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2nd Polish Corps Monte Cassino Commemorative Cross - can numbers be attributed?

greek2me 1 | -
7 Apr 2010 #1
Can anybody please help me to resolve a mystery. It is my understanding that the above medals were issued in "blocks" or "batches" to the various Polish units serving in the 2nd Corps and that no record was kept of which uniquely numbered medal was awarded to which individual. However, I have seen a number of references online where people - apparently - seem to be able to trace the original recipient of a particular cross. I know that when originally issued the medal came with a "legitymacja" or warrant, but these were often quickly lost or separated from the medal in question.

So, can the unique number on the back of a Monte Cassino Commemorative Cross be attributed to an individual. If so, how? I would love to know!

Wielkie dzięki
maksym 2 | 47
13 Apr 2010 #2
I found this webpage, and it looks like the medal has a number that's assigned to each person. The webpage took a while to load, and is here:

The webpage isn't a complete listing, on the main page it states it's for a certain unit only:
christopher19 - | 2
25 Aug 2010 #3
re Monte CAssino internet ""the Polish Monte Cassino Cross"Documentation to include a list of recipientsis not available.Records existindicating blocks ofcrosses by serial number distributed tospecific units.Each cross came with "legitymacja"and number.Mine is 31007 second armored amount of Crosses distributed was 48699. Christopher.

Each Monte Cassino Cross came with "legitimacja"which has ,among others ,date number,rank and first and last name of the recipient and it is signed by commanding officer of the unit .each Cross came with such "legitymacja. christ.opher
27 Jul 2015 #4
How can I find the details of the Polish soldier who received the Monte Cassino Cross, numbered 49034.
Thank in advance for any information you can offer.
Looker - | 1,102
28 Jul 2015 #5
You should get some info there:
28 Jul 2015 #6
Thanks Looker for the link; I'm much obliged.
Stephen swieton
27 Dec 2015 #7
My father Mr Nicholas SWIETONOWSKI has left me his monti cassino medals
27 Dec 2015 #8
Stephen:My father also left me his medals, he also had the Monte Cassino Cross , I am sure you are very proud as i am, your father was a very brave man, many good poles died on that hill.
3 Dec 2018 #9
I have a monte cassino medal, my father's without a Legitymacja, and am very curious as to where one can get the detailed information I've seen in this forum just using the number from the cross?
24 May 2020 #10
My father's Monte Cassino Cross has the word Monte Cassino in fine silver wire through the ribbon. I have seen dozens on these medals but his is the only one I've seen with this feature. Can anyone explain its significance.

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