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City, County etc. structure of Poland?

P_Larson 1 | -
18 Sep 2014 #1
Could someone explain to me the city county province... structure of Poland please?
Here in the USA, our structure is

name of town or city
name of county
name of state
name of country

I read a lot of words like Administrative District and Voivodeships and have no idea what that means.

I'd appreciate some help.
gumishu 11 | 5,991
19 Sep 2014 #2
Voievodship (województwo) - is the largest subdivision in Poland

then there is powiat which is equivalent to German Kreis if you know what Kreis is

the thing is that in certain states counties are the size of Polish voievodships (as say Texas is the size of the whole Poland if not bigger) and in some smaller states counties are not considerably bigger than a big Polish powiat
cinek 2 | 345
19 Sep 2014 #3

Home / Life / City, County etc. structure of Poland?
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