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sussolow, county lvov

25 Nov 2011 #1
My dad had some documents which said that he came from Sussolow County Lvov ( when this was still poland). Any idea where this is |? Any help will be apprecated !!

boletus 30 | 1,366
25 Nov 2011 #2
Any idea where this is?

After some search I found Gazeta Lwowska, 1882, nr 46, [] , published in Polish, where they mention a place called "Susułów" a.k.a "Susołów" near "Tuligłowy" near "Hruszów".

A next step took me to [łów]
(World/Ukraine/Lvivska/Rozvadiv, 6 km from the centre of Rozvadiv, Розвадів)
After zooming out few times you will also notice other villages mentioned in "Gazeta Lwowska" - Tuligłowy and Hruszów. Next zoom out will give you quite a good orientation where Susułów is: North-East by North from Drohobycz, Ukrainian Дрогóбич .

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