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Greatest Polish and Slavic scientists, their discoveries, inventions and achievements

Crow 148 | 9,402
3 Nov 2011 #1
There are many choices in front of me but, i would start with Polish Ernest Adam Malinowski


Ernest Adam Malinowski (b. January 5, 1818 in Seweryny (Podole) - March 2, 1899 in Lima) was a Polish engineer.

Malinowski constructed at that time the world's highest railway Ferrocarril Central Andino in the Peruvian Andes in 1871-1876.
chichimera 1 | 186
3 Nov 2011 #2
Aleksander Wolszczan - Polish astronomer, co-discoverer of extrasolar planets

Seanus 15 | 19,706
3 Nov 2011 #3
Tesla was pretty much Serbian.

Greatest Polish scientist? Almost impossible to answer given the range of talent they have had. Check out Filip Wolski. This kid is going places in his life. It depends on the value you place on any one discipline but he achieved the highest accolades so young and may well go down in history for sth spectacular! He's a real prospect!
Natasa 1 | 580
3 Nov 2011 #4
Tesla was pretty much Serbian.

Tesla was totally Serbian. Born in Lika, both parents were Serbs. One of his family lines is also one of mine, which didn't result with anything, apart from common obsessive pathology (he wore gloves fearing bacteria, new tie daily, maintained the same weight all his life exactly 64.5 kg, sort of avant-garde to modern day anorexia) and periodic cigarettes and coffee addictions :))))

Milutin Milanković was a Serbian geophysicist and civil engineer, best known for his theory of ice ages, suggesting a relationship between Earth's long-term climate changes and periodic changes in its orbit, now known as Milankovitch cycles. Milanković gave two fundamental contributions to global science. The first contribution is the "Canon of the Earth's Insolation", which characterizes the climates of all the planets of the Solar system
Des Essientes 7 | 1,291
3 Nov 2011 #5
Ignacy Domejko: geographer, geologist, minerologist, meteorologist, ethnologist, Lithuanian Pole and, as UNESCO stated in the commemorations they held for the bicentennial of his birth, "citizen of the world".

  • Ignacy Domejko
Seanus 15 | 19,706
3 Nov 2011 #6
A small part of him was Croatian, Natasa. Very small but there we go...
Natasa 1 | 580
3 Nov 2011 #7
This guy I remember from gymnasium, I like those who challenge axioms and for the bolded text ;)

Nikolai Lobachevsky, Russian mathematician


Lobachevsky's main achievement is the development (independently from János Bolyai) of a non-Euclidean geometry, also referred to as Lobachevskian geometry. Before him, mathematicians were trying to deduce Euclid's fifth postulate from other axioms. Euclid's fifth is a rule in Euclidean geometry which states (in John Playfair's reformulation) that for any given line and point not on the line, there is one parallel line through the point not intersecting the line. Lobachevsky would instead develop a geometry in which the fifth postulate was not true.[/b]

Non-Euclidean geometry is now in common use in many areas of mathematics and physics, such as general relativity; and hyperbolic geometry is now often referred to as "Lobachevskian geometry" or "Bolyai-Lobachevskian geometry".

A small part of him was Croatian, Natasa. Very small but there we go...

Sorry Seanus which small part would that be? I am quite convinced knowing his fathers and mothers family background.

I don't have anything against him being partially Croat, but the only Croatian thing about him was his place of birth. And even that was serbian populated area, not anymore.

But please, if you know something say, I would like to correct my wrong belief.
peterweg 37 | 2,319
4 Nov 2011 #8
Whats the matter with Croats? they are Slavs too, Serbs share blood with them and they are just as Polish as Serbs. Lets have a few Croatian and Kosovo scientists, in the mix.

Alternatively can you stick to Polish scientists?

Sorry Seanus which small part would that be? I am quite convinced knowing his fathers and mothers family background.

