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Other famous Polish battles

pawian 179 | 16,124
16 Jun 2021 #1
I searched the forum for Battles in the title and the only battles we discussed are:
Grunwald 1410
Vienna 1683
Warsaw 1920
Wizna 1939

plus Britain 1940 and Arnhem 1944 with Polish participation

What about dozens of others, equally famous or at least important or interesting?

A few battles are called Polish Thermopylae, due to a huge disproportion between the fighting armies.

One of them took place in Hodów in 1694 where the attackers were thousands Tatar warriors while the village was defended by 400 dismounted heavy cavalry.

Curious fact: Even after the Polish ran out of bullets, they continued to fire at the enemy, using Tatar arrowheads as improvised ammunition for their guns.

Their defence was so incredible that King Sobieski immediately ordered to erect a monument which survived till today.

OP pawian 179 | 16,124
16 Jun 2021 #2
Curious fact:

I think I will recall those battles directed by curious facts I remember about them..

The Battle of Westerplatte in 1939 lasted for one week. Polish defenders were also outnumbered and constantly shelled by Germans from the air, land and sea. Yet, only 15 Polish soldiers were killed in action. The poet who suggested in his famous patriotic poem that : they went to Heaven in rows of four. obviously got carried away with that vision or simply needed it for the rhyme.

Another curious fact - the main commander broke down after 1 day and wanted to surrender but lower -rank officers protested and took real command from him.

Two films were made - in 1960s and 2015.

Older one - documentary version with comments

Battle of Ossów in 1920 during the Polish Bolshevik War.

Curious fact: priest Skorupka (Little Shell) who joined the army as a volunteer chaplain was killed in it. The legends says he was leading the soldiers to attack, lifting a crucifix in his hand. But it is only a legend - in fact, he was shot while blessing a fatally wounded soldier.

See the legendary version of the event: starts at 20:42

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