaw Pact??
Lenka 3 | 2,452
2 May 2011 #553
Among others.Maybe Poland-Czech relations weren't as bloody as the ones mentioned in the topic but are hard enough to create hatred in the souls of small-minded ppl.
ZIMMY 6 | 1,601
21 May 2011 #555
Those who are half German, half Russian...................;)
gumishu 11 | 5,632
22 May 2011 #557
I take Lwów( Unesco site:))) every time over Wrocław, thank You

it's good that you don't represent the country anywhere :) Lwów over Wrocław - OMG
delphiandomine 88 | 18,475
22 May 2011 #558
To be fair, Lwów looks far better than Wroclaw - I really don't like Wroclaw's mix of new and old.
Wroclaw 44 | 5,385
22 May 2011 #559
I really don't like Wroclaw's mix of new and old.

what new ? there is no vision here. everything must conform.
Ironside 50 | 10,907
22 May 2011 #560
ake Lwów( Unesco site:))) every time over Wrocław, thank You

I would take both, thank you !
26 Jul 2011 #561
Definitely the Russians. Everyone always says the Germans, but more Polish blood is on Russian hands then any other people's. After the partitions of Poland (after the downfall of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth) numerous atrocities were committed by the Russians. Several uprisings followed to restore the Commonwealth. None succeeded. All were put down by the Czar's soldiers in horrible ways. To this day my relatives refuse services to Russians. Lets not get started with the Soviets (Everyone already knows their atrocities too well)
Sasha 2 | 1,083
26 Jul 2011 #562
Just imagined if there was a similar thread in the runet... "who do you hate more "Americans or Jews"? That would only serve to expose the retards, i.e. those who would seriously post their picks.
Grzegorz_ 51 | 6,161
26 Jul 2011 #563
whom do the Poles hate more, the Germans or the Russians?

Most don't hate any of them...
brisrodney 1 | 18
26 Jul 2011 #564
I would like everyone to know my story. It will make sense that this thread means nothing. There is no hate, just political mistrust. My father is Polish with a family history in the area where he was born going back 400 years. He spent 6 years as a prisoner of war in Germany. He was released by the British and stayed on keeping law and order in Germany for a futher 3 years as a mlitary policeman in the British army where he took on a German wife. (My mother) He found out that he could not go home because the Soviets would throw him in jail in Siberia so he moved to Australia with his wife and German born first son. Ties with family in Poland were cut in 1957 after the demands for money from half sisters and cousins could not be tolerated anymore. He was stuggling to make a life with now 2 sons and 4 years later 3 sons (me). I married a Russian with a back ground of Ukrainian and Cossack blood. My father while still alive adored my wife. My daughter has a good mix of hated by someone blood. My brother (the German born one) made contact with my cousins family back in Poland in 2009. A emotional reunion came about 9 months later. My cousin thought he was the oldest of our clan but was over the moon to find out that his Aunt (my mother) was and still is alive. He calls her from Poland to Australia once a week on average, more than what I do and I only live 2km from her. YOUR HATRED FOR GERMANS, RUSSIANS AND ALL THE REST OF RACES MENTIONED IN THIS THREAD IS CRAP! The proof in my family. I grew up in Melbourne in a mix of European families that inter mixed and blended in together. Take Europeans away from there homelands for whatever reason and watch them work together for the best outcome possible regardless of where in Europe you came from. Austalia is proof of that. Now for me a trip to Poland is coming. I want to walk on the earth where my father was born. Do I feel Polish? Yes very but I don't forget my mothers side either. Thanks for reading my story.
Wroclaw 44 | 5,385
26 Jul 2011 #565
Thanks for reading my story.

interesting. nice post.
pawian 177 | 14,597
26 Jul 2011 #566
=brisrodney]I would like everyone to know my story. I

Wonderful story. Thanks a lot. I agree completely.
25 Nov 2011 #567
Im Russian German... with a small portion swedish and norwegian. i have lived in the USA but right now i am in France... i have ties with relatives from all 4 nations listed. I do know that i had relatives involved in many of the events though out history. some were even soviets and Nazis (which is how my grandparents met). I know the stories of WW1 even small tales of back in the barbarian days. long story short all of my family has two common traits on almost all sides. most were fighters/warriors and many were also musicians, and well respected at both. Both my brother and I have the seemingly above average athletic ability, quick sences, and cunning. ever since we were young we noticed our ability s to be above average (we are poor our health is not due to wealthy pampering etc... we are poor because of a family mistake that caused our grandparents and 12 brothers and sisters to be sent on the "orphan train" but it is not 100% their fault they were also doing what most parents would have done if their children were near starving to death) My brother is also a near prodigy at the drums, and I at the piano and guitar sadly not completely and we have both been offered modeling positions. we have been shunned our whole lives because of these things i have listed, along with the fact my parents are divorced and my father was in a successful hair metal band and my mother was something else. I went to church and had many questions and they hated that they never could answer my questions directly and i would then tell them that without an answer the book is not perfect. I have no preference on nationality lineage color wealth or anything. I read classics like Oscar Wilde, Shakespeare, and Beowulf, I play Chopin, Beethoven, Rachmaninoff and Liszt from memory, i am lead guitar and vocals in a modern Rock/Glam band. and still i have people calling me Nazi and other nasty things just because my brother and I have obvious German names and i have blond hair and blue eyes. Do you people hate me just because of these things, despite the fact that i am a fierce friend to EVERYONE unless they don't work with me. But i won't hate someone unless they are cruel, racist, or neglectful.... not to be misinterpreted with the disdain for the unclean/dirty/nasty/filthy/vulgar etc... all they need to do is clean up :) ... so do a lot of people really blame someone because of his ancestors?
hague1cmaeron 14 | 1,377
25 Nov 2011 #568
Do you people hate me just because of these things, despite the fact that i am a fierce friend to EVERYONE unless they don't work with me.

I hope you wouldn't be silly enough to base your opinions on one thread, I am sure that if people met you personally they would judge you on your character not on your background. Nevertheless history is history, and many people feel justifiable anger at Nazis and communists. Having said that, If you have any knowledge of German/Polish relations, you might know that the two countries get along very well. It's a bit different with Russia, but that is because it is not a democratic country.
Wroclaw Boy
25 Nov 2011 #569
as I have quite a few Poles here and I hear them regularly talk about how they hate the Germans or how they hate the Russians while they're right in between the both of them and both of them has done harm to Poland.

Torq has never ever heard (in all his 30 odd years of living in Poland) a Pole that hates Russians more than Germans. He also never ever heard of anyone in Poland that paid a bribe, that was such a great lie from him.

German soldiers always respected a brave fighting enemy, you can bet on it! :)

They especially liked slaughtering millions of innocent Russian and Polish civilians though.

Can you believe this guy? thanks God hes not here anymore....
Foreigner4 12 | 1,769
25 Nov 2011 #570
I'll state this again and as many times as need be repeated for you ignorant folks who still cling to such simplifications: a country is not an entity in the same way a person is. To say "Germany or Russia has done harm to Poland" is an oversimplification of such colossal proportions that not only a disservice is done to us and our children but it is literally spitting on the suffering of those who did so in the past.

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