He was born in Croatia and he worked in America, so he's American.
sobieski 107 | 2,128
23 Nov 2011 #9
Some people on this forum will argue that even Einstein was Serb (but then again, maybe not really :) )
EM_Wave 9 | 311
24 Nov 2011 #10
Check out Filip Wolski. This kid is going places in his life

I heard about this kid. He's supposed to be the world's greatest computer scientist.
Natasa 1 | 580
24 Nov 2011 #11
He was born in Croatia and he worked in America, so he's American.

Nikola Tesla was an ethnic Serb (100%) :)) from Lika, with American citizenship, correct. His father was Orthodox (Serbian) priest, his uncles from mom's side Serbian soldiers.
Seanus 15 | 19,706
24 Nov 2011 #12
The very one. He was under the tutelage of one of the best and learned his trade from him. He just needs to prioritise his development and he'll be a major name in the future.
Natasa 1 | 580
24 Nov 2011 #13
M.Marić- Einstein was physicist not physician, hard working day, english deteriorates, my apologies....

Some people on this forum will argue that even Einstein was Serb (but then again, maybe not really :) )

No, but he was married to Serbian woman, Mileva Maric, mathematicianand physicistfrom Novi Sad, and had two kids with her during the period his theory saw the light.:)))))

There is still a controversy about his work being solely his. They worked together according to some. But, I don't believe in super women, who are pregnant while thinking about theory of relativity. And he was a Jew, she was only a Serb.


Notable Scientists Born in Poland

Ignacy Domejko: mineralogist, meteorologist, ethnographer, and more.

You can find long list here:
OP Crow 148 | 9,402
23 Jul 2017 #14
Nikola Tesla was an ethnic Serb (100%) :)) from Lika, with American citizenship, correct.


And let me add. By Tesla`s last wish his complete documentation and archive was sent to Serbia, in Belgrade, after Tesla died.

He was born in Croatia and he worked in America, so he's American.

Correction. If we were to be precise. Tesla was born in Austro-Hungaria, in back then military Krajina what was later included in Croatia. Therefore, Tesla was never citizen of Croatia but of Austro-Hungaria and later of USA.

Also, its good to know that Serbian Orthodox Church and house in Lika, Smiljan village (Serbian Krajina) where Tesla`s father served as priest (and had great library where Tesla first time sow the book, at a time when by A-H law education was forbidden to Serbs in Krajina) was during WWII set on fire and destroyed by Nazi pro-German Croat ustashe. Before burning Church ustashe hanged Serbian priest inside and then forced many Serbian villagers into the Church (man, woman, children, elderly people). Complete village was burned with people within houses and ustashe with their bayonets played with Serbian little babies and children. At the end of bestial killing orgy, ustashe razed village to the ground, destroying even foundations of the houses so that no trace remain of Serbians in Smiljan.
OP Crow 148 | 9,402
28 Jul 2017 #15

Interesting thing is that many considered Einstein to be greatest human scientist ever. But, with recent new discoveries, it is proved that Einsteins theory of relativity and his other work have serious flaws. If we add to it that he was not quite good in mathematics and that Einsteins formulas represent work of his Serbian wife, Mileva Maric Einstein, position of Einstein as best scientist and mind ever is seriously undermined.

Now, compare Tesla`s legacy to that of Einstein. Both man are by Smithsonian considered to be among 10 greatest humans that ever walked on Earth. Both man were awarded with Nobel Prize. Einstein got it, while Tesla refused to accept Nobel Prize, because considered that Nobel Prize isn`t objective (this act and opinion of Tesla, as time would prove, effectively killed credibility of Nobel prize as most serious scientific institution).

Anyway, while Einsteins theories falling test of time, Tesla`s theories are more and more popular, more and more credible and stronger. Also, Tesla alone himself did his mathematical formulas. Not only that is by experts Tesla considered to be father of Second Industrial Revolution but also father of Third Industrial Revolution that even didn`t happen yet (and won`t happen soon). Tesla`s discoveries are far too advanced and new scientists, following Tesla`s paths always and always prove him right and prosper deeper in the matter thanks to following Tesla. It is said that even 200 years in the future from now, people would be still fascinated with Tesla`s work, as if he didn`t die but share that future with humanity.

