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Searching for Jurczynski

searching84 1 | -
12 May 2010 #1
Any help would be much appreciated!

I am looking for some biological family members. I don't have much information besides the family name is Jurczynski. I am mainly looking for Pawel Jurczynski. They lived in Srem in the 1980's. Unsure if they are still there now. The family had a jewelry business.

I have tried searching online but have had no real luck. Where would be the best place to begin?

This is the only information I could find about my great grandfather:

JURCZYŃSKI Stefan (1901 -1985); kupiec, powstaniec wielkopolski, uczestnik ruchu

oporu w l. 1939-1945
Wroclaw 44 | 5,379
12 May 2010 #2
Where would be the best place to begin?

Facebook etc and nasza
Polonius3 994 | 12,380
12 May 2010 #3
JURCZYŃSKI: probably topo nick from the village of Jurczyn (Georgieville)
30 Mar 2013 #4
Merged: Looking for any information on the Jurczynski family

My grandfather was Tadeusz Karol Jurczynski. He was born in Krakow in September 1919.He came to England in WW2 and i believe he was in the polish brigade in the RAF. He married an English woman, Cora. They had 4 Children. He died in London in 1976 in charring cross hospital, of Lung Cancer

Any information would be much appreciated, as I am trying to find out about my family history.
Many Thanks

Zoe Jurczynski

I am looking for my family member to, my grandfather was Tadeusz karol jurczynski born in Krakow in 1919. He moved to England during WW2. He married an english woman called Cora. They lived in Putney London, had 4 children, Charles aka John, Brian, Susan and Christine. He died in London in 1976.

I don't know if they are related to the Jurczynski family you are looking for.

23 Jun 2014 #5
Hello Zoe,
I have just come across your post on the Polish Forum. I knew your Grandfather. He and my father were cousins. When I was growing up his family lived in Fulham (Glenrosa Street) and my father and I lived in Windsor, so we met up once a year or more and knew each other well.

I'd be happy to tell/write more. If he's your Grandfather which of his children is/was your parent? James
Polonius3 994 | 12,380
27 Jun 2014 #6
JURCZYŃSKI: root -- Jurek, Jurko, Jura pet form of Jerzy (George); probably toponymic in origin from places such as Jurcz, Jurczyce, Jurczenki, Jurczrenkowo, Jurki, etc.
ewap34 - | 11
18 Jul 2014 #7
Hi Zoe.
Do you want to find your ancestors in Poland or living relatives? Who exactly are you looking?
17 Oct 2014 #8
Hi Zoe

My name is Bryan James Jurczynski Tadeusz Karol Jurczynski was my farther and we lived in Fulham sw6 London.

My e-mail is bryan.yazzy@yahoo...

Best wishes

Zoe76 - | 2
27 Jan 2016 #9
Merged: Information about surname Jurczynski

I have been trying to trace members of my family, My grandfather was Tadeus Karol Jurczynski. I believe he was born in Krakow in 1919. when and how he came to england I do not know. I believe he was in the Polish Brigade during WW2. He married an English woman called Cora, they lived in Putney and had 4 children, My father Charles aka John, Bryan, Susan and Christine.

I think he may have changed his surname , Anglicised in some way.
I was wondering if there are alternative spellings that may help me
Many Thanks
2 Jun 2020 #10
Hello, We are also looking for clues about our family. There was a Tadeusz Jurczynski, b. Sept 27, 1919 listed in the Swiss Federal Archives. He was arrested by the Swiss authorities during their journey out of Poland and into France. The file # is E4264#1985/196#1627. There were nine Poles on that list. If this is who you are looking for, I may also have a group photograph he may have been in.

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