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Surnames Gall / Figura / Odrowaz

14 May 2018  #31
Looking for relatives: Marusarz or Kowalczyk from Zakopane or Odrowac. Also Reszka or Klossek from Katowice.
kaprys 1 | 1,355    
14 May 2018  #32
Kowalczyk is an extremely popular surname in Poland.
As for Marusarz and Zakopane - Jan, Stanisław and Helena represented Poland in winter sports before the war. They were also couriers because of their excellent skiing skills. Helena was killed after being captured by Germans. You can read about them online.

It's hard to say if you're related.

There are over 5000 Reszkas in Poland according to but only 36 Klosseks - six of them live in Katowice - there's even a bakery (piekarnia) run by a Klossek family in Katowice.

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