What I want to tell you, quite most probably that with Serbian Tesla, we Slavs got most brilliant mind that humanity ever had.


Nikola Tesla
NoToForeigners 10 | 1,032
28 Jul 2017 #16
Cut the crap.
1st. Why would anyone try to compare the two?
2nd. Gloryfing Tesla is just trendy nowadays mostly because he naively believed in the free access to inventions .
3rd. Saying that Tesla was greater than Einstein is pure ignorance. Only a person that has no clue about what implications Special and General Relativity Theories have could say that.

Tesla didn't even understand how his inventions truly work. Einsteins theory is being proved basically everyday for the last 102 years with gravitional waves being finally observed 2 years ago. For the General theory he deserved at least 2 Noble Prizes if not 3. That's why he got only one for the theory Photoelectric phenomena which is fundamental for Quantum Physics. He also had a huge success in Biology.

Please Enlighten me on which Einsteins theory being proved wrong!!! The only things he was wrong about was the Cosmological Constant (such in fact IS used now to calculate the speed at which the Universe expands.) and the determinism of the Universe.

Great scientists (greater than Tesla) are the ones that come up with ONE correct (proven to work in long period if time) theory in lifetime. Einstain came up with FIVE!!!
OP Crow 148 | 9,402
28 Jul 2017 #17
Are you sexist maybe? No mention of Einstein`s wife Mileva Maric in the shadow of her husband? No reward to her? No Nobel prize to her? At least one?
28 Jul 2017 #18
Craw, better stick to your topics because obviously you know very little about natural sciences. Tesla was never awarded Nobel Prize, so he couldn't have declined it. Talking about the flaws, Tesla didn't believe that particles smaller than atom exist i.e. he didn't believe there is such thing as an electron, which is a bigger flop than any Einstein could have made. He vehemently opposed opposed relativity theory and quantum mechanics. He was a good inventor and engineer, but he new little about physics, while Einstein was a genius of physics. Tesla is not the father of the 2nd Industrial Revolution (he barely made any contributions to manufacturing). The 3rd Industrial Revolution did happen, we are now at the onset of Industry 4.0.
OP Crow 148 | 9,402
28 Jul 2017 #19
Tesla was never awarded Nobel Prize

You better check your data, because its historical fact that Tesla was awarded with Nobel Prize and he refused to accept it.
28 Jul 2017 #20
Fact as much as your crazy Samaritan theories. You are being ridiculous to make such false claims when the list of all Nobel prize winners is available everywhere on the Internet, including Nobel Foundation.
OP Crow 148 | 9,402
28 Jul 2017 #21
Who care for the list. Tesla didn`t want to be on that list. They wanted him on the list and he didn`t want them. That`s the point. He founded that Nobel Prize isn`t objective institution.
28 Jul 2017 #22
Haha, "he didn't want to be on the list". You can decline the award, like several people did, but you cannot erase the fact that you won the Nobel prize. All winners, including those who declined the award, like Sartre in 1964 and Pasternak in 1958, are on the list of winners available on the site of the Nobel Foundation. Tesla was nominated for the prize in physics in 1937, but he didn't win, it went to Davisson and Thompson. Enough of crazy theories.
NoToForeigners 10 | 1,032
28 Jul 2017 #23
Are you sexist maybe?

Another assumption straight from your ass. I'm in no way sexist (although I do support traditional family system). For example I consider Maria Skłodowska a great scientist. More prominent and WAAAAAY more important to science than engineer Tesla ever was.
OP Crow 148 | 9,402
28 Jul 2017 #24
Let us calm (drinking something cold, while in fact hot) and, while doing so, I won`t even try to argue about lady Maria Skłodowska. Great She was. Her Slavic spirit endured enormous challenges and sacrifices, for the sake of knowledge and science.

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