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Podhale Rifles Brigade records

Rdb11021951 1 | -
18 Jul 2017 #1
I've managed to retrieve my late father MARIAN BEDNARZ'sWW2 war service record from RAF Northolt and there are some mysteries! He is recorded in 1940 being in the Podhale Rifles Brigade in France and saw action on Narvik. I would appreciate any help on where I can research the Podhale Rifle Brigade records for this time.
Atch 16 | 3,267
18 Jul 2017 #2
This might be of interest to you, it's a discussion about the Podhale Rifles with some great photos:

However as to records I would say this is your best bet:

There's no guarantee that the records you need have survived though and they may not even be in Poland. They were moved all over the place during the war and some are in America. However it's definitely worth contacting the archivist at the Polish military archives office as they can do a search for you.

Also found this, could be useful, one of the posters here got her relative's records from the Polish MOD so it looks promising:
Atch 16 | 3,267
18 Jul 2017 #3
Sorry, I misread that last link, the lady got her relative's records from the Polish section of the British MOD. Still it gives you a bit of extra info on their activities during that period which all helps in filling in the whole picture.

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